阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2021年8期


Series Four, Episode Six: Good News, Bad News (Sound of a pile of magazines thumping[砰然地響] down on a table with a sigh)

Tony: Blimey, what have you got there, Bindyu?

Bindyu: Holiday brochures.

Magda: Holiday brochures?

Bindyu: Yes, um, magazines which show us all the places we can go on our honeymoon.

Magda: Whats a “honeymoon”?

Tony: After a couple get married, er, they go away on holiday somewhere.

Magda: Oh yes, we have the same thing in Poland, but we call it the “honey month”.

Tony: A month! Blimey…thats a long time.

Magda: So, Bindyu, where are you going on your honeymoon?

Bindyu: Well, I was thinking of somewhere exotic[异国情调的]—the Mediterranean, oh, a little island somewhere, perhaps the Seychelles or the Maldives…

Magda: Wow…that sounds great.

Bindyu: But Harry, of course, has different ideas…

Magda: (laughs) Harry always has different ideas, doesnt he?

Bindyu: (ironically/disapprovingly) Yes, he does. Ill stop that!

(doors open)

Harry: Hey there!

Magda: Hi Harry…we were just talking about your honeymoon.

Harry: Oh yeah, that…

Bindyu: You should sound more excited, dear.

Harry: Erm, yeah, I am excited, but…well, there are so many problems.

Magda: What problems?

Harry: I still havent decided who my best mans going to be yet…and now this to think of…

Bindyu: Well, Ill help you. Here are some brochures to look at.

Harry: Hmm…they look very nice, but…

Bindyu: But what?

Harry: Well, you know, I was thinking more of, well, something simpler.

Bindyu: (groans) Like what?

Harry: Going camping…

Bindyu: Camping?

Harry: Yeah!

Bindyu: You mean, like, with a tent!

Harry: A tent! Exactly!

Bindyu: Where?

Harry: Well, here in Britain somewhere—in the countryside—Cornwall, or Wales perhaps…

Bindyu: Harry, I hope youre joking.

Harry: Erm, no…Im not actually.

Bindyu: I see…Uh, we shall have to discuss this. Come on Harry!

Harry: (sighing) OK…bye all!

Magda / Bindyu: Bye!

(doors open)

Fadi: Hi there! Are you just leaving?

Harry: Yeah…sorry Fadi…cant stop! Bye!

Bindyu: Heres Sarah too! Sorry, cant stop!

Sarah: (laughs) Bye!

(doors close)

Tony: Always coming and going here…It never stops!

Fadi: Cheer up Tony—its good to be busy!

Tony: Too busy for me…

Fadi: Hey Sarah, thanks for that piece about Carlos restaurant, by the way. I put it up on our website.

Sarah: Great! Im just waiting for Carlos now. I hope people read it. Oh, here he is!

(doors open)

All: Hey Carlos!

Sarah: Hey! Hows it going?

Carlos: Not bad, thanks. It was a good night last night. There were loads of people in. I was so busy.

Sarah: Fadi put my review onto his FindLondon website…

Carlos: Yes! I know! Some of my customers said theyd seen it—and that was why theyd come to the restaurant!

Sarah: Ah, excellent!

Fadi: Good news for me too! If a lot of people visit the website, I can get more advertisers!

Sarah: Ah, yes!

Johnny: (doors open) Hi!

All: Hi Johnny!

Johnny: What are you lot all so happy about?

Magda: Fadis website is getting lots of hits, and Carlos restaurant was packed out for the first time!

Johnny: (gloomily) Well. Im really pleased for you all.

Fadi: Hey, Johnny, thats not like you—whats up?

Johnny: Ive lost my job.

All: What?!!!

Fadi: I dont believe it!

Sarah: You were going to be a millionaire!

Johnny: Yeah, I know.

Fadi: So what happened?

Johnny: I got an email.

Sarah: Thats all?

Johnny: Yeah.

Carlos: What did it say?

Johnny: “Unfortunately, due to the current financial situation, we are having to make staff cutbacks…”

Magda: Cutbacks?

Fadi: Yeah. It means theyre firing people…

Johnny: “Therefore, we will not be able to renew your contract after the end of this week.”

Carlos: At the end of this week?

Magda: Thats quick!

Johnny: I know.

Sarah: Well, do you at least get a redundancy


Johnny: No.

Fadi: Nothing?

Johnny: Nothing.

Fadi: Thats hard, man.

Johnny: I know.

Sarah: What are you going to do now?

Johnny: I dont know.

Magda: Hey, come on Johnny. Its not the end of the world.

Johnny: No, no. I suppose it isnt.

Sarah: With all your skills and talents…

Johnny: (cheering up) Hey, yeah, youre right…

Fadi: Youll easily be able to get another job…

Johnny: Yeah. Yeah, of course I will. Ill find another job!

Fadi: Yeah!

Sarah: I bet loads of people would like to employ you!

Johnny: Yes. I think so too. With all my skills and talents…

Magda: You could get a better job…

Johnny: Yeah, a better job!

Fadi: More money.

Johnny: More money!

Sarah: Itll only take a few days.

Johnny: Yeah! By the end of this week Ill have another job, a better job! Ill show them!!!!

All: Yeah!!!


Chapter 22 The last happiness 第22章 最后的幸福时光