阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2018年10期



We had a math contest today. I am good at math, so I ___1___ it quickly. I was the first one to ___2___ the paper. I was sitting on my seat relaxing, while the teacher shouted, “Whose paper is this?” I made no response. Some time later, I suddenly realized that I didnt sign my name on the paper. I stood up ___3___ and went to the teacher. She helped me find the ___4___ paper and sign my name. I would have failed the contest if she hadnt ___5___ me in time.

( )1.A. did B. finished C. worked D. readed

( )2. A. gave out B. put out C. hand in D. took out

( )3. A. hurriedly B. quietly C. worriedly D. friendly

( )4. A. nameless B. test C. writing D. blank

( )5. A. told B. asked C. said D. reminded


Spring is coming. What a nice season!

The weather is getting warmer and warmer. The flowers are ___1___. How beautiful the world is! Look around, the sky is blue and the leaves ___2___ the trees are turning green. The sun is shining brightly and the air is so fresh, now everyone ___3___ his warm coat and is more active than before. We all have good feelings. I must say, be careful not to catch cold again.

A good beginning is half ___4___ and its the first season in the year. We must make the best use of our time and catch every ___5___ to work and study. Do you think so?

( )1. A. putting out B. looking out C. coming out D. seeing out

( )2. A. on B. in C. at D. but

( )3. A. takes off B. puts on C. wears D. is out

( )4. A. success B. done C. seen D. gotten

( )5. A. hour B. minutes C. second D. times


Long ago, people sent messages in different ways. A man put his ears to the ground. He ___1___ the horses. They were coming this way. He ran to ___2__ people. He was a ___3___. That was one way to send messages.

People in ___4___ countries also sent messages. One man made a cloud of smoke. In the next village people saw the smoke and went on doing that, too. The massage went from village to village by ___5___.

Much ___6___, some soldiers kept many pigeons, these pigeons ___7___ flew back. When a soldier was sent far away from his own ___8___, he might take a pigeon along. He could tie a message to the birds leg. It would fly back ___9___ the soldiers message.

These are slow ways to send messages. Can you think of ___10___ ways?

( )1. A. saw B. found C. heard D. lost

( )2. A. speak B. talk C. say D. tell

( )3. A. runner B. winner C. cleaner D. farmer

( )4. A. another B. other C. others D. the other

( )5. A. animals B. horses C. people D. smoke

( )6. A. better B. more C. later D. late

( )7. A. sometimes B. always C. never D. often

( )8. A. place B. home C. family D. house

( )9. A. and B. to C. without D. with

( )10.A. farther B. further C. faster D. more quickly


(一)1-5 BCAAD (二)1-5 CAABC

(三)1-5 CDABD 6-10 CBADC