阅读与作文(英语高中版) 2013年12期


It is bad manners in the classroom to look for what our 1. _______

neighbor had written, or try to see what mark he has received 2. _______

without being permitted. It is good manners for them to help 3. _______

each other if we have the same desire and the teacher allows to it. 4. _______

In examinations and in certain kinds of written work, it is dishonest 5. _______

and foolishly to help or to ask help from others. When one student 6. _______

does so, much larger values are destroying. One may not agree 7. _______

to examination system, but at present it is basically the only 8. _______

measure that the teacher and the rest of the world can depend to 9. _______

decide if or not each of us meets the requirement. 10. _______


Not all people like to work and everyone likes to play. All over 1. _______

the world men and woman, boys and girls enjoy sports. Since 2. _______

long ago, many adults and children called their friends together 3. _______

to spend hours, even days play games. One of the reasons people 4. _______

like to play is that sports help them to live happily. In other words, 5. _______

they help to keep people strong and feel good. When people are 6. _______

playing games, they move a lot. That is how sports are good activities 7. _______

for their health. Having fun with their friends make them happy. 8. _______

many people enjoy sports by watching the others play. In American 9. _______

big cities, thousands sell tickets to watch football or basketball games. 10. _______


We had guests last night who have not stayed 1. _______

in a B&B; hotel ago. They did not want breakfast 2. _______

because that they were going out early in the 3. _______

morning. They came back lately and had some 4. _______

tea. I came into the living room and saw one of 5. _______

them just go through the kitchen door but turn 6. _______

on the light. He was looking for a glass the 7. _______

cupboard. He had no ideas that the kitchen was 8. _______

not for guests. I just smiled to me and thought, 9. _______

“What can I do? We are guests after all.” 10. ______


Dear Ming,

It was very nice to hear from you for such a long time. Im 1._______

glad to learn that youve been settled down in Boston and are 2._______

getting used to the local ways of life. 3._______

As you know, Im still buried in books at school you are 4._______

so familiar with. What may surprise you are that Im going to 5._______

the US this July in a summer camp! Surely Im expecting lots 6._______

of sightseeing tours, parties and another exciting things. We must 7._______

definitely meet when Im over. As is planning, Im coming 8._______

to Boston around the 15th, and I wonder if youll free then so 9._______

we could chat about the good older days. 10.______

Hope to see you soon.


Xiao Lei


There is a public library in every town in Britain. Anyone 1._______

can borrow books if he or she wish. In some places you 2._______

may borrow as more books as you need, but in others 3._______

you are limited in a certain number of books. You may 4._______

keep the books for several weeks so as you can have 5._______

enough time to finish it. If the book you want is out 6._______

you may ask it to be kept for you. Most public libraries 7._______

also have a reading-room, that you can sit at the desk 8._______

and read the daily newspapers, magazines and the other 9._______

books, but you are not permit to take them out. 10.______