中学英语之友·上 2010年11期


One day, a grandmother stays at home with her 14-month-old grandson. He is __1__ with her yellow car key(钥匙). At that time, the phone rings __2__ the grandmother goes to answer the phone. After the grandmother comes __3__, she cant find the key. She thinks that the little boy puts __4__ somewhere(在某处).

She looks __5__ it in the room, but she cant find it anywhere. Then she has a __6__ idea(主意). The grandmother __7__ the child a blue key and pretends(假装) not to look. After a few __8__, the boy goes into his grandmothers bedroom and he carefully puts __9__ blue key under her bed, next to the yellow __10__.

1. A. playing B. carrying C. putting

2. A. because B. and C. but

3. A. down B. out C. back

4. A. it B. them C. that

5. A. at B. after C. for

6. A. well B. good C. bad

7. A. gives B. buys C. draws

8. A. minutes B. days C. weeks

9. A. a B. an C. the

10. A. phone B. key C. shoes


I work in a small shop. Its near an English __1__. Every day students come to __2__ things.

In the morning, I get up __3__ six, and then I have breakfast. I go to __4__ by bike.

I __5__ to the shop at about six fifty. The shop __6__ at seven. We sell things __7__ food and drink. We have school things, too, so there __8__ often many people in our shop __9__ morning to evening.

I have __10__ in the shop. At seven in the evening the shop is closed. All of us go home for supper.

1. A. farm B. factory C. school D. river

2. A. buy B. sell C. take D. want

3. A. on B. in C. at D. from

4. A. school B. bed C. class D. work

5. A. go B. get C. stay D. look

6. A. opens B. open C. is opening D. is open

7. A. with B. like C. for D. about

8. A. are B. have C. see D. come

9. A. in B. on C. at D. from

10. A. supper B. breakfast C. tea D. lunch



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