Reading and Blank-filling语法填空


时代英语·高三 2023年4期

阅读下面短文, 在空白处填入1个适当的单词或括号内单词的正确形式。


A yellow teddy bear, found in a dustbin half a century ago, 1 (become) a star exhibit of the Benaki Museum of Toys in Athens since the museum opened in 2017. The adventurous bear, 2 important collection item in Europe associated with childhood, has also reached China through a childrens book written by Greek 3 (educate) and author Eleni Geroulanou. In her fairy tale: Once upon a time, a bear, the teddy bear wanders around the city 4 search of his home. He 5 (eventual) finds a new home and family.

Along with the museum opening its doors, people were 6 (delight) to see the book 7 (print) in Greek. In 2019 at the Bologna Childrens Book Fair in Italy, a Greek publisher showed the book to a Chinese publisher, who 8 (touch) by the story and decided to publish it in China. Due to the pandemic, Geroulanou has not been able to visit China yet, but she is looking forward to, when things get better, 9 (meet) with Chinese readers of her book. She says that both Greece and China have rich cultures and traditions dating back to ancient times, and 10 there is so much to learn from each other.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


The colorful clothes we wear today are made by machines. But what did ancient people do if they wanted to wear something colorful? Tie-dye (扎染) 1 (be) a way to do this.

More than 1,000 years ago, the Bai people in Yunan used tie-dye to dye their clothes. Then this skill became so popular 2 people gave tie-dye clothes to the emperor as gifts.

To tie-dye, you need to first use tools 3 (tie) , sew, or clip (夾住) your cloth. Then the folded cloth 4 (put) in dye. The Bai people usually make blue dye from 5 plant.

As the cloth is folded, some parts become dark blue, while other parts have a 6 (light) color. When you unfold the cloth, you 7 (see) beautiful patterns.

In the 1960s, tie-dye became a fashion trend in the US. People tie-dyed T-shirts and jeans in 8 (imagine) ways. Many children in the US still learn tie-dye in their art 9 (class).

At a recent famous show, an Italian designer surprised people 10 the tie-dye dresses. “Tie-dye is like an experiment. People cannot imagine the patterns of the cloth if they dont see them. Its a surprise,” the designer said. There is no doubt that the tie-dye trend has never really gone away.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


A miniature black horse with a white nose ran into a room in Nashvilles Monroe Carell Jr Childrens Hospital. Some of the kids sat in wheelchairs and some wore masks, but they all screamed with 1 (excite). “I cant believe theres a horse in the hospital!” a boy said. On this day, instead of taking 2 (challenge) medical tests and procedures, these kids got to have fun with Magic, a miniature horse.

Magic is a member of an all-volunteer charity, Gentle Carousel Miniature Therapy Horses. It 3 (run) by Debbie Garcia-Bengochea and her husband. Teams of therapy horses work with people 4 have experienced unpleasant events. Each year, the animals interact with more than 25,000 people of all ages in hospitals, schools, and 5 (library).

Magic has 6 special way of knowing who needs her the most. She goes over and 7 (gentle) puts her head on their shoulders. She 8 (win) many awards for her work so far. Due to Magics uniquely empathetic (善解人意的) personality, volunteers often expect her 9 (reach) people in the most difficult situations, whether they are children with life-threatening illnesses 10 people rescued from an earthquake. Not only does her presence comfort, but also it heals.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Wood-block printing first appeared in the early Tang period. During the Song Dynasty, the technique of block printing was very 1 (advance). Books were beautifully printed. Even today the books printed at the time are valuable and treasured by libraries and book collectors.

However, block printing 2 (be) not very convenient. Every two pages of a book had to be carved on a wood block, and a big book would require many blocks. 3 , there had to be large places for storing the books. 4 (overcome) these shortcomings, Bi Sheng invented the movable type during the years between 1041 and 1048. One word was carved on one piece of clay, 5 was hardened with fire. Then clay characters 6 (set) on an iron plate according to the text of a book. Then ink was applied to them and 7 (sheet) of paper spread over them, and the printing was done. Bi Shengs invention made printing faster and easier than before. Later, movable type of metal and wood was made and 8 (wide) used.

The technique of printing was gradually known to other Asian countries and Europe. The great influence printing had 9 the advance of civilization is too clear to need any 10 (explain).

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Chinese teahouses are the traditional ancient cafes of the east for getting together and chatting with friends and generally 1 (pass) the time. The teahouse has become a place for people to not only drink tea and relax, 2 experience Chinese culture, hold social activities, host private parties and conduct business 3 (negotiate).

The teahouse recreates the character of old Beijing, 4 makes it a must for foreigners, who, from around the world, come to China 5 (appreciate) Beijing Opera, drama and other Beijing folk arts, as well as drink tea. Jasmine tea is the favorite of many old Beijingers, who love 6 (it) pure, clear taste and strong fragrance. Its 7 (definite) on the menu at the Lao She Teahouse.

Dawan tea is just as famous as the long-spouted (長壶嘴的) teapot. The Chinese name means “inexpensive tea in a big tea bowl” and it is another old Beijing teahouse specialty. It 8 (say) that the founder of Lao She Teahouse 9 (start) his business by serving Dawan tea for just two cents each. And today its the only teahouse still serving Dawan tea 10 such a low price, though theres no profit in it.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


World Oceans Day is an international day that takes place annually on 8 June. It is observed as a 1 (remind) every year of the 2 (destroy) caused by human activities like garbage and waste water treatment and oil leaks. This year the main purpose of the Day is to inform more people of the impact of human actions 3 the ocean, expecting more people 4 (care) about the worsening situation. The Day is now celebrated in over 100 countries with hundreds of special events 5 (broadcast) across the globe. It 6 (mark) in a variety of ways, including launching new campaigns and holding special events, to advance ocean conservation and education.

Young people are an important part. The Day provides them with a platform 7 they can express their concerns and share their ideas. Each year, the Day has a theme for the campaigns and events. For example, in 2016 and 2017 the themes 8 (be) “Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet” and “Our Oceans, Our Future”, respectively. “Collective Action for the Ocean” is the theme in 2022, 9 (throw) light on the communities, ideas, and solutions that are working together to protect and recover the ocean 10 everything it sustains.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Pottery (陶器) may be the oldest artwork of human beings. As far back as more than 8,000 years ago, people in China first made pottery by mixing clay with water and baking it 1 it held its shape. Ancient people attached the word “pottery” 2 their discovery and used it to create various vessels and tools 3 (improve) the quality of life.

As time passed, the technique became perfect. Different kinds of pottery appeared in different times and regions. For example, during the Tang Dynasty (618—907) the pieces 4 (create) by adding various metal oxide and baking at a low temperature. The pottery would appear to be light yellow, reddish brown and light green. 5 (prefer) by many foreigners to the region, the tri-colored glazed pottery of Tang Dynasty (唐三彩) had been transported all over the world.

Purple clay pottery 6 (win) a great reputation for the next hundreds of years. As early as the Song Dynasty (960—1279), people found that purple clay teapots looked much more graceful than those of other 7 (material). In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, people 8 liked drinking tea held firm to the 9 (believe) that tea in the purple clay pot smelled better and could retain the original quality; these teapots transferred heat much 10 (slow) and were more endurable of heat. Modern people still delight in this classic fashion ideal.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Nowadays, time travel is just about everywhere you look, from films to TV shows and even literature.

However, that wasnt true just 150 years ago. The portal was opened by H. G. Wells novel,The Time Machine, which 1 (publish) in 1895. In this book, Wells describes a man who builds a machine that enables him 2 (move) throughout the course of history and into the future. The story is important because it approaches time as something 3 (flow).

Before this book came out, time was basically viewed 4 a one-way street. You could only go forward, and only at one speed. In this way, Wells 5 (create) account transformed the way people viewed time and time travel.

It was so successful 6 (large) because it came out at the end of 19th century when great change was in the air. As the 20th century dawned, people were becoming incredibly excited for the future. It was a period of huge technological as well as scientific 7 (grow) and, for the first time ever, people were living in a way that was dramatically different from 8 generation before them.

In other words, it 9 (be) the first time that the past, future and present would be entirely different. This simple historical moment is 10 made time travel so fascinating.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Researchers examined the benefits of singing among people with mental health conditions 1 (include) anxiety and depression.

They found people who took part in a community singing group improved their mental health and that the combination of singing and socializing was an important part of 2 (recover).

The grassroots action 3 (run) weekly singing workshops for the people 4 mental health conditions as well as the general public. It 5 (origin) began at a hospital in 2005, but afterwards moved into the community. Around 120 people now attend four free workshops each week across Norfolk, two thirds of 6 have had contact with mental health services.

The research project followed the group for six months and 7 (undertake) interviews with participants, organizers, and workshop 8 (leader).

The report shows how singing and socializing gave participants 9 feeling of belonging and well-being that often lasted a day or 10 (many), as well as improved social skills and confidence.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


Resources satellites mainly take on the job of observing the earth, including the land areas and the oceans, and 1 (call) “photographers in space”. Resources satellites can even see through the earth, exploring mineral resources and historical 2 (site) that cannot be observed by our eyes.

China Center for Resources Satellite Data and Application is the largest land observing satellite data center in China. It operates and manages 19 satellites, processing and distributing the satellite data. Besides monitoring natural resources and urban planning, 3 (it) another task is to use satellite images 4 (support) disaster relief. When a disaster happens, the staff will 5 (immediate) apply the satellites, obtaining clear images in response 6 the disaster. So far, the center 7 (obtain) images of disasters including the floods in India, the MH370 disappearance, 8 the forest fires in Australia. Such satellite images are offered to other countries free of charge, thus 9 (provide) timely support for disaster assessment and relief.

Chinas space industry has always been committed to enhancing human understanding of the earth, 10 can better promote human development. One day, when we look up at the sky, we may find that many satellites in the vast universe are looking back at us.

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6. _______  7. _______  8. _______  9. _______  10. _______


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