时代英语·高三 2023年4期



The sweetest memory of my childhood is about a round table. When I was still little, my 1 family would get together on different traditional festivals to 2 dinner. We kids would be sitting around or playing hide-and-seek under the table while the grown-ups were having a 3 .

When I got a bit 4 , my aunt brought back her boyfriend and my grandma cheerfully 5 another seat to the round table. It seemed a little more 6 , but we all felt much closer to each other. When I was twelve, my grandpa 7 . That made us feel 8 . However, when the whole family got together once again, we totally 9 that his chair, his bowl and his chopsticks should 10 the same. Even though his seat was 11 , we felt like that he had never left us.

We all have a table like this in our 12 . It is a sign of reunion of our family 13 our feelings. Although the 14 why we come together may be different, the feelings behind it are the 15 . Usually different cultures are 16 by us around the table. Whats more, we 17 the love not only for our family, but also for a company, our 18 and even the whole world.

The history of our nation has been the stories of looking for or running to the round table which we 19 . The round table has been a 20 of the Chinese feelings. It was, it is and will always be.

1. A. happy                          B. whole                      C. dear                         D. warm

2. A. serve                           B. order                        C. finish                       D. have

3. A. rest                              B. smoke                      C. chat                          D. party

4. A. taller                           B. bigger                      C. older                        D. stronger

5. A. saved                           B. took                         C. fetched                    D. added

6. A. crowded                     B. friendly                   C. enjoyable                D. different

7. A. came back                  B. fell ill                       C. got lost                    D. passed away

8. A. mad                             B. sad                           C. worried                   D. nervous

9. A. agreed                         B. imagined                 C. guessed                   D. believed

10. A. look                           B. lie                             C. remain                     D. become

11  A. missing                   B. empty                      C. broken                     D. dirty

12. A. community               B. home                       C. societies                  D. families

13. A. explaining                B. performing             C. showing                  D. declaring

14. A. customs                    B. facts                         C. ideas                        D. reasons

15. A. common                   B. true                          C. same                        D. deep

16. A. forgotten                  B. accepted                 C. considered              D. changed

17. A. express                     B. want                        C. understand             D. trust

18. A. school                       B. nation                      C. relatives                  D. parents

19. A. share with                B. belong to                 C. play with                 D. refer to

20. A. milestone        B. mark          C. tool D. symbol


Not many 17-year-old girls know how to solder (焊) copper pipes together or light a pilot light. These are 1 Ive learned as an assistant to my 2 in his plumbing (管道) business.

My summer job deals with 3 that constantly cause physical and mental discomfort, and the work 4 an attitude of determination and patience that I frequently struggle to adopt. Each morning, I 5 myself into large-thick mens jeans most girls would 6 to wear and climb into the plumber truck. As my classmates begin their 7 , babysitting or selling groceries, my dad and I carry 8 toolboxes and work in the dark basements. I often get 9 in messy storage boxes looking for the water meter. Nothing around is beautiful or tidy.

Sometimes I 10 why I stand the dust and sweat when I could be in my air-conditioned house doing summer homework. Yet as much as I 11 the mess of plumbing, I look down upon myself for being so easily annoyed by disorder. 12 , the world was built by people willing to get their hands 13 .

Five such summers have 14 me that the messy parts of peoples houses 15 the messy parts of their lives. As I learn to 16 the mess, I also learn to handle the 17 and contradictions in my adolescence. Life is a process of accepting 18 and learning to put it in order. Plumbing work is no different. You can see it in each newly soldered group of copper pipes. And when customers express 19 , I understand that, in a small way, we bring 20 to their lives.

1. A. manners                      B. skills                        C. facts                         D. rules

2. A. brother                        B. dad                           C. teacher                    D. friend

3. A. messes                        B. commands              C. noises                      D. exercises

4. A. offers                          B. develops                  C. demands                 D. lacks

5. A. shape                           B. lower                       C. squeeze                   D. hide

6. A. need                            B. adapt                       C. refuse                      D. choose

7. A. shifts                           B. studies                     C. meetings                 D. travels

8. A. fancy                           B. tidy                          C. expensive                D. heavy

9. A. injured                        B. absorbed                 C. lost                           D. interested

10. A. know                         B. question                  C. imagine                   D. remember

11. A. see                             B. clean                        C. hate                          D. create

12. A. Or rather                   B. At least                    C. After all                   D. In addition

13. A. full                             B. dirty                         C. firm                          D. free

14. A. taught                        B. promised                 C. advised                    D. guaranteed

15. A. examine                    B. divide                      C. reduce                     D. reflect

16. A. sort out                     B. care about               C. hunt for                   D. give up

17. A. arrangements           B. uncertainties          C. competitions          D. expectations

18. A. failure                       B. help                          C. change                     D. chaos

19. A. sympathy                  B. concern                   C. disapproval             D. appreciation

20. A. peace   B. success      C. wonder      D. order


When Williams, once a librarian, now 54-year-old, became an elementary school teacher and tutor in Danville, Virginia, she wanted her students to fall in love with 1 just as she did. But early on, she 2 some kids had limited 3 to books. To Williams, the 4 was simple: Give kids books. In 2017, she 5 gave away 900 used childrens books over three days. Most people would be 6 with that.

“I wanted to do something thats going to 7 my faith, my work ethic, my everything.” So she 8 a new goal for herself: Give away one million books. It sounds like an 9 number, but as Williams 10 on Facebook: “Dont complain in the bleachers (露天看臺) if you arent willing to work hard out on the field.”

So she got down to 11 , first by persuading friends to donate books or 12 to buy books. Before long, as news of Williamss project 13 , strangers started leaving packs of 14 on her front porch.

As quickly as the books come in, Williams 15 them to local schools—free of charge. She also 16 a book club for prisoners in the local jail.

In the four years shes been doing all this. The Book Lady, as Williams has come to be known, has 17 more than 78,000 books—only 922,000 more to reach her 18 ! And shes not slowing down. Its too important for kids with 19 options. “Reading can take you anywhere. You can travel in time and 20 . If you can read, you can learn almost anything.”

1. A. teaching                      B. reading                    C. drawing                   D. writing

2. A. assumed                     B. predicted                C. realized                   D. heard

3. A. access                         B. energy                     C. time                         D. experience

4. A. proposal                     B. method                    C. rule                          D. solution

5. A. gradually                    B. occasionally           C. constantly               D. readily

6. A. concerned                  B. disappointed          C. satisfied                  D. bored

7. A. hold                             B. restore                     C. break                       D. stretch

8. A. set                                B. achieved                  C. kept                         D. expected

9. A. unavoidable               B. unreachable            C. unchangeable         D. unreliable

10. A. promoted                  B. discovered              C. posted                     D. clicked

11. A. travel                         B. debate                     C. talk                          D. work

12. A. money                       B. advertisement        C. libraries                  D. projects

13. A. started                      B. spread                     C. transported             D. succeeded

14. A. newspapers              B. necessities              C. books                       D. supplies

15. A. offers                        B. returns                    C. takes                        D. lends

16. A. visits                         B. prefers                     C. hosts                        D. joins

17. A. recommended          B. contributed             C. bought                     D. searched

18. A. responsibility           B. judgement               C. plan                          D. goal

19. A. few                            B. strange                    C. special                     D. wise

20. A. wonder            B. space         C. adventure  D. passion


My younger brother has a strange relationship with birthdays. One year, he sent me an unexpected birthday card, which turned out to be a double 1 as it arrived four months after my birthday.

“You should just 2 when you feel like it, and not be restricted to a specific day,” he said.

“So basically, that means it doesnt 3 when my birthday is. You just get to celebrate the day I was 4 any time you like, even though I 5 to celebrate it on the actual date?” I asked.

“Youve always been a little over the top about 6 ,” he said.

“Fine. But I always remember yours,” I said. I would never 7 the day he was born.

The first year my daughter was away at college, he missed her birthday. By then, we both knew her 8 had many great attributes (特征) except remembering birthdays.

Her birthday is in September. In January of the following year, she 9 a letter. It was from her uncle. No card. Just some 10 and a note that said, “Buy whatever you want.”

She later told me the special gift from her uncle 11 made her happy. The idea of surprising her was amazing when she was least 12 it.

And it continued. Once he 13 us with several stylish hats and it was no ones birthday. He had described our 14 to the saleswoman and she had 15 what she thought each of us might like. And she was right; we all liked our gifts.

So this year I was a bit 16 when he called me the day after my birthday. Was his 17 attitude towards birthdays disappearing? Had he been dragged down by societal expectations to behave 18

“Im 19 I missed your birthday yesterday,” he said.

“Youre 20 to do that. Its what makes you my brother,” I replied.

1. A. standard                     B. success                    C. service                     D. surprise

2. A. celebrate                    B. follow                      C. start                         D. accept

3. A. care                             B. catch                        C. matter                     D. work

4. A. saved                           B. born                         C. hurt                          D. praised

5. A. refuse                          B. like                           C. forget                       D. happen

6. A. life                               B. family                      C. studies                     D. dates

7. A. ruin                              B. make                        C. forget                       D. mark

8. A. friend                          B. uncle                        C. brother                    D. roommate

9. A. received                      B. wrote                       C. answered                D. posted

10. A. text                            B. money                     C. pictures                   D. necessities

11. A. barely                        B. smoothly                 C. really                       D. mildly

12. A. expecting                  B. understanding        C. enjoying                  D. wanting

13. A. helped                       B. visited                     C. joined                      D. pleased

14. A. experiences              B. plans                        C. findings                   D. personalities

15. A. wondered                 B. picked                     C. remembered           D. explained

16. A. confused                   B. worried                   C. angry                       D. bored

17. A. wrong                        B. changing                 C. unusual                   D. serious

18. A. greatly                       B. professionally        C. calmly                     D. properly

19. A. frightened                 B. unlucky                   C. sorry                        D. upset

20. A. allowed           B. taught        C. advised      D. forced


Mauro Morandi, an 82-year-old Italian, is the retired caretaker of Budelli, an uninhabited Mediterranean island. He is called a(n) 1 Robinson Crusoe. Mauro has guarded the island for over 30 years, keeping its beaches 2 and clean. He 3 that every morning he woke up to an uninterrupted sea view. Lost in 4 , he was in line with the dawn sounds and habits of the wildlife, where he 5 alone for more than three decades.

Three months ago, Mauro left Budelli where he had 6 every rock, tree and animal species. He had expected the public 7 with his life to decrease after his 8 . However, fans from around the world still sent him messages. A recent one 9 , “Mauro, the master of solitude.” “I thought that after leaving Budelli, nobody would talk about me any more. But 10 I was wrong,” he said. Asked why he thought the interest in him was so 11 , he said, “Its as if people sent me to do something they would never have the 12 to do.”

Now Mauro is trying to 13 to the life in a one-bedroom flat, glancing at the sea in the narrow gaps between 14 on La Maddalena. As for his new home, he said, “I became so used to the 15 on the island. Now the 16 noise distracts me so much.” Luckily, the past few months have given him time to 17 up with his family. And he successfully 18 a new habit, taking photographs of the architecture on La Maddalena to 19 its beauty.

Mauro said he would try to adapt to the new life and 20 the days on the island as great treasure forever.

1. A. ancient                        B. modern                    C. strange                    D. familiar

2. A. tidy                              B. deserted                  C. busy                         D. primitive

3. A. recalled                       B. expected                 C. wondered                D. denied

4. A. time                             B. nature                      C. thought                    D. memory

5. A. hid                               B. played                      C. lived                         D. traveled

6. A. marked                       B. known                     C. drawn                      D. touched

7. A. help                             B. doubt                       C. curiosity                  D. awareness

8. A. escape                         B. promotion               C. volunteering           D. retirement

9. A. read                             B. wrote                       C. replied                     D. talked

10. A. fortunately               B. delightedly              C. obviously                D. ambiguously

11. A. unclear                      B. special                     C. similar                     D. strong

12. A. courage                     B. method                    C. money                     D. technology

13. A. adjust                        B. lead                          C. contribute               D. refer

14. A. streets                       B. mountains               C. buildings                 D. rocks

15. A. noise                         B. silence                     C. brightness               D. darkness

16. A. slight                         B. different                  C. low                           D. continuous

17. A. put                             B. keep                         C. end                           D. team

18. A. quitted                      B. broke                       C. changed                   D. developed

19. A. study                         B. create                      C. record                      D. perfect

20. A. cherish B. forget         C. repeat        D. ignore


Ive never been the biggest fan of musicals. They often seemed 1 to me, and I would constantly 2 the time while watching one.

So when my friend suggested that we go to see the 3 Youre a Good ManCharlie Brownlast weekend, I wasnt particularly 4 . I figured I was about to 5 the familiar cycle of half-hearted attention to the plot and characters, 6 my phone during the performance. With nothing else to do, I finally 7 to go with him—it was something to get me out of the house.

Shortly after the musical began, Charlie Brown took the 8 , sitting down with a sandwich. At the beginning, he was portrayed (扮演) as a(n) 9 boy with nobody eating with during lunches. Then he 10 a girl also having lunch alone and decided to go over and start a 11 . But quickly he got into a 12 of over-thinking that the girl might hardly look at him. As the performance 13 , I was shocked to see Charlies courage and the pair chatting 14 . One of my favorite scenes was that Charlie sang a song feeling sorry for his 15 of talent. But he realized that despite this, he was still “the 16 and remarkable Charlie Brown.” “Im ME!” he 17 declared.

We often assess ourselves by our achievements rather than 18 our basic worth as individuals. However, everybody 19 Charlie Brown because hes Charlie Brown—the clumsy, self-doubt, insecure, but lovable four-year-old. To see Charlie 20 himself was eye-opening.

Actually, musicals arent always so bad.

1. A. dull                              B. frightening              C. educational             D. attractive

2. A. forgetting                   B. ignoring                   C. checking                 D. saving

3. A. exhibition                   B. drama                      C. movie                      D. musical

4. A. annoyed                      B. excited                    C. touched                   D. upset

5. A. reflect                         B. design                      C. repeat                      D. adjust

6. A. glancing at                  B. looking for              C. putting away          D. turning off

7. A. continued                   B. begged                     C. agreed                     D. volunteered

8. A. bus                               B. stage                        C. computer                D. path

9. A. smart                           B. brave                       C. honest                     D. lonely

10. A. remembered            B. spotted                    C. heard                       D. felt

11. A. theme                        B. joke                          C. talk                          D. story

12. A. panic                         B. form                         C. habit                        D. trap

13. A. changed                    B. progressed              C. began                       D. paused

14. A. nervously                  B. seriously                 C. casually                   D. merrily

15. A. lack                           B. development          C. view                         D. discovery

16. A. quiet                          B. unique                     C. patient                     D. generous

17. A. disappointedly         B. directly                    C. modestly                 D. proudly

18. A. overlook                   B. deny                         C. recognize                D. doubt

19. A. pities                         B. believes                   C. thanks                     D. loves

20. A. accept  B. praise         C. question    D. blame


Allen decided to leave home city and make a living by himself because his family was too poor. Before leaving, he told his father, “I want to learn the 1 performance.”

His father was 2 with his answer, “What? No, you cant do that. A circus is the place for clowns in many peoples eyes. Our family will be 3 of you.”

But Allen 4 , “Our family is so poor now. Which is more important to you, 5 or food? I will give you some money every month from the circus. It probably will be a huge 6 .” His father was very 7 , “If you go there, somebody will know about it very soon and Ill be very 8 .”

After 9 difficulties, Allen finally found a circus and 10 the owner to let him stay. He worked very hard studying magic and lived with animals. Every month, his parents would get a 11 from him. But they never knew his address. They knew the money was from Allen but when people asked them about Allens 12 , they never told them the truth. Later, his parents received 13 money from him.

Then, a magician named Albert became very famous in the whole world. Everyone thought 14 of his performance. One day, Allens father went to visit a relative in another 15 . The relative paid a lot for tickets of the magicians show. Allens father went to the show. During the show, Allens father was totally 16 by the magicians tricks. When the magician took off his 17 , the father found Albert was his son, Allen.

Allen 18 his father. His father blamed him, “Why did you change your 19 ?”

“Because you said you would be embarrassed for me.”

“But nobody will know the famous magician is my son Allen.”

Every good thing comes at a 20 . You cant have them all without giving up something.

1. A. music                          B. theater                     C. circus                      D. dance

2. A. satisfied                      B. unhappy                  C. curious                    D. hopeful

3. A. guilty                           B. proud                       C. tired                         D. ashamed

4. A. insisted                       B. demanded               C. replied                     D. thought

5. A. dignity                         B. honesty                   C. love                          D. money

6. A. deal                             B. success                    C. fortune                    D. performance

7. A. amazing                      B. understanding        C. stubborn                 D. confused

8. A. embarrassed              B. disappointed          C. annoyed                  D. frightened

9. A. leaving out                 B. ending up                C. getting into             D. going through

10. A. cheated                     B. convinced               C. promised                 D. expected

11. A. letter                         B. photo                       C. check                       D. card

12. A. job                             B. study                        C. address                    D. situation

13. A. less                            B. more                        C. none                         D. little

14. A. badly                         B. sadly                        C. highly                      D. sincerely

15. A. village                       B. city                           C. community             D. country

16. A. affected                    B. puzzled                    C. pleased                    D. impressed

17. A. jacket                        B. mask                        C. glasses                     D. gloves

18. A. hugged                      B. recognized              C. thanked                   D. amused

19. A. life                             B. dream                      C. name                        D. plan

20. A. reason  B. point          C. reward       D. price


After typhoon, I went to the disaster-stricken area to look after rescued animals. There I met Lucy, another 1 .

Lucy operates an animal 2 center. When I came to her website, I 3 a picture of Victor, a dog. I asked Lucy about Victor. She told me that she rescued Victor from a 4 man whod thrown him around and put him into a tiny box. Victor had 5 on Lucys lap for several hours while she assured him he was safe and 6 to find him a loving home.

I decided to 7 Victor. I renamed him “Chase” for his 8 for chasing everything. Months later, Chases love for people and his 9 nature led us to earn a therapy-dog certification (治療犬证书) and start a 10 program at the local 11 .

Kids read out to Chase to 12 their skills. Sometimes, even a kid who is 13 with reading will be comfortable doing so to a dog.

One little girl jumped up and down when she saw Chase entering the library. Her joyful enthusiasm made me 14 . When Chase greeted her with a 15 , she clapped and said, “Look, Mommy, hes bowing!” Chase gave her his undivided 16 while she read him a story. When her time was up, she signed up to read again.

Im 17 for everything about Chase that made this girl jump so happily. I hadnt 18 him to bow; hed bowed naturally. Id known the library visits would be about helping kids learn to read. But I hadnt realized what a 19 builder those visits would be for kids who were shy or didnt fit in. Chase was also a wonderful ambassador for dogs—teaching kids to be loving and 20 to animals.

1. A. journalist                    B. teacher                    C. doctor                      D. volunteer

2. A. health                          B. rescue                      C. treatment                D. recovery

3. A. studied                        B. took                         C. viewed                     D. drew

4. A. noble-minded           B. warm-hearted       C. bad-tempered        D. near-sighted

5. A. trembled                     B. depended                C. slept                         D. barked

6. A. promised                    B. managed                 C. failed                       D. pretended

7. A. support                       B. adopt                       C. accompany             D. meet

8. A. hope                            B. talent                       C. desire                      D. passion

9. A. gentle                          B. restless                    C. competitive            D. ambitious

10. A. writing                      B. comforting              C. reading                    D. learning

11. A. library                       B. school                      C. hospital                   D. nursery

12. A. discover                    B. examine                  C. challenge                D. practice

13. A. starting                     B. dealing                    C. struggling                D. meeting

14. A. weep                         B. smile                        C. think                        D. stay

15. A. bow                           B. kiss                          C. wave                        D. shake

16. A. benefit                      B. interest                    C. affection                 D. attention

17. A. careful                      B. regretful                  C. grateful                   D. pitiful

18. A. asked                         B. trained                     C. invited                     D. wanted

19. A. experience               B. confidence              C. appreciation           D. fortune

20. A. honest  B. familiar     C. loyal           D. caring


Gina was dressed, all ready for her very first dance performance. Yesterday she 1 her dance for the first time on the stage. With only a few mothers 2 , it wasnt too bad. But she did not like the 3 of dancing in front of lots of people tonight. It 4 her.

“Mom, I dont feel so 5 . Im kind of afraid,” Gina said.

Mom sat beside Gina. “Remember yesterday when you practiced and I was in the 6 row? You did just fine! When you go out on the stage, I will be in that 7 seat. Look at me and it will be just like yesterday!”

Mom was always right, but Gina wasnt 8 this time. She still 9 the thought of dancing in front of all those people.

When it was time for her to dance, Gina 10 what Mom told her. She sure 11 Mom was right. The music played. She followed the other girls onto the stage and took her 12 . Right away, she looked for Mom. 13 , Mom was right in the front row where she was 14 yesterday! Mom smiled and gave Gina a thumb up. Gina 15 back and started dancing, 16 looking away from Mom. Before she knew it, the dance was done and she ran up to Mom.

“You were 17 , Mom! It was like I was dancing just for you!”

“You did so well! Im so 18 of you! You can dance for me any time!”

Gina walked out of the school, holding Moms hand. She could still 19 the smile on Moms face as Gina 20 . Sometimes, Mom was just the best!

1. A. recorded                    B. learned                      C. introduced                  D. practiced

2. A. present                      B. absent                        C. interested                   D. satisfied

3. A. thought                      B. choice                        C. show                           D. purpose

4. A. failed                         B. scared                        C. fooled                         D. embarrassed

5. A. eager                         B. enthusiastic               C. good                           D. cheerful

6. A. middle                       B. back                           C. front                           D. last

7. A. near                           B. central                       C. special                        D. same

8. A. worried                      B. excited                       C. certain                        D. curious

9. A. avoided                     B. hated                          C. refused                       D. hid

10. A. thought about          B. noted down                C. brought up                 D. figured out

11. A. predicted                 B. hoped                         C. believed                     D. argued

12. A. place                        B. time                           C. role                             D. seat

13. A. In the end                B. Surprisingly enough C. Needless to say          D. Sure enough

14. A. standing                  B. listening                    C. sitting                         D. watching

15. A. turned                      B. looked                       C. stepped                       D. smiled

16. A. never                       B. always                       C. gradually                    D. nearly

17. A. smart                       B. wonderful                  C. right                           D. happy

18. A. nervous                   B. proud                         C. supportive                  D. fond

19. A. remember                B. recognize                   C. imagine                      D. see

20. A. walked  B. danced        C. expected     D. played


I spent many childhood afternoons looking at airplanes passing over my house. I 1 what the pilots were doing in those silver 2 . I hoped to fly an airplane one day, but people said that was only mens 3 .

After earning my drivers license, I drove to a local 4 . For twenty dollars, I took an introductory flying lesson and flew up into the sky with an instructor.

Such lessons were 5 , though. I was only a student. Then, I had an 6 . I applied to the school headmaster to 7 for them in exchange for flying lessons. He 8 . Soon, I was busy behind the front desk after school, working hard to 9 my time in the air. Flying airplanes made me feel alive in a way that I never knew was 10 . But away from the airport, I was so afraid of being 11 that I kept my flying lessons a secret. 12 , everyone thought girls couldnt be pilots; it would be 13 to even try.

I fell in deeper love with flight with every 14 into the sky, but that joy was not what 15 allowed me to break free from both the 16 and self-imposed (自己規定的) limits I had long 17 . What freed me to believe I could do anything was the way I was 18 at the airport. There, I was surrounded by people who believed in me and supported me, and for the first time I believed in myself, too.

One simple 19 to the airport led me to the unexpected journey to become a woman 20 , whose number is small in the man-charged airline industry.

1. A. experienced               B. noticed                      C. imagined                    D. recorded

2. A. systems                     B. machines                   C. spaceships                  D. gardens

3. A. hope                          B. lesson                        C. job                              D. style

4. A. supermarket              B. park                           C. factory                       D. airport

5. A. expensive                  B. valuable                     C. common                     D. difficult

6. A. interest                      B. idea                            C. achievement              D. application

7. A. fight                          B. perform                     C. work                           D. cheer

8. A. forgot                        B. failed                         C. stopped                      D. agreed

9. A. earn                           B. spend                         C. save                            D. manage

10. A. free                          B. easy                           C. possible                      D. familiar

11. A. given up                  B. turned down              C. left behind                 D. laughed at

12. A. In fact                      B. After all                     C. By the way                 D. As a result

13. A. silly                         B. hard                           C. unique                        D. impolite

14. A. look                         B. trip                             C. step                            D. change

15. A. personally               B. usually                       C. equally                       D. finally

16. A. cultural                    B. physical                     C. natural                        D. social

17. A. dreamed                  B. accepted                    C. passed                        D. broken

18. A. treated                     B. welcomed                  C. questioned                 D. trained

19. A. way                          B. door                           C. guide                          D. drive

20. A. instructor         B. headmaster C. pilot            D. supporter


正視治療師不足問題 締造傷健共融社會
勞務派遣 新政解讀(三)