The Apple of Temptation


疯狂英语·口语版 2013年7期

Did you hear about the Chinese teenager who was so desperate to own an iPad2 that he sold one of his kidneys to pay for it?

This true story might be shocking, but is perhaps not surprising. After all, many teenagers today grow up in a society awash[充斥的,泛滥的] with technology, a world in which innovation is king. Technological advances are being marketed to them all the time and, with added peer pressure, it is hard to resist the temptation to rush out and buy the latest notebook, MP3 player or mobile phone.

The Apple generation

In influencing the IT purchasing choices of young people, it is hard to find a greater success story than that of the late Steve Jobs, a ground-breaking innovator who left in his wake a devoted young Apple generation. In the UK, his inspirational, accessible[可达到的] products, with their sleek[圆滑的], often colourful designs, have achieved huge success. The iPad, for example, represented almost 75 percent of tablet[平板电脑] sales in the UK in 2011, and more than 3.6 million people in the country now own one.

For young Apple fans, there is always something new and exciting on offer. But the price, particularly in the UK, can be rather high. Unless they can think of an innovative way to raise the funds, most potential young customers face months of saving their pocket money. Hopefully, though, they will choose to keep their body parts intact!

So whats on the Apple menu? Mac—for starters try a MacBook Air notebook or a MacBook Pro, while for a main course theres the iMac desktop.

IPhone—this tasty way to keep in touch comes with voice control for sending messages, setting reminders and searching for information.

IPod—for a light snack try the tiny, clip-andgo iPod nano MP3 players. For a traditional dish, opt for the iPod classic with its 160GB of storage, and for dessert enjoy the iPod touch which also lets you send texts, shoot high definition video and play games.

IPad—feast on the 140,000 or more apps that compliment an iPad, which comes with a side dish of not one but two cameras!

Not sure which device to sample first?

Try the iCloud which enables you to link and synchronise[同步] all your Apple devices.


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