Who Is The Master?


大东方 2018年9期


Abstract:Technology is the milestone of human being's progress and makes people lead a convenient life,but at the same time it can lead a lot of people to get trouble into communication,even losing their jobs.Some people worry that technology may even threaten the safety of human beings in the future.It seems that human being is slaved by technology,technology is possible to be the master in our world.

Key words:Technology;master;Human being

As is known to all,technology is the milestone of human beings progress and makes people lead a convenient life.But many persons ignored many negative aspects,with the technology updated,human being depends more on modern technology.Unconsciously,many a person is affected by technology.It leads a lot of people to get trouble communicating with others,or losing their jobs.It seems that human being is slaved by technology.The future will be dreadful if we cant dispose of the unreasonable connection between modern technology and our lifestyle.

Today,technology has become a vital part of our daily life.Our life benefits from technology.For instance,Carl Benz,a famous German inventor,made the first car in our world.This remarkable persons name was called the famous car brand in 1926.In the meantime,Wright Brothers invented plane in our world in 1903.Nowadays,it only costs us 12 hours to fly from Beijing to New York.

Besides,technology makes the way of communication convenient.In ancient times,people were always sending letter to the receiver.Today,we can use the electronic communication tools to contact other people,such as QQ,Micro Blog,We Chat.

In addition,technology decreases the work load.Automation appears in some industrial situation,usually the workers have no need of moving the building material,the bridge stone,the track.

However,technology is a double-edged sword.Teslas CEOs twitter(2014)said that technology is the greatest threat to human survival.Stephen Hawking(2014)said in "The Independent" that the development of full artificial intelligence could spell the end of the human race.In today's society,modern technology causes damage to us in many aspects.In a sense,some symptoms indicate that modern technology will slave human beings.

First of all,many people sometimes find it difficult to communicate with others.Due to depending on electronic communication tools too much,the realistic distance between us become remote.You must have seen a situation where a circle of friends press on their own phone screens in silence while they are eating dinner together.Gradually,we are isolated and get in trouble talking with others.

Secondly,our work is affected by technology.On the one hand,because of making use of advanced machine too much,we become numb and lazy.Frequently,we are tired of going to the office and always like to enjoy ourselves in spare time Thus,many a company closed down.On the other hand,the technology caused unemployment.It is reported in Chutian City Newspaper(2015)that the Chinese unemployment rate is 5.1% in 2015.What a large number it is! Duo to that machine is able to work instead of human beings,not a few jobs aren't necessary.Adding to the society Competitive pressures,that the unemployment rate increased is a matter of course.

The more horrible harm is that technology does damage to our health.The hot word "Heads-down Tribe" is defined as the person who bows to play his mobile phone or tablet personal computer.Uncounted days going by,"Heads-down Tribe" becomes more unhealthy,their waist will be bent.According to this phenomenon,rumor says in Internet(2014)that the shape of human being might become a ball.Another severe disadvantage is that the radiation from electronic equipment increases the risk of cancer.Sina News(2014)reported that about 20 thousand people died of cancer in the world every day.That today's teenagers sleep near their mobile phone is potential dangerous,the radiation from your phone is bad for your health.A large number of people are worried about it.

Whether human being is the master depends on how we make good use of modern technology.We ought to handle something by ourselves in situation where the technology is unnecessary.For example,we shouldn't depend on Internet too much when we meet with barriers.There is a considerable body of evidence demonstrating that consideration is good for us to develop innovative thinking.Communicating face to face without electronic equipment reduces the distance between we and others.The relationship will be more harmonious.

To sum up,human being is the real master.Our mind should awake from the fog of the modern technology.

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