试题与研究·高考英语 2016年3期



Time For Hugs

After all of these years I can still remember the first time I placed my newborn baby son into my Grandmothers arms. Nana then was 77 years old and needed a 1 to get around her tiny home. 2 , the second I came in she stretched her arms out to me for a 3 and kissed me warmly. When she had 4 into her favorite chair I placed my son into her 5 and just watched her rock him 6 while her eyes sparkled with 7 and her face filled with smiles.

By that time Nana had already been 8

so much in her life. As a little girl she had survived a German U-boat attack on the transport

9 taking her to America from Italy during World War I. Shed worked hard 10 she was a child to help her poor family 11 in their new home. Shed married and raised 4 sons, 12 4 huge vegetable gardens to help feed them. Then shed helped to 13 me and my two brothers when my Dad and Mom 14

into her home after Grandpa died. When I was 11, shed watched 15 as a fire destroyed that 16 in the middle of the night.

As I watched her 17 my baby son in her arms I wondered how much longer she would be with us and hoped it would be for a long time. 18 , Nana lived to be 92. I guess God knew she still had more babies to hold, more kisses and hugs to give, and more love to

19 . We all know life here may be 20 ,

but there is always time for love.

1. A. walker B. chair

C. phone D. key

2. A. Thus B. Then

C. Yet D. Moreover

3. A. toy B. hug

C. doll D. kiss

4. A. settled B. admitted

C. slid D. entered

5. A. legs B. bodies

C. hands D. arms

6. A. patiently B. carefully

C. gently D. curiously

7. A. hope B. confidence

C. pride D. joy

8. A. under B. through

C. across D. around

9. A. ship B. car

C. truck D. vehicle

10. A. even now B. even then

C. even so D. even as

11. A. survive B. win

C. live D. stay

12. A. making B. building

C. growing D. putting

13. A. keep B. raise

C. educate D. accompany

14. A. moved off B. moved back

C. moved out D. moved over

15. A. in tears B. in vain

C. in need D. in deed

16. A. walker B. chair

C. garden D. home

17. A. touch B. kiss

C. hold D. place

18. A. Perfectly B. Eventually

C. Surprisingly D. Thankfully

19. A. divide B. enjoy

C. share D. create

20. A. wonderful B. brief

C. comfortable D. simple


I remember quite well a day 17 years ago. That day, our twin sons, Chad and Brad, 21

their car and left home to attend college. I realized that our 22 would soon become a “table for two”. 23 , the boys would come home on the weekends, but 24 , I knew our family life would never be exactly the same again.

The boys walked around each room to

25 they hadnt forgotten anything they needed. I packed a cooler with 26 and their favorite cold snacks. I found a box and filled it with essential 27 items. I thought they might go to bed hungry that night. I

28 my wallet and placed the little bit of

29 I had in their hands.

We all walked 30 . Chad and Brad gave me big 31 and quickly got into their car. I 32 as they drove away. When their car was 33 , I sat down on the driveway and cried 34 than I had cried in a long time. My husband Roy tried to 35 me, but I could see grief in his eyes, as well.

There are many parents who would 36

this period. Bittersweet feelings will be 37

while I cannot explain them adequately. I can still remember 38 I felt when we began that new chapter in our lives.

39 time going by, however, Roy and I are now accustomed to our table for two and we enjoy our lives together. I have to admit I still miss our children and the old 40 we had together.

21. A. repaired B. washed

C. loaded D. decorated

22. A. room B. garden

C. chair D. table

23. A. So B. Yet

C. Sure D. Therefore

24. A. even then B. even so

C. ever since D. ever after

25. A. make sure B. look around

C. think about D. sort out

26. A. water B. drinks

C. wine D. medicine

27. A. food B. clothes

C. book D. supply

28. A. tidied B. cleaned

C. closed D. emptied

29. A. paper B. goods

C. cash D. check

30. A. outside B. indoors

C. forward D. backward

31. A. smiles B. stares

C. kisses D. hugs

32. A. talked B. waved

C. ran D. cried

33. A. traveling B. rushing

C. out of order D. out of sight

34. A. harder B. lighter

C. more heavily D. more firmly

35. A. delight B. persuade

C. comfort D. help

36. A. adventure B. experience

C. look for D. depend on

37. A. absent B. present

C. returning D. concealing

38. A. what B. when

C. why D. how

39. A. With B. As

C. For D. About

40. A. tables B. houses

C. times D. lives