中学英语之友·上 2008年12期

1. ——Hi, Bob. How is your family?


A. Fine, thanks B. Its a big one

C. Not at all D. Theyre good

2. ——Would you like to go and watch the football game with me?


A. Not at all B. Excuse me, I cant

C. Yes, Id love to D. Thats right.

3. ——Hi, Tom. Here is your cap. ____!

——Thank you.

A. Get B. Catch C. Take D. Bring

4. ——Would you like one of the mooncakes?


A. Yes, please B. Yes, I would C. No, please D. No, I dont

5. ——My mother is in hospital. I have to look after her this afternoon.


A. Thats all right B. Thats true

C. Im sorry to hear that D. All right

6. ——____?

——Im looking for a shirt for myself.

A. Can you help me B. What can I do for you

C. What did you say D. Do you want it

7. ——Hello! Could I speak to Harry, please?

——He is not here at the moment. ____?

A. Whos speaks B. Who are you

C. Whos that speaking D. Whats that speaks

8. ____ late. Its your first day to work. You see, well begun is half


A. Dont to be B. Dont be C. Do to be D. Do not to be

9. ——Hi, Lucy. ____?

——Hi, Im very well. And you?

A. How do you do B. Whats wrong

C. How are you D. Are you right

10. ——Whats your English teacher like?


A. Hes good B. Hes reading

C. Hes thin and tall D. Hes thirty

11. ——I think youre a good student.


A. No, Im not B. Its very kind of you to say so

C. No, I dont think so D. Thats all right

12. ——Its time to go to bed, Jim.

——OK. ____, Mum.

A. Goodbye B. See you C. Good evening D. Good night

13. ——Can you ____ chess?

——Yes, I can.

A. do B. make C. play D. does

14. She is from America, so she ____ English.

A. talks B. says C. tells D. speaks

15. ——Do you swim ____?

——Yes, I do.

A. good B. well C. great D. nice

16. Im his classmate, but I know ____ about him.

A. many B. much C. lot D. little

17. Tom can swim, ____ he cant dance.

A. but B. so C. or D. because

18. ——What club do you want to ____?

——The soccer club.

A. join B. take C. make D. be

19. ——Why does Mr Smith want to learn ____ China?

——Because he loves our country very much.

A. at B. for C. about D. with

20. ——What can she do?

——She can ____ Chinese Kung Fu.

A. make B. play C. join D. do

21. ——Can I talk to you ____ my son Jim, sir?

——Oh, he learns his lessons very well. He is a good student.

A. at B. in C. for D. about

22. ——Thank you.

——You are ____.

A. good B. great C. interesting D. welcome

23. ——Can I put my books here, please?

——Oh, yes, put ____ here, please.

A. they B. them C. their D. it

24. ——____ club is she in?

——She is in the singing club.

A. What B. Where C. Who D. Why

25. ——Can I look at your picture?


A. Yes, here you are B. No, you are not

C. Yes, you do D. Dont look

26. ——Are they at school or at home?


A. Yes, they are at home B. Yes, they are at school

C. At school D. No, they are at home

27. ——____ is your phone number?

——____ 83998807.

A. How much; Its B. What; Its

C. What; Its D. How much; Its

28. What goes up but never comes down? ____.

A. A kite B. A Bird C. A car D. Your age

29. There are only ____ little sheep here.

A. a B. one C. any D. some

30. Jim is not in the classroom. I think he is ____.

A. at school B. at home C. in the family D. at the work

31. The ____ teachers are the ____ sisters aunts.

A. women; twin B. women; twins

C. woman; twin D. woman; twins

32. ——Does Mr Smith have any ____?

——Yes, he has a son and a daughter.

A. children B. people C. family D. home

33. Lily, please find Beijing ____.

A. on the map B. on the floor

C. at home D. in the school

34. ——Is your cat big or ____?

——Its big.

A. little B. small C. young D. new

35. Theres a photo ____ her family tree.

A. under B. at C. of D. to

36. ——How many children ____ in the picture?


A. have B. has C. is there D. are there

37. ——How many cats are there in the picture?

——____. There are seven.

A. I dont know B. Let me ask

C. Let me count D. Let me see

38. ——____ movies do you like?

——I like comedies and documentaries.

A. What kind B. Which kinds

C. What kind of D. What kinds

39. Please find someone ____ can play basketball well. We want to have

a basketball game.

A. they B. are C. who D. these

40. I go to school five days a week and eat lunch at school, ____ I stay at home on weekends and have lunch at home.

A. and B. but C. or D. then

41. We can ____ many interesting things ____ history from documentaries.

A. bring, to B. learn; from C. learn, about D. buy, from

42. Do you want ____ TV this evening?

A. watch B. watches C. to watch D. to watches

43. Young people always ____ at night.

A. go see movies B. go to movies

C. see a movies D. go to movie

44. ——____ isyour favorite actor?

——Kevin Johnson.

A. Whose B. What C. Who D. Whom

45. They can learn a lot ____ Chinese.

A. in B. about C. on D. at

46. ——How is the movie?


A. All right B. Im fine

C. Yes, I think so D. Its funny

47. My brother Jack ____ to go to an action movie.

A. is want B. wants C. want D. to want

48. Does ____ like French fries?

A. you B. your parents C. she D. they

49. Tom ____ breakfast.

A. hasnt B. dont have C. doesnt have D. doesnt has

50. These ____ only 2 yuan, very cheap!

A. sock is B. socks are C. socks D. sock