until, so that, although引导的状语从句专练


考试与评价·八年级版 2021年2期



1. My mother prefers to take a bus to her office ____ she has a car of her own.

A. if                 B. because            C. although            D. until

2. It was ____ fine a day yesterday ____ we all went out for a picnic.

A. as; as               B. so; as               C. too; to         D. so; that

3. The students cant go home ____ they finish cleaning the classroom, for its their duty.

A. when           B. since                 C. if                D. until

4. You have to leave now ____ you can catch the early bus.

A. so that        B. as soon as      C. because            D. if

5. Please hold on to your dream ____ one day it comes true.

A. if                B. until                  C. unless          D. though

6. Jim is always so busy ____ he has little time for his family.

A. if                B. until                  C. that                  D. which

7. ____ it is very late, ____ my mother is still at work.

A. Although; but     B. Although; and     C. Although; /  D. Although; or

8. Einstein was not able to return to his homeland ____ the war was over.

A. since                 B. so                   C. until                  D. that

9. It is difficult to remember and write the Chinese traditional characters (繁体字), ____ they are a great part of Chinese culture.

A. but              B. and              C. or                D. until

10. —How do you like your new school, Kate?

—It is very clean and beautiful ____ it is a bit small.

A. if                B. since                 C. unless                D. although


until, so that, although

1. —Mom, could I watch the game show now?

—Sorry, you cant watch it ____ you clean your room.

2. Our Chinese teacher didnt go to bed ____ he finished his work last night.

3. Please speak loudly ____ everyone can hear you.

4. We are not sisters ____ we look similar.

5. ____ she is only 14, she can make money to help her parents support the family.

6. The teacher didnt begin his new lesson ____ every one of us arrived.

7. Could you please explain the math problem ____ we can understand it?

8. The old man put on his glasses ____ he could see my face clearly.

9. Mr. White works hard ____ he can make more money.

10. It was an exciting game, ____ no goals were scored.


1. We had supper. My father came back. (简单句变成复合句)

We ____ have supper ____ my father came back.

2. He runs quickly. He could get to the hotel on time. (简单句变成复合句)

He runs quickly ____ ____ he could get to the hotel on time.

3. The boy jumps very high. He is not very tall. (简单句变成复合句)

The boy jumps very high ____ he is not very tall.

4. He waited. She finished speaking. (简单句变成复合句)

He waited ____ she finished speaking.

5. The little boy saved every coin so that he could buy his mother a present on Mothers Day. (改为同义句)

The little boy saved every coin ____ ____ ____ buy his mother a present on Mothers Day.


1. The teacher asked me to read aloud ____ (为了) all the students could hear me.

2. Well, ____ (虽然) the car was expensive, I still decided to buy it.

3. John didnt go to bed ____ (直到) the football match was over last night.

4. I wont go home ____ (直到) the rain stops.

5. Many people still try to climb Qomolangma every year ____ (尽管) it is very dangerous.


1. 格林先生说话声音很大,以便所有人都能听得清。

Mr. Green ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ all the people can hear him clearly.

2. 你最好把地图随身带着,以免迷路。

Youd ____ ____ the map with you ____ ____ you ____ ____lost.

3. 虽然他们很累,但他们感到高兴,因为他们终于完成了他们的计划。

____ they are very tired, they ____ happy because theyve finally ____ their project.

4. 直到大家都到了我们才开始讨论。

We ____ ____ our discussion ____ everybody arrived.

5. 公共汽车司机总是对我们说:“等公共汽车停了再下车。”

The bus driver ____ ____ to us, “Dont get off ____ the bus stops.”


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