校园英语·下旬 2018年2期

(Pearl,a black,ballet student)

(The play after her childhood.)

The first act

[Pearl enters on the stage ]

[Walking dejectedly]

Pearl : The world is an entirely inequitably inferno .

Racism is a dire lord .

Poverty is an insurmountable chasm .

Its been four years since I began to dance .

Its also been four years that I kept being ridiculed.

Suffering from the trample on my dignity .

A group of girls : (The tall one )Hey, what are you doing over there?

(The curly one )“Hey everybody, look at the elegant swan!

(The one in red )Yep .The lowclass ugly pig !

[Laughing, going off the stage ]

Pearl : Like it says, what is essential is invisible to the eye, when the time comes for me,Ive to go along .

[Music, Pearl goes off the stage ]

The second act

[Girls are practicing dancing to the music ]

Anna : Good job, girls ! Class is over, see you !

Girls : See you !

[Lights turn on, shining Pearl]

Aside :The classroom is empty .

Pearls heart is filled with hollowness.

Her dream is to be the coryphee .

But her black skins durance her .

In the world which is full of tortuosity.

A Black Swan is a boloney .

So, every lonely night, the black princess insists on .

Just splash down sweat while jumping and tumbling .

Just knead the deformed feet after frazzled shoes .

Just sob,wiping away the blood on feet,knitting brows .

The third act

[The night before the performance,only Pearl ]

Pearl: Ive insisted on working while everyone is resting for eight years . And just wait for tomorrow .

I firmly believe that as long as I do instead of phrasemongering, I would be in the center .

[Music, costers in ]

[Girls bow ]

Nick : Good job ! (Applauding )

I guess weve ensured the list of the most dancers .

[Looking at Anna ]

Anna:So whats the next?

Nick:As the leader dance of the Swan Lake, I think we need to test some girls, let them solo as the white swan .

[Staring at the girls ]

Then, the best one will be the coryphee !

[Girls are acclaiming ]

The fourth act

[Examining ]

Nick : Hanna.

[Hanna enters on, the tall one ]

[Hanna finishes dancing .Nick frowns .]

Molly .

[Molly enters on, the curly one ]

Aside : The girls hold high their head to begin and crestfallenly go off .Nick loses his marbles .

However,Pearl is in the corner, Anna is afraid of letting others see a black crazy girl .

Nick : [Interrogatory]

These are your students?Rubbish !They can only fudge in crowds, no one is perfect !

[Looking around,delighted ]

You, the thin and black one, come here .

Pearl : [Astonished and athrill. ]


[Come to the center. ]

[Music ]

Aside : Nick is entirely stunned and the same as others .

No one has seen a swan like Pearl !

The instant that Pearl is dancing, the world is illuminated by the shining black pearl !

[Music stops]

Nick : She is the doubtless white swan !


[ Many years passed ]

[Pearl only, lights on herself ]

Pearl : Ive been confused that how to get success.

Eventually, I found, dont just give mere pep talks, but do directly .

May there be enough clouds in your life to make a beautiful sunset .

[Performers enter on the stage, bow ]

The end .



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