Robin Hood!


科普童话·学霸日记 2023年1期


Richard the First is King of England. He is a brave, good man, and the people love him. They call him Richard the Lionheart(狮心王理查).

But when the King goes away, his brother Prince John does his work…

Sheriff(郡长)of Nottingham(诺丁汉),the people must pay more taxes!But Prince John, some of them cant pay.Then take their houses and animals away from them!

Robin of Locksley lives near the town of Nottingham. He has a big house near Sherwood Forest.

Prince John is a thief(强盗)!I must do something to help the people without homes or money, Lady Marian.

Youre a brave man, but I am afraid for you.

Robin of Locksley is a traitor(叛国贼)!Find him and bring him to me. He must die!

Robin is getting married to Lady Marian Fitzwalter today.

Bring him to the castle. I must tell Robin now.They want to kill you. You must hide! Dont go home.How can I marry Lady Marian now? Ive got no money, no house. Im not Robin of Locksley, Im Robin Hood, the outlaw(逃犯)!

There are more men living and hiding in Sherwood Forest.

We must take money from Prince Johns bad men. And then give it to our people. They are hungry.

When Robin and his men see a rich man in the forest, they stop him.

We want money for the hungry people.

One day Robin and his outlaws are walking through the forest…

Wait for me to come across!

No, you wait!

Then we must fight.


Robin hits him three times! But the big man laughs.

Oh, no!

Put your hands on this. I can help you out of the water.



Who are you?

My names John Little.

Im looking for Robin Hood. I want to help him.

This is Robin Hood!

Im sorry.

Dont be sorry. But I think I must change your name—to Little John!

One summer day…

They say Lady Marians friend, Friar Tucks living in the forest.

But where?

Theres a man living near the river. He carries people across. Hes a fat man, and will fight anybody. Is he Friar Tuck?

Is this man Friar Tuck? I must see.

Wake up! I want you to carry me across the river.

Oh, no!

Now you can carry me—across the river again!

I cant carry you. Youre very fat!


Now, what are you doing in the forest?

Im looking for Robin Hood.

Are you working for the Sheriff of Nottingham?

No! Im hiding from the Sheriff.


Because I think Robin Hood is a good man, and I tell everybody. The Sheriff does not like that.

Whats your name?

Friar Tuck.

And my name is Robin Hood.

Im a good friend of Lady Marian Fitzwalter.

Then youre my friend too!

One day, a young boy is hunting in the forest. He kills a deer. But some of the Sheriffs men are watching him…

That is Sir Guy Gisbornes deer. You cant kill it.

You must hang tomorrow!

But my family have no food…and the Sheriffs men have my son. They want to hang him tomorrow!

Early the next morning at Nottingham Castle, the Sheriff and his friend Sir Guy Gisbornelook down from a castle window…



Its Robin Hood!

Oh, no!

Run to the forest!

The boy is getting away!

Robin Hood wins again!

This Robin Hood likes to win. Yes?


Ive got an idea.

A day or two later…

Theres a shooting contest in Nottingham. The winner gets a silver arrow!Thats very interesting.

Im afraid, Robin. Why does the Sheriff want to have a contest? Perhaps he wants to catch you.

I know. But I must win the contest for the people of Nottingham.

On the day of the contest…

Who is the best man in this contest?

Sir Guy is the best man with a bow and arrow.Wheres Robin Hood? I dont see him. Do you?

Hes here, I know. He likes to win shooting contests. Then we can catch him!

Forty men shoot their arrows(箭).

Three men hit their targets in the centre—Sir Guy Gisborne, one of the Sheriffs men, and an old man with a beard. They shoot again.

This time, the Sheriffs man and Sir Guy do badly.

But the old mans arrow hits the centre!

Only one man can do that! Robin Hood!Get him!

The Sheriffs men are very slow. And everyone wants to help Robin.

Stop him!

I dont have my silver arrow. I must go back and get it one day.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

Sir Guy Gisborne visits Lord Fitzwalter.

Listen, Fitzwalter. I want to marry your daughter, Lady Marian.


No! I can never marry him! Hes a bad man, and I love Robin.

I understand,my daughter. But Sir Guy can make things bad for us.

I must go away.

Yes, my daughter.

Two days later,

Robin is walking through the forest. Suddenly he sees a young boy sitting under a tree.

What are you doing here?

Im looking for Robin Hood.Is this boy working for the Sheriff?Robin Hood is an outlaw and a thief.

Thats not true! Robin Hood isnt a thief!

Take out your sword and fight!I dont fight children.Im not a child.


Robin! Robin! Dont you know me?


Its you!

Lady Marian tells Robin about Sir Guy…and I can never marry him! Not in a hundred years! I love you, Robin.

And I love you, Marian. You must stay in Sherwood Forest with me.

A week later, Robin and Marian get married in Sherwood Forest.

We must fight for everything that is good and right. When King Richard comes back to England, he must know that we are his true friends.


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