时代英语·高三 2014年5期

Passage One

A friend of mine met with an accident driving in darkness. His legs were so hurt that he couldnt 1 . What was the worst was that he found himself unable to ask for help — his mobile phone went out of 2 as a result of exhausted battery. Nothing could be done but to 3 in cold wilderness. It was eight hours later that day broke, and then 4 of the rescue.

It is almost 5 that he could stand the horror in the darkness for so long. Even more surprising was his 6 : “First of all, I checked up my 7 conditions and found myself not in mortal (致死的) danger. As there was no 8 to call for help, I leaned back in my seat trying my best to keep the wound from 9 . In this way I dozed off.”

His story put an end to my regret for the 10 of an exploration adventure that happened last year. A group of young men 11 to explore a mountain cave and got lost. Unable to find a way out in the 12 cave they were frightened and ran anxiously without a sense of 13 . Finally they fell dead in fear and exhaustion. According to the 14 people that found them, the place where they got 15 was only about 10 meters away from the opening of the cave. If they stayed on the spot when they lost their way and tried to 16 themselves, they would probably sense a faint light glimmering not far away.

Dont you think you can compare it with 17 itself ? When you meet with difficulty in life and work, you are lost in darkness. 18 you, its unclear yet and you neednt put up struggle 19 . It seems to be a negative attitude, but a person who can 20 to do so must have foresight (远见) as well as a great courage in the first place.

1. A. speak B. move C. run D. leave

2. A. service B. date C. control D. work

3. A. cry B. lie C. wait D. sleep

4. A. delay B. success C. team D. arrival

5. A. untrue B. unimaginable C. horrible D. useless

6. A. idea B. decision C. explanation D. excuse

7. A. physical B. car C. working D. medical

8. A. energy B. way C. tool D. strength

9. A. opening B. spreading C. hurting D. bleeding

10. A. loss B. failure C. disappointment D. sadness

11. A. expected B. managed C. tried D. needed

12. A. dangerous B. dark C. deep D. strange

13. A. hearing B. sight C. feeling D. direction

14. A. rescue B. village C. local D. kind

15. A. frightened B. caught C. lost D. worried

16. A. save B. help C. stop D. calm

17. A. adventure B. study C. life D. accident

18. A. Mind B. Watch C. Teach D. Warn

19. A. normally B. immediately C. carefully D. usually

20. A. come B. plan C. afford D. wish