时代英语·高三 2014年5期

As you are probably aware, the latest job markets news isnt good: Unemployment is still more than 9 percent, and new job growth has fallen close to zero. Thats bad for the economy, of course. And it may be especially discouraging if you happen to be looking for a job or hoping to change careers right now. But it actually shouldnt matter to you nearly as much as you think.

Thats because job growth numbers dont matter to job hunters as much as job turnover (调整) data. After all, existing jobs open up every day due to promotions, resignations, terminations, and retirements. In both good times and bad, turnover creates more openings than economic growth does. Even in June of 2007, when the economy was still humming along, job growth was only 132,000, while turnover was 4.7 million!

And as it turns out, even today—with job growth near zero — over 4 million job hunters are being hired every month.

I dont mean to imply that overall job growth doesnt have an impact on ones ability to land a job. Its true that if total employment were higher, it would mean more jobs for all of us to choose from (and compete for).

But what often distinguishes those who land jobs from those who dont is their ability to stay motivated. Theyre willing to do the hard work of identifying their valuable skills; be creative about where and how to look; learn how to present themselves to potential employers; and keep going, even after repeated rejections.

So dont let the headlines fool you into giving up. Four million people get hired every month in the U.S. You can be one of them.

1. The author tends to believe that high unemployment rate ___ .

A. reduces many peoples job opportunities B. prevents many people from changing careers

C. should not stop people from looking for a job D. does not mean the U.S. economy is worsening

2. Where do most job openings come from?

A. Job growth. B. Job turnover.

C. Improved economy. D. Bigger job market.

3. What does the author say about overall job growth?

A. It doesnt mean greater job security for the employed. B. It doesnt have much effect on individual job seekers.

C. It increases peoples confidence in the economy. D. It gives great hope to the unemployed.

4. What is the key to landing a job according to the author?

A. The majors. B. Valuable skills.

C. Ability to keep going. D. Job experience.


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