阅读与作文(英语高中版) 2013年11期


When I first learned to write in English, I ran into 1. _______

many difficulties. The main problem was in that I 2. _______

always thought in Chinese and tried to translate anything 3. _______

into English. My teacher advised me to keep my diary. 4. _______

I followed her advice and should put down 100 words 5. _______

or so each day. Soon I began to enjoy talk to myself on 6. _______

paper as I was learning to express me in simple English. 7. _______

One day I wrote a little story and showed to my 8. _______

teacher. She liked it very much and reads it to the class. 9. _______

They all said the story was a good one. Their word were 10. ______

a great encouragement to me.


Dear Ralph,

Im a newcomer here of a small town. I would 1. _______

describe myself as shy and quietly. Before my classmates, 2. _______

it seems always difficult for me to do things well as 3. _______

them. Im sure they will laugh to me and see me as 4. _______

a fool. So I feel unhappy every day. 5. _______

Besides, I have few friends. I dont know that they 6. _______

dont like to talk with me. Sometimes, we talked to each other 7. _______

very well in class, but after class we become stranger at 8. _______

once. I am trying to improve the situation since it doesnt 9. _______

seem to work. Can you tell me about what I should do? 10. _______


Xiao Wei


There are advantage for students to work while 1. _______

studying at school. One of them was that 2. _______

they can earn money. For the most part, 3. _______

students working to earn money for their own 4. _______

use. Earning their own money allow them 5. _______

to spend on anything as if they please. 6. _______

They would have to ask their parents for 7. _______

money or for permission to do things by 8. _______

the money. Some students may also to save 9. _______

up for our college or future use. 10. _______


At first I was not quite willing to sit down and

watched the 90-minute football match. Usually I just 1. _______

checked the results because I thought that was dull 2. _______

to watch a game in which players kicked a ball each 3. _______

other. Therefore, my father loves football. During the 4. _______

World Cup in 2002, my dad stays up late just to watch 5. _______

his favorite sport. Seeing his strong interest in this 6. _______

game of 22 men run after a ball, I decided to sit down 7. _______

to watch the game. I found the game excited, and my 8. _______

dad explained for the rules. We shared our joy. Football 9. _______

is not too badly as long as I watch it with my dad! 10. _______