阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2018年9期


Dont Be So Mean

Nowadays, Internet has been the main way for people to get to know about the world. Many fans follow their idols information by the social software. Internet facilitate peoples life, but the problem comes. Internet violence is the main problem. As there is no law to limit peoples behavior, many people are very mean. They give their bad comment on the things and people they dont like. Language violence can be seen everywhere, even the person is doing nothing wrong. Anyone can be attacked by others without the proper reason. We should not be so mean to others, even there is no law to supervise. Creating a harmonious environment needs everybodys contribution.


My Dream

According to the research, people will have many dreams when they sleep, but only few dreams can be remembered. So sometimes I feel very exhausted. I know I must have a lot of stories in my mind. My mother told me that the things happened in the dreams were a sign of the things that were going to come, but it was on the opposite side. At first I didnt believe, but many facts showed the result. For example, one night in my dream, I was surrounded by the flood, then the next day, I picked up some money in the street. It was such amazing. The bad things in dream turned out to be good in reality.



Recently, I saw an piece of interesting news. It was reported that what kind of girls were favored by the boys.

At first, I thought it must be the pretty faces and the good body shapes, but the news proved my idea was wrong. It was said that most boys were attracted by the girls who smiled a lot. They believed these girls were easy-going and they would like to talk to them.

Actually, most people like to communicate with the nice one, they pay more attention to the character than the appearance. The good personality is the key to keep the long relationship, but beautiful faces just attract others for a while.


Thank You

My middle school life will be over soon. I will become a high school student. I am so excited and curious about the new life, but at the same time, I feel sad to say goodbye to my classmates and teachers. They have accompanied me for three years. My classmates and I studied together, we made progress and helped each other. My teachers took care of me all the time. They were like my parents. Of course, my parents occupy the most important place in my heart. They support me all the time. Sometimes when I am naughty, they will be very patient to educate me. I want to say thank you to them. I have grown up and become stronger.


My travel plan

Winter holiday is coming. Its in December or January. I have a plan for it. I am going to Canada during this winter holiday. I will go there by plane with my parents and friends. I am going to stay with my aunt and uncle. There will be snow everywhere. We can make snowmen there. Were going to go skiing, ice-skating and have some Canadian food. We are going to visit the Niagara Falls. Its a famous waterfall in Canada. We will also take some photos of it. I hope we can have a grate time in Canada!