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1Peer pressure is the influence from members of one's peer group.It is most commonly put upon a vast majority of teens.As a high school student,you may have a lot of different responsibilities,which can often make you feel highly stressed with the many duties expected of you.Peer pressure can make high school an even bigger obstacle.It can give rise to things like depression,anxiety,and a huge amount of stress.

2Peer pressure is something that causes conflicts in a teen's life.The feeling of not fitting in and not being a part of the“group”takes over the mindset of a regular teen.High stress and hurtful experiences seem to always be the result of peer pressure because of the endless amount of negative aspects that can come with it.Statistics say between 20%and 30%of adolescents report symptoms(症状)of depression because of peer pressure.

3Despite the fact that peer pressure is most commonly seen as a very negative issue,it can also be positive in some situations.This can involve pressuring your peers to be honest,avoid drugs,avoid alcohol,respect others,work hard,exercise,be kind,be responsible and more.

4Friends and peers really do have a strong effect on the choices you make.Choosing to have good friends can have a very strong impact on yourself.According to an article,positive peer pressure from good friends and peers can help you reflect on your actions and amend your ways to become a better individual.Observing others working hard to achieve their goals will definitely encourage you to step up your game and strive towards something positive.

5For the most part,peer pressure is something that should try to be avoided as much as possible.Learning to say no,standing up for yourself,walking away,and focusing on yourself is the key to staying clear from peer pressure.Peer pressure is something that can not only last during high school,but throughout your whole life.Learning to deal with it now is something that will help you for the rest of life to come.

Ⅰ.Choose the best answers according to the text.

Detail 1.What can cause severe pressure according to paragraph 1?

A.Parents'expectations. B.Sustainable depression.

C.Academic performance. D.Various responsibilities.

Inference 2.What can be inferred about peer pressure according to paragraph 2?

A.It can lead to difficult situations for teens.

B.Its influence can be multiple and permanent.

C.It can be reduced by more successful experience.

D.Its major cause is the failure in interpersonal relation.

Gist 3.What does paragraph 3 mainly talk about?

A.Ways to get rid of peer pressure.

B.Situations leading to peer pressure.

C.The positive impacts of peer pressure.

D.The characteristics of positive peer pressure.

Inference 4.Why does the author mention an article in paragraph 4?

A.To introduce the way to make good friends.

B.To illustrate the importance of friends and peers.

C.To show the strategies to communicate with others.

D.To tell the readers how to make effective self-reflection.


Apart from the suggestions given in the last paragraph,can you think of any other ways to get rid of peer pressure?

Ⅰ.Analyze the difficult structure in the text

As a high school student,you may have a lot of different responsibilities,which can often make you feel highly stressed with themany dutiesexpected of you.作为一名高中生,你会有很多不同的责任,这些责任和许多寄予你的职责一起常常会让你感到压力很大。

【点石成金】本句中which引导的是一个定语从句,先行词为responsibilities,从句用了“make sb do”的形式;“with the many duties expected of you”为“with+宾语+宾补”的结构,当宾语与宾补为被动关系时,宾补使用过去分词形式,当宾语与宾补为主动关系时,宾补使用现在分词形式。

Ⅱ.Memorize some text-centered chunks

feel highly stressed感到压力很大 give rise to引起;导致

a huge amount of大量的;非常多的 fit in适应

take over占据;取代 have a strong effect on对……有很强的影响

reflect on...对……进行反思;反思…… the rest of其余的


Facing peer pressure at high school直面同龄压力
Gu Qingsheng, the guardian of Shennongjia 古清生,神农架的守护者