Briefly Talking About Methods Of Infiltrating Mental Health Education In Ideological And Political Teaching


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王琦 王娜娜 白景奎

Abstract:students 'mental health has further attracted more and more attention.The ideological and political course is an major course to cultivate students' quality.During ideological and political teaching,how teachers use appropriate teaching methods,combined with the overlapping content of course and mental health,in the teaching process to develop mental health for students is a key issue under the new curriculum reform.

Key words:Mental health;Methods and strategies;Ideological and political education


In the current mental health education in schools,among many methods of mental health education,it is best to infiltrate mental health education in the subject teaching,and it is of great significance to cultivate students ‘psychological quality and promote students mental health.Among school course,there are a lot of factors of mental health education in the teaching content of ideological and political course,so we can start with the teaching of ideological and political course[1].This article briefly introduces several methods of infiltrating mental health in ideological and political courses,which has certain reference value.

Make use of relevant content in textbook to carry out mental health education

In the textbooks of ideological and political course,there are various contents related to mental health,especially the content of junior and high school textbooks.In the current middle school ideological and political textbook,there are many contents related to personality,psychological quality,morality and law[2].During ideological and political course,teacher should take full advantage of these contents in teaching,and also provide psychological health education to students during the course teaching to cultivate students' healthy personality and protect students' mental health.

For example,among the content of course in middle schools,there is content about emotions.Emotions are human nature,and noble emotions are conducive to the development of students' mental health.In teaching,teachers should convey to the students the idea that "people can regulate emotions" so that students can correctly understand their emotions and can regulate their emotions,which are of great significance to students' mental health[3].

Actively communicate with students and open their hearts

During the teaching process,communication between teachers and students is essential.Infiltrating mental health education in the curriculum,it makes some requirements for teachers,such as actively communicating with students so that students can open their hearts and have a channel to talk.During the process of communicating with students,if the students have psychological problems,the teacher can find them in time and help them solve these problems to maintain their mental health.

In addition,teachers should maintain an optimistic and positive attitude in the teaching process,as far as possible to keep humorous and funny,because the emotions will be subtly affected in the communication,under the continuous development of the course,students can be positive Influence,thereby promoting the sound development of students personality[4].

Treat students with sincerity and adopt multiple teaching methods

Love also plays an important role in education,although it is rarely done in contemporary school education.During teaching,teachers should love students from the heart,treat students with sincerity so that teachers can enter the inner world of students,know students inner ideas and promote their mental health[5].

Moreover,using multiple teaching methods during course teaching is a way to promote students' mental health.Teachers can design teaching activities such as seminars,skits,or debate contests as the form of course teaching,which can show the character of the students.


All in all,mental health is the foundation of human life.Mental health problems Frequently appear in teenagers,which should attach our attention.In order to keep students mental health,It is quite necessary to integrate mental health education into ideological and political teaching.


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