阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2018年12期



You may think that English dictionaries have been used for many, many centuries. In fact an English dictionary you __1__ today wasnt made until the Qing Dynasty[清朝]. Three men did most of the important __2__ work on dictionaries. They spent nearly all their lives trying to __3__ words for their dictionaries. For them, it was a wonderful journey. The largest dictionary in the world is Oxford English Dictionary. The __4__ for this dictionary came from an important meeting in Britain in 1857. Twenty-two years later, Oxford University asked Murray to be the editor of its new dictionary.

Murray had never been to __5__. At the age of fourteen, he left his village school in Scotland and taught himself while working in a bank. __6__ he became a great teacher. After Oxford gave him the job, Murray had a small house __7__ in his garden to do the work. Every morning, Murray got out of bed at five oclock and __8__ in the small house several hours before breakfast. Often he would work into the night. Murray hoped to finish the new dictionary in the years. But after five years, he was __9__ adding[增加] words for the letter “A”! He worked on the dictionary __10__ he was very old. Forty-four years later, in 1928, other editors finished the dictionary.

( ) 1. A. use B. write C. copy D. miss

( ) 2. A. easy B. boring C. early D. dangerous

( ) 3. A. spell B. invent C. collect D. make

( ) 4. A. way B. idea C. use D. prize

( ) 5. A. school B. cinema C. village D. college

( ) 6. A. Later B. before C. So far D. Ever since

( ) 7. A. sold B. built C. broken D. drawn

( ) 8. A. read B. wrote C. worked D. thought

( ) 9. A. already B. still C. usually D. always

( ) 10. A. if B. because C. until D. since


Many of you are studying English and you may be __1__ why it is so difficult to learn. Its actually not too difficult to learn __2__ you know some __3__ about the language and culture that it reflects [反映]. Perhaps the first thing you need to know about English is that it is made up of several other languages __4__ French, German, Latin, Greek and Anglo-Saxon. In addition, there are words __5__ Spanish in English and many American Indian words and names, even some Chinese and Japanese __6__ can be found in the English language. This borrowing of words __7__ other languages is __8__ of the key reasons __9__ there are some difficulties that people meet with __10__ they are learning English.

( )1. A. knowing B. wondering C. learning D. hearing

( )2. A. but B. and C. if D. unless

( )3. A. news B. facts C. truth D. information

( )4. A. such as B. the same as C. so as D. for example

( )5. A. in B. off C. of D. from

( )6. A. words B. culture C. language D. letters

( )7. A. for B. to C. from D. out

( )8. A. that B. something C. one D. this

( )9. A. why B. of C. what D. for

( )10.A. when B. before C. after D. while


(一)1-5 CDBAD 6-10 ABCAC (二)1-5 BCDAD 6-10 ACCAD