Research on the Low—Carbon Life of Student


校园英语·中旬 2015年12期


【Abstract】Low carbon life style has become a mainstream in the current school education curriculum and widely attracts attention from the academy. Since the Reform and Opening-up in China over thirty years, Chinese economy sees its prosperity and prudent development due to both of excellent external and internal developmental environment. Nonetheless, a lack of natural resources, environmental deterioration as well as industrial pollution has been brought with the economic development. Therefore, for the campus students and future constructor of this country, they are supposed to shoulder the responsibility and possess consciousness to protect our environment.

【Key words】Students; low carbon life; environment.

1.Low Carbon Life

The word “low carbon” can be earliest dated back to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in 1992 which is of global significance to understand its connotation. It is believed that human activity has dramatically increased the concentration of greenhouse gas in the past decades and it is mostly contributed by the developed industrial countries. From this perspective, the emission of green gas is treated as a measurement to evaluate the responsibility of each country. “Emission” puts its eyes on the human behaviors and targets at a restriction to human pollutions through the form of a joint treaty. Originally, low carbon can be simply understood to be “a low standard of greenhouse gas emission”. It is important transmission of human developmental mode and civilization ideology which mainly aims at a new type of lifestyle. It is based on the sustainable development of whole human entity.

2.The Issues of Students Low Carbon Consciousness

2.1 Students Understanding about Low Carbon Life is Narrow-Minded and Poor

Currently, the word “low carbon” has become the most frequently used word in peoples topic. On the other hand, there are still many misunderstandings about the concept and targets of low carbon life. Some people believe that the low carbon life style is an overdue thrifty which will result in a decline of peoples life quality and this disobeys the economic developing rules of human society. Students are accustomed to enjoy the life theyve already possessed and most of them will apply highly effective machines or tools to replace themselves to work. And this will invisibly lead them to consider that it will lower down their life quality to do things without any tools or highly effective machines.

2.2 Students Low Carbon Life Consciousness Is Poor

Most of students only pay their attention to individual life quality without any consideration about the environmental protection and this leads to a poor low carbon life consciousness in their daily life. To pursue a higher life quality, many students will select to enjoy the life, choose a high energy consumption and high carbon life. For instance, they will hail the taxi no matter how long they need to go. They will choose the disposable chopsticks when they go for dinner. Moreover, some of them have a phenomenon of blind consumption behavior due to their wealthy family condition. Although there are some people have suggested and regulated them to pay attention to the low carbon life habit, most of them will still make the same mistakes after listening to others proposals.

3.The Reasons for Issues of Students Low Carbon Life Consciousness

3.1 The Government Propaganda of Low Carbon Life Is Not Enough

In the large political background is lack of enough government propaganda and common people cannot get enough understanding about the importance of low carbon lifestyle. On the other hand, students as the information recipients fail to receive this message and know few about this new word. It is originally caused by less propaganda by the governments low effectiveness, simple propaganda form and narrow propaganda scope. At the same time, the society, enterprises and colleges do not comprehensively match to this policy and appeal, which destroys the original intention of this policy.

3.2 A lack of Schools Virtuous and Ecological Cultivation

Schools are important educating places for the cultivation of higher level talents and they need to set up special classes to cultivate the virtue and ecological cultivation of students in the daily teaching process. Therefore, school media and broadcast should function as an appealer to promote the cognition of students about the low carbon lifestyle. On the other hand, the infrastructure of school is not advanced and this leads to a lot of waste in the daily operation of the school. For example, the teaching buildings, dormitory and students canteen still widely use incandescent lamp which will waste a lot of electricity. In fact, during the education and classes, low carbon is everywhere and low carbon life should do no harm to students health and sacrifice the national resources.

4. Recommendations and Strategies

The government should appeal to the concept of low carbon life and enhance the consciousness of low carbon environmental protection. It will guide our people to take the low carbon consumption and low carbon life into practice. Secondly, the government should strengthen the propaganda so as to create a strong atmosphere and take a variety of forms to increase the coverage and intensity of low carbon education and propaganda. In this way, students can be influenced by the mainstream of whole society.

The school should have the training of teachers and strengthen the cultivation of teachers' awareness of low carbon. In order to encourage the teachers to teach their students the low carbon knowledge during class, the school needs to set up the good image of low carbon. In a word, students as a special social group are supposed to shoulder this responsibility and make their contribution to the promotion of environment quality surrounding us.


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