The Way of Writing an Attractive Cover Letter Through Receptive Aesthetic Theory


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【Abstract】 Receptive aesthetic Theory can be used to write a good cover letter.

【Key words】cover letter; receptive aesthetic theory


1. Introduction

Receptive aesthetics appeared in Germany in 1960s, and its representatives are W. Iser and Hans Robert Jauss, who both think that aesthetic study should focus on the readers reception, reflection, reading process and readers aesthetic experiences, to study dynamic interaction among writers, works and readers, examining the aesthetic experiences in historical and social conditions. A well-written cover letter can arouse readers aesthetic sense plus interest to go on, which can probably ensure ones future success in the job market.

2. Definition of a cover letter

Cover letter, is a letter sent along with other documents, especially on top of a résumé or curriculum vitae, as an introduction or a summary. A résumé, which gives priority to writing brevity as well as an applicants uniqueness, should by no means exceed one page long, including your name, address, cell phone number, education degree, working post, honors award, etc.. Curriculum vitae, in short form CV, looks as a shopping list on which are full of the things you have bought over the years. Cover letter, just like your good habit of washing hands before each meal, cannot be skipped in applying for a job.

3. Ways of writing a cover letter through receptive aesthetic theory

As a promising graduate, do you thirst for a job in an English-speaking country? You might speculate that after putting together your résumé or CV your work is done, but theres still a very essential step left: the cover letter.

Firstly, a cover letter should be short. A cover letter, no more than one page, is the first written material that the hiring staff reads.

Secondly, a cover letter should be intriguing. A well-written cover letter can arouse a dynamic interaction between you and the hiring manager. A striking cover letter should produce a kind of beauty sense and interest, examining the hiring manager aesthetic experience in historical and social conditions, such as smooth writing, rich and unique life experiences, and so on, which encourages the hiring manager to turn the page and look at your application, instead of throwing it in the trash can. Its extremely important to remember that the cover letter makes a first impression, so its vital to pay particular attention to your spelling, grammar, and readability. The cover letter is your good opportunity to show others your personality, interpret your experience, and explain to the employer why they should employ you.

Thirdly, a cover letter should be specific. Because the letter should be specific to the job vacancy, you dont send the same letter to every company you want to go. Feel free to use similar ideas and wordings, but employers should not be able to tell that you erased another companys name and wrote theirs in. Browse websites about the company which you wish to go before writing. You need to come across as interested, informed, and resourceful.

Fourthly, a cover letter should be made more personal. Do what you can to make clear of the name of the individual who may make the decisions, and address it to him or her. Address it to a relevant job title: Dear Mr. Johnson, or Dear Ms. White, or Dear Hiring Manager, etc.

4. Closing words

A successful cover letter should be smooth, attractive, unique in an aesthetic perspective. Once youve written a cover letter, reread, reread, reread. Make it count! Currently, applications are often submitted by email or online. If you submit your letter in this way, submit it as a .pdf file rather than a .doc or .docx. This way, it looks cleaner and more professional. Soon, youll surely be on your way to the job interview!




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