时代英语·高三 2014年5期

1. Where do you think ___ we can buy that bestseller?

A. it is that B. is it that

C. that D. it

2. — The old store enjoys a good reputation in this area.

— Cant agree more. There are very few, ___ , complaints about their service.

A. if any B. if so

C. if anything D. if ever

3. Such an inspiring speech ___ at the graduation ceremony that everyone was strongly encouraged.

A. did he make B. he made

C. had he made D. he had made

4. As is shown in the movie, under no circumstances ___ faith and confidence.

A. you should lose B. shouldnt you have

C. should you lose D. you shouldnt have

5. Dont turn off the computer before closing all programs ___ you could have problems.

A. or B. and

C. but D. so

6. ___ , his idea was accepted by all the people at the meeting.

A. Strange as might it sound

B. As it might sound strange

C. As strange it might sound

D. Strange as it might sound

7. No sooner ___ down on bed than the telephone rang.

A. had he lain B. had he lied

C. did he lie D. had he laid

8. — Mike likes watching TV but he doesnt like playing football.

— ___ .

A. So does Tom B. Neither does Tom

C. Its the same with Tom D. Nor is Tom

9. It is not what one does, ___ what one tries to do, that makes a man strong.

A. nor B. but

C. or D. and

10. Some of you may have finished Unit One. ___ , you can go on to Unit Two.

A. If so B. If you do

C. If not D. If you may

11. Everything, unless otherwise ___ ,will go on as planned.

A. stating B. states

C. to state D. stated

12. It is not good to be poor in a beautiful environment; ___ good to be well-off but live with environmental problems.

A. so is it B. so it is

C. nor it is D. nor is it

13. In the eastern part of New Jersey ___ , a major shipping center.

A. the city lies B. does the city lie

C. does lies the city D. lies the city

14. Attention! ___ in the form right now, making sure that every detail supplied is accurate.

A. Fill B. Filling

C. To fill D. Being filled

15. — The lady starred in many films.

— Really? But rarely ___ in public nowadays.

A. she is seen B. is she seen

C. was she seen D. she was seen

16. Only if you put your whole heart into your studies ___ a famous key university.

A. you are admitted into

B. you will be admitted into

C. will be you admitted into

D. will you be admitted into

17. Try to be friends with your children, ___ you will really know what they are thinking about.

A. so B. or

C. and D. but

18. ___ ! But for your timely help, I would have got into great trouble.

A. How kind a person you are

B. What a kind person are you

C. How kind a person are you

D. What kind a person you are

19. It was hurricane Sandy in October ___ destroyed the east coast of the United States.

A. when B. which

C. that D. it

20. If ___ to look after luggage for someone else, inform the police at once.

A. asked B. to ask

C. asking D. having asked

21. It was not until near the end of the letter ___ she mentioned her own plan.

A. that B. where

C. why D. when

22. There is so much rain on the island that its annual rainfall reaches ___ .

A. sixty inches as much as

B. as sixty inches much as

C. as much as sixty inches

D. as much sixty inches as

23. Could it be in the restaurant where you had dinner with me ___ you lost your handbag?

A. in which B. where

C. when D. that

24. Only by increasing the number of doctors by 50 percent ___ properly in this hospital.

A. can be the patients treated

B. can the patients be treated

C. the patients can be treated

D . treated can be the patients

25. Not until he went abroad for further study ___ how attached he was to his parents.

A. that he realized B. had he realized

C. did he realize D. that he had realized

26. ___ good use of learning resources, and you will make great progress.

A. To make B. Making

C. Make D. Having made

27. ___ furniture you have got in your apartment! I am green with envy.

A. How beautiful a B. What a beautiful

C. How beautiful D. What beautiful

28. I hope that my father will quit smoking because I want him to live ___ my grandpa does.

A. as a long life as B. so long a life as

C. such long a life as D. as long a life as

29. The more you listen to English, ___ youll feel in speaking English.

A. easier B. easily

C. the more easily D. the easier

30. City life often provides us more convenience and entertainment than country life, but not ___ quiet and easy.

A. too B. much

C. as D. still