时代英语·高三 2021年5期

There are various festivals going on somewhere in the world almost every day of the year. These range from very large events which involve whole cities to local celebrations in tiny villages or neighborhoods of towns or cities. We have selected a few of the more unusual, colorful festivals from around the world.


Cockroach Races: Brisbane, Australia


Racing is simple... the races are held in a circular track and roaches are let go from an upturned bucket in the middle... first to the edge is a winner. Things are made a little more difficult in the steeplechase events where a circular fence (garden hose) is used to enhance the spectacle and test the roach talent.


Sled Dog Classic: Canberra, Australia


Dog sledding is one of the fastest growing sports on the east coast of Australia. As there’s no snow (the trail is earth and sand and is smooth and wide with a few hills and turns), the sleds have wheels instead of runners, but the excitement is the same.


International Cherry Pit Spitting Contest: Eau Claire, USA


A nutritious sport—is there a better way to dispose of the pit once you have eaten the cherry? Participants eat a cherry and then spit the pit as far as possible on a blacktop surface. The pit that goes the farthest including the roll is the champ.


Mighty Mud Mania: Scottsdale, USA


Children’s dreams really do come true in the City of Scottsdale. Children aged 1 to 13, get to participate in a mud race to end all mud races. During the running of the Mighty Mud Obstacle course, several mud pits strategically placed, provide wet and really dirty obstacles as kids compete for the fastest time in each heat. There are also mud puddle pools for the tiny kids, and a mini mud course for those six and younger. There are also water slides, sandcastle buildings and fun for all ages. Moms and dads, remember to send your kids out with old clothes and shoes that lace up. And have no fear, Rural Metro Fire Department is on hand to literally hose down the muddy children.


World Bog Snorkeling Championships and Mountain Bike Bog Leaping: Llanwrtyd Wells, Wales


It’s the muckiest dip you’ve ever taken! Swim two lengths of a bog wearing a snorkel, or jump on a mountain bike and leap the bogs over a 20-mile course. If bog snorkeling’s your game, get ready to flounder your way through 120 yards of peat bog in the quickest possible time. Your attire? A snorkel, flippers, and swim trunks. But you can’t use any conventional swimming strokes. This battle of wills in a dirty, smelly, wet Welsh peat bog trench is not for the faint of heart! If you’d rather be above the bog, try taking your mountain bike through 20 miles of boggy terrain. It’s your chance to show off your bike-in-a-bog maneuvering abilities! Following your adventures, kind folks are on hand to hose you down. Goodness knows, you’ll need it! Happy bogging!


Word Study

steeplechase /'stiːpltʃeɪs/ n. 障碍赛跑

snorkel /'snɔːkl/ n. 呼吸管

flounder /'flaʊndə(r)/ v. (在水、泥等中)挣扎

She was floundering around in the deep end of the swimming pool.



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