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Cold weather during winter months may keep many people from leaving home and running in the open air. However, a new study shows that the drop in temperature is a good reason to run.1

Many people say running in winter can be difficult. One reason is the low temperature.2Yet many runners might find it easier than running in hot weather. That could be because lower temperatures reduce stress on the body. When you run in cold weather, your heart rate and the bodys dehydration (脱水) levels are lower than in warmer conditions.3

This information comes from John Brewer, who is a professor of applied sports science at St Marys University. For this study, he and other researchers put a group of people into a special room. The researchers then recreated summer and winter weather conditions in the room.4Brewer says he and his team recorded biological measurements of the runners.

He says that the most important thing for people who run in cold conditions is to wear the right clothing. Wear gloves on your hands.5And especially, wear more than one layer of clothing to keep sweat away from your skin.

A. The other reason is the bitter winds.

B. We have good reasons to run in winter.

C. Wear shoes that will keep you from falling.

D. Dont be nervous when you run in cold weather.

E. The body needs less water on a cold day than in warm weather.

F. In fact, running in cold weather helps improve ones performance.

G. The test subjects were asked to run 10,000 meters under both conditions each.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Paris with My Grandmother

Standing by her stove, and watching her cook, Id asked Nan if she had any regrets. Shed surprised me by saying instantly, “I always wish Id gone to Paris.” It was as if the fact that shed not gone there with Granddad meant she would never go.1

As this day approached, I became increasingly anxious. Besides worries about something going wrong or an emergency of some sort, I was concerned about how it would be for just the two of us to be together for 60 hours straight. Although we often talked with an ease and enthusiasm that delighted us both, our conversations didnt always catch light.2

3And so we did, walking from the Louvres courtyards to Notre Dame. I was constantly aware of overexerting (疲勞过度) Nan. Despite my frequent inquiries throughout the trip, Nan always said that she was happy to keep going.

We spent the afternoon wandering the streets and leisurely taking coffee. After dinner, we walked until a lamplit square brought us to a stop. We ordered drinks and sat chatting, watching the nights crowd stroll by.4In them I felt, at last, Granddads absence moved about us.

Seated with our drinks, Nan said finally, “Your Granddad would have loved Paris.”5

So there in Paris, I sat quietly before a stream of images of my young grandfather, and learned how, half a century before, my Nan had been transformed by love.

A. Paris is a city you must walk in.

B. But how could we travel together?

C. The silences were long and comfortable.

D. The Paris in her imagination came to life.

E. That was what made me decide to take her.

F. Then she led the conversation further backwards.

G. And when had we ever spent longer than a few hours alone?

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Top 3 Self-Discipline Techniques

Self-discipline is the key to leading a healthier, happier and more successful life.1We have shared some self-discipline techniques below. Follow these self-discipline techniques to start living a better life.

Start small.

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step, as the proverb goes.2Instead, stamina (耐力) is built up by doing a little more than the previous days target. The same goes for discipline. Start by trying to carry out self-discipline techniques little by little every day for big results. Increase your goals over time.


Staying self-disciplined requires motivation. It can be hard to stay motivated if you feel like you havent made any progress so far. Tracking progress makes you aware of how much youve done and encourages you to keep going.

Exercise your willpower.

4Some days, sticking to the task is going to be difficult but by reminding yourself of the end in mind and how much the goal means to you, you will be able to ignore temporary temptations for long-term gain.

The above-mentioned self-discipline techniques have been proven to be extremely effective.5And it is the key to living a happy and fulfilling life.

A. Measure your goals.

B. Build a support system.

C. However, it is easier said than done.

D. Willpower and self-discipline go hand in hand.

E. Self-discipline is linked to effective time management.

F. Self-discipline is a feature found in many successful people.

G. You dont train for a marathon by running 10 kilometers on the first day.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Can you remember what you ate yesterday? If asked, most people will be able to give a vague description of their main meals: breakfast, lunch, dinner. But can you be sure youve noted every snack bar in your car, or every handful of nuts at your desk?1

The Office for National Statistics has confirmed that people are considerably under-reporting what they ate by 50%.

2We can point to at least three potential causes. One is the rise in obesity (肥胖) levels itself. Under-reporting rates are much higher for obese people, because they simply consume more food.

Another cause is that the proportion of people who are trying to slim down has been increasing over time.3It may be driven partly by self-deception (自我欺骗) or “wishful thinking”.

4Both are in terms of how often they happen and how much they contribute to our overall energy intake. Again, there is evidence that food consumed out of the home is one of the most poorly recorded categories in surveys.

So, whats the message conveyed? If people do not know how much they are eating, it can be really hard for them to stick to a diet.5Therefore, we can ensure what people eat wont have much impact on their waistlines. If this works, it wont matter if they cant remember what they ate yesterday.

A. Why is this happening?

B. What will come about next?

C. People are eating more than the national statistics claim.

D. Most people will feel that theyve missed something out.

E. We should be looking for new ways to handle this problem.

F. The final one is an increase in snacking and eating out recently.

G. Those who want to lose weight are more likely to under-report their eating.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Put on a New Set of Glasses for a New View

Today I visited San Franciscos modern art museum. I was there to see a new exhibit about spaceflight.1I like to “visit” this particular painting every time I go to the museum not only because it evokes (喚起) strong feelings, but because I always find something new.

Theres real pleasure to be found in revisiting a museum, replaying a game or rewatching a movie. Some of that enjoyment comes from the feeling of familiarity, of course.2Theres always plenty more to see, hear, taste, smell, feel, or understand the second or third times around. But how do you discover the exciting new thing in the familiar?

One way is approaching whatever task is at hand by searching for the things that you didnt see in the first time around. First, recognize that everything is always changing.3Second, remove judgment from the experience, if possible, and just observe whats new.

4That could mean removing sugar, coffee, a certain kind of media from your life for a specified time. Once the break is over, that same thing will have more of its former interest or excitement.5So its true that novelty is fun, but given enough of a break in between, repeated experiences regain that initial excitement.

A. Repeated experiences like this are valuable.

B. Visiting a new country brings fresh experience.

C. Coffee will never taste better if you quit it for a month.

D. But the piece of art that made me cry was a familiar one.

E. But it also comes from noticing new things in what is so familiar.

F. So the second experience is never exactly the same as the first one.

G. Another way is changing your routine and taking a break of some kind.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


You will be leaving this school and the unavoidable question many people will ask you is, “1” Some of you may have already decided on a career path, but many of you still dont have a clue. Here are some things you might want to consider.

2Will it be in demand in 20 years? Rapid technological change is taking place. While many occupations are being taken over by new technology, jobs requiring high-level of critical thinking, emotional intelligence and human interaction remain in high demand. These jobs are not easily replaced by machines or technology. So think carefully about this before you choose your professional path.

Choose a career that interests you. Some people might think this is unimportant, but if you are truly passionate about your job then going to work every day wont seem unpleasant.3

Of course you will want to consider your chosen professions earning power. Although high pay plays a part, you should know that a job with a big salary will likely require more effort and a higher level of stress.4If you have interests outside of work, or are struggling with other demands in your life, you might want to choose a less taxing line of work.

5Therefore, when youre not sure which direction to take, you should keep an old saying in mind, “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

A. What occupation do you want to choose?

B. Prepare yourself for a career with creating power.

C. Does the career you consider have staying power?

D. Its also likely that you will stay and grow in this career.

E. Only the truly motivated are likely to meet these challenges.

F. Thinking about a life-long career at this stage is surely challenging.

G. Choosing the right career wont stress you out with enough preparations.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Be a Green Guest

When people take a vacation, they often take vacation from responsibility, too. Our behavior at hotels is one of the biggest problems.1. They offer programs and facilities that save water and energy. Thats a good start, but there is a lot more you can do to cut down the amount of waste produced wherever.


In America alone, there are about 50,000 hotels. Now think if hotel management leaves out two small bottles for each hotel room every day, thats a huge amount of little plastic bottles that may not even get recycled. And what about all of that shampoo when you dont finish the bottle? A better way is to bring your own shampoo from home.

·Turn off the lights.

You do it when youre at home, right? Do it at the hotel, too. Studies have shown that, in hotels, the majority of energy spent through lighting comes from the bathroom light being left on for more than one hour!3, remember to hit the switch!

·Dont have your sheets or towels washed every day.

Washing a set of bed sheets and a pair of bathroom towels requires about 12—16 gallons of water. See if there is a policy for requesting that your towels and sheets get washed weekly. In some hotels, its as simple as hanging towels back up on a hook.4.

These tips are also useful for trips to a friends or relatives house.5. They will also save your hosts a lot of money.

A. Think about bathroom facilities

B. Just say “no” to hotel shampoos

C. When youre using the bathroom

D. After youre done with your business

E. They will save plastic, water, and electricity

F. More and more hotels are becoming eco-friendly

G. In others, you may ask the front desk for a personal request

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Flamenco, a type of dance, is very popular in southern Spain.1Sometimes a woman dances alone and sometimes she dances with a man. The woman always wears a long, colorful dress. She moves her arms and hands slowly but her feet move in fast, difficult steps. The man often wears black.2

Cossack dances are from Russia and Ukraine.3Dancers have to be very fit because they jump very high and kick their legs up and down. They often jump over swords. The movements are similar to traditional Cossack activities, for example, sword fighting and getting on and off horses.

4But today it is an important part of celebrations in the Caribbean. Young people have to dance under a pole. The pole is often on fire and the dancer mustnt touch it! After a successful “limbo”, they put the pole lower and do it again.

Mask dances are important for the Dogon people in Mali. Each village makes different masks. They are often huge and colorful. There are masks of people, monsters or local animals like crocodiles and monkeys. Dancers of this kind are always men.5Today, the Dogon people also perform the dances for tourists.

A. Limbo dancing is first from west Africa.

B. Let me introduce some kinds of dances to you.

C. They are very energetic—some are more like gymnastics than dancing!

D. The dancers can dance under a pole just twenty centimeters off the ground!

E. Both dancers click their shoes on the floor when they dance around each other.

F. It begins with guitar music and clapping and then dancers join the performance.

G. And they dance to the sound of drums for hours after the death of a person in the village.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


Social relationships can make a positive influence on the choices people make about their health and the support others provide can help people successfully face challenges.1To strengthen a relationship, both parties need to put time and effort into developing it and making it stronger.

Make the effort to be involved.

Without active involvement, personal relationships can stop. If you dont make the effort to communicate, relate to one another, and be an active presence in each others lives, you could potentially lose the connection and understanding you once had.2

Take responsibility for yourself.

In healthy and strong relationships, each person takes responsibility for personal feelings and needs. It means that instead of expecting that the other person will make you happy or feel loved, you learn to do this for yourself.3Blaming is a major source of discord (不和諧) in relationships.


Its important to make your partner or family members happy, but you shouldnt be doing so at the expense of your own wants and needs. Dont be afraid to develop your own interests.

View your relationship as a journey.

All relationships are works in progress.5Its valuable to think of a relationship as a journey that moves forward. If a relationship is truly important to you, you should never give it up under no circumstances.

A. Set healthy boundaries.

B. Sacrifice yourself for the better of others.

C. Call, talk and see each other on a regular basis.

D. Join your friends if they invite you to do what you like.

E. Dont blame someone else for things that are upsetting you.

F. Theres nothing you can do to suddenly create a strong relationship.

G. These benefits make it important to pay attention to the relationships you have with others.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


An eco-friendly lunch bag is great because it is a game-changer.1It is so convenient that, after buying one, youll wonder how you ever survived the workday without a handy supply of food stored under your desk.

Why do I focus on lunch bags? Because its so beneficial both personally and environmentally. Here is a list of my reasons.

2Depending on where you live, you could save $1,000—$3,000 per year. I had a personal financial crisis a few years ago and I was floored by how much money I saved just by packing a lunch every day.

Buying lunch in single-use items is wasteful. If you buy a small meal and a drink, you could go through many single-use items and a pile of napkins with each meal.3

Now such lunch bags have been invented by rü. This company, whose name is short for “re-use”, is based in Vancouver, British Columbia.4And post-consumer plastic waste can be made full use of. Just as impressive as the recycled material is the fact that rü bags are machine washable. Moreover, the bags are lovely to look at and come in a wide range of colors and patterns.

The bags also have an impressive 3-gallon capacity. The roll-down top means they can be easily adjusted for size.5Combined with some lightweight sandwich bags, everything can be put in a briefcase or clipped onto a purse at the end of the day.

A. When empty, it can be rolled up easily.

B. So you can buy one that adjusts to your bag.

C. You may want to own a beautiful lunch bag.

D. Bringing lunch to work saves so much money.

E. It creates beautiful lunch bags from recycled material.

F. It saves money, boosts nutrition, reduces plastic waste.

G. Packing lunch saves thousands of single-use products every year.

1. _______  2. _______  3. _______  4. _______  5. _______


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