阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2021年8期

Series Four, Episode Seven: Solutions and Compromises

Harry: Hi Olivia!

Olivia: Hi there Harry!

Harry: Listen, can I ask you a favour?

Olivia: Sure. What is it?

Harry: Well, I know youve always got good ideas for solving problems.

Olivia: Thank you very much!

Harry: Its true!

Olivia: So whats your problem this time?

Harry: Well, you know Bindyus got her heart set on going somewhere exotic for our honeymoon.

Olivia: Yeah.

Harry: Well…

Olivia: I get it—you dont want to.

Harry: Yeah. Well, not exactly. I mean, I wouldnt mind, but I do like camping and…

Olivia: And?

Harry: Well, to tell you the truth, works been going a bit slowly recently and this wedding is costing us a fortune, so…

Olivia: You dont have that much money?

Harry: Exactly!

Olivia: Hmm…I think Ive got an idea—lets just go next door to my shop and check some things on the internet.

(door opens)

Fadi: So…hows the job hunting going, Johnny?

Johnny: To tell you the truth, not too well.

Fadi: Shame. This is a difficult time, the recession and everything…

Johnny: Yeah, but Im pretty positive—you know me!

Fadi: Yeah, I certainly do!

Johnny: Ive just got to check my email now…Im expecting a couple of replies.

(door opens)

Bindyu: Hi!

Fadi: Hi Bindyu!

Bindyu: Hello boys. Have you seen Harry?

Fadi: He just went out with Olivia. Said hed be back in a minute.

Bindyu: OK. Is it OK if I sit and wait with you?

Fadi: Of course. Come and join us. Johnnys just checking his email—hes expecting some good news about new jobs!

Johnny: Hmmmm…

Bindyu: That doesnt sound good.

Fadi: No, it doesnt, does it? Bad news, Johnny?

Johnny: “We are sorry to inform you…”, “We regret…”, “Unfortunately…”—Why doesnt anybody realise how talented I am?! How much experience I have?! What a great asset Id be for their company…?!

Bindyu: I guess thats bad news.

Fadi: Im sure they do realise how good you are, Johnny. Its just that there arent that many jobs around at the moment.

Bindyu: Mmm…dont worry Johnny, Im sure something will turn up soon.

Johnny: I hope so.

(door opens)

Fadi: Here are Harry and Olivia now.

All: Hi! Hey! Hello there!

Harry: So, Bindyu, Ive been thinking about our honeymoon.

Bindyu: Oh great—our honeymoon; somewhere hot and exotic?

Harry: Erm, well…

Bindyu: On a Mediterranean island?

Harry: Ah…

Bindyu: Or did you think of somewhere else? The Maldives?

Harry: Actually, I think there is a compromise solution.

Bindyu: A “compromise”?

Harry: Yeah—you know I like camping.

Bindyu: Yes, you did mention it.

Harry: Well, I think we should go camping.

Bindyu: What?!

Harry: …on a Mediterranean island!

Bindyu: Oh…

Harry: Here, Ive just done some research with Olivia, and weve found loads of places—lovely little towns, private beaches, clear sea…nature all around!

Bindyu: Hmmm….

Harry: So, what do you think?

Bindyu: I think that isnt a bad idea at all, Harry!

Harry: Aw, great! Im glad weve sorted that out. Lets book somewhere right away.

Bindyu: Good idea.

Harry: Whew—So, hows the job hunting going, Johnny?

Johnny: Fadi just asked me that.

Fadi: Yeah, perhaps its better if you dont ask.

Harry: Ah? But youre always positive, arent you, Johnny?

Johnny: (sadly) Yeah. I try to be.

Bindyu: You sound a bit down, Johnny.

Johnny: (sighs)

Harry: Listen, mate, I wanted to ask you something, something important.

Johnny: Whats that?

Harry: Well, you know, for the wedding, I need a best man.

Johnny: A best man? To make a speech? And organise everything on the big day?

Harry: Yeah, thats right! I was wondering if youd like to be my best man?

Johnny: Me?

Harry: Yeah. You!

Johnny: Wow! Harry! Im really flattered! Id love to be your best man! Thats great news! Oh, thats really cheered me up!

Harry: Oh, brilliant! Brilliant!

Fadi: Why didnt you ask me? Or Carlos?

Bindyu: (whispering to him) Look, Johnny really needed cheering up. Hes having a difficult time at the moment.

Fadi: (grudgingly) Fair enough.

Harry: Listen, Fadi, Ill make sure you and Carlos can be ushers or something…

Fadi: An usher?

Bindyu: Yes—its a very important job at a wedding.

Fadi: Hmm, OK then.

Bindyu: Oh, Im glad thats all sorted out. No more problems then. I cant wait!

Harry: Me neither!


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