A mom


疯狂英语·新阅版 2021年7期



Dear Sam,

1 In two short days, you will embark on a lifechanging chapter that will mark your path into adulthood. I have some last minute but timeless advice for you. I hope you take these points to heart.

2 Be kind to yourself. Surely, you will be faced with guys who are way more developed than you. Dont compare yourself to others now or ever. Be patient and kind to yourself.

3 Seek quality over quantity in friendships. Theres nothing better than a couple of friends who know you well and back you. Friendships arent just about what you get out of them, its about you giving and backing them too.

4 Seize the amazing academic opportunity. I hope youll take full advantage of this opportunity. That does not mean that I only want you to get good grades. It means that I want you to learn, to think independently and to challenge yourself. I want you to do your best and try your hardest.

5 Girls are great, but shouldnt be your focus. High school is a time to discover who you are, have a ton of fun, work out your awkwardness, laugh, and so on. Please don‘t let a girl stress you out. It is not the time to get so focused on a girl now. High school is a great time to learn how to treat young women with respect, honor, and purity.

6 Don‘t be afraid to fail. Please try new things. Look at high school as a chance to explore and expand your horizons. Don't just focus on what you already like and are good at. There is no better time in life than high school to try out an activity that seems fun or interesting to you.

7 Dear Sam, there will be more that dad and I will do for you. So with my heart bursting with joy and sadness altogether, I am sending you off. Dad and I love you deeply. There are really no issues we cant handle together. Never forget that.

Your loving mother

Ⅰ. Complete the following mind map with only one word for each blank.

Ⅱ. Discussion

Apart from the advice given in the letter, can you think of any other advice for Sam or a girl student to enter senior high school?

Ⅰ. Discover the useful structure in the text

There be no + n. + that/which can?蒺t be... 沒有不能……的……(双重否定句)

There are really no issues we can?蒺t handle together. 没有什么问题我们不能一起处理。

Ⅱ. Memorize some text?鄄centered chunks

embark on 开始

take... to heart 记住

compare... to... 把……与……进行对比

be faced with 面临;面对

take full advantage of 充分利用

do one?蒺s best 尽力

work out 想出;理解;弄懂

stress sb out 使过度焦虑;使心力交瘁

focus on 专注于

look at... as 把……当作

expand one?蒺s horizons 开阔某人的视野

send... off 送行


can have done用法小结
Units 1—2句型转换专练