阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2018年8期


Be Helpful to Others

When I start to receive education, both my parents and my teachers tell me to be nice when others ask for help and I remember their words. So I offer my help when my classmates and friends meet troubles, I feel so happy to help them solve problems. But in todays society, some bad people make use of the innocent children and do the criminal things, so we need to be careful. When some strangers ask for help, we should not take action alone, and tell the elder people. When our parents show us the social traps, we also need to remember them.


Eagle Catches Chicken

In every persons childhood, they will play some classic games, such as hide and seek, which has been popular among children around the world. For Chinese children, the game Eagle Catches Chicken is very classic. It is very suitable for a group of children. One child will play the role as a eagle and one child will be a hen, then the rest of the kids are chicken babies. The eagles task is to catch all the chicken babies and the job for the hen is to protect the babies. The exciting moment is when all the children run in line to avoid the eagles attack. It is a funny game for every child.


Paper Cutting

China has the history of more than five thousand years. As a result, there are many traditional arts that have been inherited, such as paper cutting. It is a kind of amazing art. People can use scissors to cut different shapes, like flowers and animals. When foreigners see the paper cutting, they are surprised and give big applause to this great art. Today, when the technology takes control most of fields, some traditional arts have lost their markets and the young people start to forget about these treasures. We need to learn more about these traditional arts, so as to better preserve them. The school can open the courses to let students learn the arts.


I Want to Say

When I come to middle school, I have make friends with new faces and I learn a lot from them. The most important thing is to be independent. My friends can solve problems by themselves and take care of themselves. In front of these fellows, I start to think of myself. When I meet problems, I will ask for help from my parents immediately. Now I realize that I must learn to be independent. So I want to say something to my parents and have a talk to them. I want to let them know that I have grown up and can do the basic thing by myself. I am learning to be stronger.


The Future Car

Many years ago, I saw an interesting movie. It pictured the future life that people could fly in the sky by cars. Of course, I dont think it will happen in the coming time. The change in cars is about the energy. It is said that the cars will use both electricity and gasoline, which can reduce pollution. I think it is a great change for cars. More and more people have cars now and the gas they release brings heavy pollution to the air, which damages our health. The cars can use electricity in the long trip. When it runs out of it, then gasoline can be a substitute.


Raising Flag

Since I go to school, every Monday, the school has the tradition to hold the ceremony of raising flag. At this moment, when I hear the national anthem, a sense of pride will arise in my heart. I am so proud of my country. Nowadays, the world is watching China, because it plays an important role in the world. Every decision that the government has made catches the medias attention. The foreign media try to understand the key of the great development of Chinese economy. There is no doubt that our country has become much stronger, and every Chinese will be very proud of being part of it. I must study hard, so that I can make a contribution to the society.


About Little Animal

When I was very small, I lived in my hometown. My grandparents raised two dogs, and I liked them very much. I watched them grow up from the little animals to the big dogs. Every time when I leaved home for school, they would follow me for some distance. When I walked a little far away, they would turn home. When I went home after school, they would wait for me in the door and swayed their tails. I knew they were welcoming me home. They were like my family members and I learned that animals are part of our nature. We should protect them. We can create a harmonious society.


My School

Before I came to middle school, I felt so excited about the new life, and I had prepared for it for the whole summer vacation. The moment I stepped in the school, it surprised me. The green trees and colorful flowers are around the school. Sometimes I felt like walking in the park. There is a big playground. When all the students get together, it is very lively. When the sports meeting comes, there will be all kinds of competitions, and all the students fight for their classes. The sound of cheering for the teams can be heard around the school. I like to walk around school after class, which makes me feel eased.