未来英才 2017年22期


一、Analysis onLearners

The students in Grade 1 are from different Middle school, most of whom are poor in English, especially in learning words .The students are always thinking it not easy to recite every word and master their usage. Besides , they know a bit about word characteristics, however, hardly know how to understand the word by the context.Therefore, the students are expected to know more about using the context to learn new words in the class.

二、Analysis on the TeachingContent

The topic of Unit1 is about friendship, which is from Module1, Unit1.It is so familiar to the students now that friendship plays a vital role in the students life. The words and expressions of the Unit include adjective words , verbs and phrasal verbs concerning describing friendship. Most importantly,the end of the class is designed to make up a story about describing friendship with the learned words because practice makes perfect. Last but not least, the class pays attention to teaching students some methods of mastering new words ,at the same time , enlarges their vocabulary.


Knowledge Aims:

a.Students can learn some words and expressions about


Words:ignore, upset, loose, entirely,curtain……

Expression:be concerned about,go through,calm down......

b.Students can describe their friendship by using these words andexpressions

Abilities Aims:

a. Students can master new words skillfully and quickly bymeans of words characteristics and context.

b. Students can grasp the usage of new words and expressions in order to drill them in their daily exercises.

Emotion Aims:

Students learn to treasure their friendship and get to know how to keep their friendship lasting in the daily life.


a. Learn these new words and expressions by the relevant learning methods

b.Able to describe their own friendship.


a. Master the methods of memorizing words and enlarge vocabulary

b.Learn to use the words and expressions to describe friendship.


a. Question-and - answer method b. Situational practice method

c. Free discussion d. The inspiring method



Teaching procedures

Step 1Lead-in

(1)Show a song namedAuld Lang Syne 2.Ask students some questions:Do you have friendship?endprint

(2)Ask students to share a sweety story about their friendship with us.

PurposesArouse the students interests in the lesson.

Review the learnt words and train their speaking ability.

Step 2Learningthe new words by context

(1)The teacher also shares a story with Students ,and the story is showed by the projector.

(2)After the story, ask the students to focus on the key words underlined in the story.

(3).Ask the students to think about the key words and say out the meaning of every word and expressions according to the context.

PurposesPresent the key words through a short story in order to help the students learn the words in the context.

Step 3Learning new words by word characteristics

(1)The teacher select out the underlined words and phrases again . Ask students to classify them according to their characteristics and write them on the blackboard .

(2)Ask the students to check each other in groups .If necessary, they can refer to the dictionary.

(3).Discuss how every type of words having same word characteristics can be used in the context.

Eg: (A) Adj. is short for Adjective s.

(B) be + adj. adj + n. adv +adj.

PurposesIn order to encourage students to use the reference materials and teach them how to enlarge their vocabulary by words formations and characterics


The teacher can divide the given words into some groups according to the word characteristics. Then show them on some cards .However, some words wouldnt be given.

Student AStudents B

Verbs or phrasal verbs

be concerned about




set down


Verbs or phrasal verbs 1.______________

2. go through


4. calm down


6. add up

PurposesTo help students master the words characteristics, and the meaning.

Step 5Consolidation

Play a game :1.The teacher divides the students in to different groups.2.Make some words cards according to the students groups .The teacher can give a first sentence as the beginning of the story.

PurposesTo motivate the studentscreative ability.

Besides, the activity also trains the students ability of using the words in the context.

Step 6Exercises and conclusion

(1).Do some exercises on page 4 of the book.

(2) Let students sum up the key points learnt in this lesson and ask students write them down on the blackboard.

PurposesTo recall what we have learnt in the class.

Step 7Homework

Recite the words of this lesson for the dictation.

Write a short paper about friendship with the learnt words.

PurposesTo let the students use the skills in the practice.

Step 8Blackboard design

Unit 1 Friendship

Verbs or phrasal verbs:

①be concerned about ;②go through ;③ignore calm down;⑤.set down;⑥.add up

Adverbs or adjectives:

①outdoors;②upset;③loose;④calm down;⑤entirely


① face to face;②curtain ;③a series of ;④ in order to;⑤at dusk;⑥on purposeendprint


Cultivation of independent learning ability in English teaching英语教学自主学习能力培养