时代英语·高三 2014年5期

1. ___ we get on well with a number of people, we are usually friends with only a very few.

A. As B. Once

C. Before D. While

2. — How long do you think it will be ___ man can solve the problem of cancer?

— Well. It depends.

A. when B. until

C. after D. before

3. What an unforgettable experience! Ill write it down ___ it is still fresh in my memory.

A. since B. while

C. after D. until

4. — Peter told me he wanted to come with us. Is it OK for you?

— I dont mind ___ he pays for his meals.

A. as far as B. as long as

C. as well as D. as soon as

5. The shopping mall will be constructed ___ there used to be a school many years ago.

A. where B. what

C. in which D. which

6. ___ you disagree with her, shes worth listening to.

A. Even if B. In case

C. Only if D. As if

7. ___ we have realized the danger of this problem, some measures should be taken as soon as possible.

A. Now that B. As long as

C. In order that D. Even if

8. The town suffered a record of 32 accidents in July 2013, the most ___ it began publishing monthly figures in 2011.

A. since B. when

C. while D. though

9. — The experiment is of particular importance.

— I see. We will carry on with it ___ we can get enough money or not.

A. unless B. whether

C. though D. until

10. You cant believe how terrible the fire is ___ you see it with your own eyes.

A. though B. because

C. unless D. since

11. ___ interesting the film is, I wont waste any time on it.

A. No matter B. Whatever

C. Whichever D. However

12. I usually take something to read when I travel by train ___ I feel bored.

A. as if B. so that

C. in case D. even though

13. After retiring, he continued giving lessons in his Washington home ___ he died last week.

A. until B. when

C. since D. once

14. The fire went on for quite some time ___ it was brought under control.

A. before B. since

C. after D. when

15. You should have a good nights sleep ___ much work you have to do.

A. however B. as

C. although D. whatever

16. I have never seen him, ___ I can remember, reading anything but newspapers.

A. as far as B. as soon as

C. unless D. until

17. ___ we gave him something to eat, he would save it up for his little sister.

A. Whatever B. However

C. Whenever D. Whichever

18. As you write in the story, it has been 20 years ___ I last saw you in a seaside hotel.

A. when B. before

C. after D. since

19. He hasnt got any hobbies— ___ you call playing games on the computer a hobby.

A. If B. Unless

C. When D. Since

20. ___ the grandparents love the children, they are strict with them.

A. While B. As

C. Since D. Because

21. ___ the girl was too selfish and never thought of others, she wasnt getting on well with her classmates.

A. Since B. Unless

C. Though D. Until

22. The cartoon Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf appeals so much to children ___ it is to their taste.

A. that B. which

C. because D. while

23. Small sailboats can easily turn over in the water ___ they are not managed carefully.

A. though B. before

C. until D. if

24. I used to love that film ___ I was a child, but I dont feel it that way any more.

A. once B. when

C. since D. although

25. ___ youve got the chance, you might as well make full use of it.

A. Now that B. After

C. Although D. As soon as

26. — Did you remember to give Mary the money you owed her?

— Yes, I gave it to her ___ I saw her.

A. while B. the moment

C. suddenly D. once

27. Id like to arrive 20 minutes early ___ I can have time for a cup of tea.

A. as soon as B. as a result

C. in case D. so that

28. Unlike watching TV, reading is a highly active process ___ it requires attention as well as memory and imagination.

A. until B. but

C. unless D. for

29. — Did Jack come back early last night?

— Yes. It was not yet eight oclock ___ he arrived home.

A. before B. when

C. that D. until

30. ___ environmental damage is done, it takes many years to recover.

A. Even if B. If only

C. While D. Once


揭秘so... that.../unless/as soon as 引导的状语从句
Saying “yes” to opportunities 勿失良机