How to Improve the English Learner’s Listening Drills


科教新报·教育研究 2009年5期

韩 涛 南 楠

Abstract Listening has seen a basic element in language learning. Improving listening drill is important for English learners. The students should pay more attention on improving and taking various and effective measures to improve their ability.

Key words listening; important drills

Ⅰ. Introduction

The essence of driving-through listening allows you to avoid the trap of misunderstanding. Today, listening skills are more important than the other skills in English learning field.

Ⅱ. The importance of listening

Listening is the basic form when people communicate with each other. Listening develops more and more important with Chinas open and reform. If you want to be a graduate student, you should pass an English listening examination. Furthermore, English listening result in senior middle school and junior middle school, and the point of listening will grow from 20% to 25% in junior middle school ‘s examination. So as a teaching major we must promote and improve the quality of listening continually.

Ⅲ. There are many problems in listening

There is a listening exercise in every unit, the exercises are good for listening series drill, the high level of the teaching material asks teachers to prepare lessons more carefully and more comprehensive. But the reality is bad, some students are afraid of difficulty; they think the listening material is too hard and too fast for students. As I know, many English learners in middle school are weak in listening lessons and studding lesson, they often do it like this:

1) Listen to the material with the book open, and copy the listening answers.

2) Read the listening material and copy the answers.

3) Copy the listening answer directly.

It is obvious that the students do not like the practice; they do not make their knowledge structure and scheme actively. They do not think of existed questions fully.

Ⅳ. Attentions for listening

During the listening procedure, you must pay more attention to the following problems:

1) Concentrate all your attention on the listening materials.

2) Listen to the materials and take note on the important information.

3) To grasp the theme of the topic and know more about the speakers position, standpoint, contention, etc.

4) Discern the speakers contention and fact and the other evidence.

5) Understand the meaning under sentences.

6) Understand the main idea and ignor the difficult words.

Ⅴ. How to improve listening ability.

Students should know their spirit and listening ability, they ‘d better exchange with teacher to think of listening materials. The students language level and background knowledge can influence their listening skill. In fact, it is listening course that students think actively, reconstruct language materials. Students should concern about distinguishing pronunciation. Students can find out the obstruct in advance when they listen to the listening materials, they can calculate what kinds of problems and pay attentions to the problems. For example, in a listening material , there is a list of new words and phrases, proper nouns: personal name and place names. Help yourself to understand them before you listen to the listening materials, then the students can acquire a better understanding to the materials. Students often have a good understanding about their familiar topic, for their unfamiliar materials, they will grasp less information. So in the spare time, students should broaden their views and read a lot of books, journals or magazines, which is helpful for the students to improve their ability, more background knowledge will help students to

judge, reason and guess the answers.

Ⅵ. Conclusion

If the students can drill your listening skill like above, students would get twice the result with half the efforts.、


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