时代英语·高三 2014年5期

1. ___ makes his shop different is that it offers more personal services.

A. What B. Who

C. Whatever D. Whoever

2. — Its thirty years since we last met.

— But I still remember the story, believe it or not, ___ we got lost on a rainy night.

A. which B. that

C. what D. when

3. ___ is no reason for dismissing her.

A. Because she was a few minutes late

B. Owing to a few minutes late

C. Being a few minutes late

D. The fact that she was a few minutes late

4. — Could you do me a favor?

— It depends on ___ it is.

A. which B. whichever

C. what D. whatever

5. These shoes look very good. I wonder ___ .

A. how much cost they are B. how much do they cost

C. how much they cost D. how much are they cost

6. Doris success lies in the fact ___ she is co-operative and eager to learn from others.

A. which B. that

C. when D. why

7. Mary wrote an article on ___ the team had failed to win the game.

A. why B. what

C. who D. that

8. Do you have any idea ___ is actually going on in the classroom?

A. that B. what

C. as D. which

9. Elephants have their own way to tell the shape of an object and ___ it is rough or smooth.

A. when B. whether

C. how D. that

10. Danny left word with my secretary ___ he would call again in the afternoon.

A. how B. that

C. as D. which

11. The way he did it was different ___ we were used to.

A. in which B. in what

C. from what D. from which

12. The school is no longer ___ it was 20 years ago when it was so poorly equipped.

A. what B. that

C. how D. which

13. Some researchers believe that there is no doubt ___ a cure for AIDS will be found.

A. which B. that

C. what D. whether

14. We havent settled the question of ___ it is necessary for him to study abroad.

A. if B. where

C. whether D. that

15. A thought suddenly came to me ___ I might use the pocket money to buy flowers for my mother.

A. if B. when

C. that D. which

16. There is much chance ___ Bill will recover from his injury in time for the race.

A. that B. which

C. until D. if

17. Please remind me ___ he said he was going. I may be in time to see him off.

A. where B. when

C. how D. what

18. With his work completed, the man stepped back to his seat, feeling pleased ___ he was a man of action.

A. which B. that

C. what D. whether

19. — Have you finished the book?

— No, Ive read up to ___ the children discover the secret cave.

A. which B. what

C. that D. where

20. Nobody believed his reason for being absent from the class ___ he had to meet his uncle at the airport.

A. why B. that

C. where D. because

21. She is very dear to us. We have been prepared to do ___ it takes to save her life.

A. whichever B. however

C. whatever D. whoever

22. He noticed that one part of the dance was different in the afternoon from ___ it had been in the morning.

A. that B. where

C. what D. which

23. Id like to work with ___ is honest and easy to get on with.

A. who B. whoever

C. whomever D. no matter who

24. When you are reading, make a note of ___ you think is of great importance.

A. which B. that

C. what D. when

25. News came from the school office ___ Wang Lin had been admitted to Beijing University.

A. when B. what

C. that D. where

26. It is generally considered unwise to give a child ___ he or she wants.

A. however B. whatever

C. whichever D. whenever

27. ___ leaves the room last ought to turn off the lights.

A. Anyone B. The person

C. Whoever D. Who

28. — I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week.

— Is that ___ you had a few days off ?

A. why B. what

C. when D. where

29. I still remember ___ this used to be a quiet village.

A. when B. how

C. where D. what

30. I read about it in some book or other, does it matter ___ it was?

A. where B. what

C. how D. which

31. Information has been put forward ___ more middle school graduates will be admitted into universities.

A. while B. that

C. when D. how

32. A modern city has been set up in ___ was a wasteland ten years ago.

A. what B. which

C. that D. where

33. ___ caused the accident is still a complete mystery.

A. What B. That

C. How D. Where

34. — Have you found your book yet?

— No, Im not sure ___ I could have left it.

A. whether B. where

C. when D. why

35. Why the explosion occurred was ___ the laboratory attendant had been careless.

A. when B. because

C. that D. how

36. I firmly believe ___ he said at the meeting was right.

A. that B. which

C. where D. what

37. ___ some people regard as a drawback is seen as a plus by many others.

A. Whether B. What

C. That D. How

38. After ___ seemed like hours he came out with a bitter smile.

A. which B. it

C. what D. that

39. ___ is hard is to do good deeds all ones life and never do anything bad.

A. He B. It

C. That D. What

40. The thing that worries me is ___ were going to pay for all this.

A. that B. why

C. how D. which