阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2021年3期


Losing Weight

During the Spring Festival, I ate delicious meal almost every day, so that my weight gained a lot and my body looked fatter. When I came back to school in the new term, all myclassmates are so surprised to see my huge body and round face. I finally realized that I must lose weight. And then I made a plan. To begin with, I must eat less for breakfast and supper than before. At breakfast, I drink milk and have a piece of bread and an egg. I have a bowl of soup and some fruits for dinner. I do not eat sugar anymore, because it will make me fatter. Besides, I keep doing exercises everyday. I go to running after school or play basketball with my classmates. At weekend, I often go to swim. After a month of hard work, I lost five kilograms, but its not enough. I still have to stick to my plan and lose more weight to an appropriate number.


Activities after Class

Nowadays, the burden of middle school students is heavy, because they have to study at school all day long. After class, their parents take them to participate in various interest classes. However, in my opinion, activities after class is as important as study. By participating in activities after class, middle school students can learn what they cant learn from books. For example, students can develop their team spirit and sense of competition by playing football or basketball. Besides, school is not just a place for learning knowledge. It is also a place for making friends, having fun and improving personalities, and all these can be achieved by participating in activities after class. Therefore, remember to spend some time in activities after class.


An English Class

Yesterday, we had an interesting English class. There were a group of American college students visiting to our school. Therefore, they acted as our English teachers yesterday, and the teacher of my class was Roan. He is twenty-two years old and he comes from Los Angeles. He has learned Chinese for more than 3 years, so sometimes we could communicate in Chinese. He simply introduced the United States to us, including geography, history and education. He shared us with his education experiences and told his stories to us, especially in the junior school. He was so active and energetic in the class and we were impressed. In the end of the class, he suggested us to be more active in the class and encouraged us to study hard. He said that he felt difficult to learn Chinese but he always tried his best.


Invitation to the Party

May 5, 2021

Dear Mike,

This Saturday is my birthday and my parents will hold a simple celebrating party for me. I am glad to invite you to come to the party. Blair, Emma and Roan will also be invited. I am sure we will have a good time. We will have dinner at 18:30 so that you are wished to come at 18:15. My mother is a good cook and you will enjoy the dishes. After the dinner, we will play some small games and then eat the cake. My parents and I sincerely expect you to come and hope to see you then.

True yours,




Punctuality is a good habit and manner peopleshould have. It means that one should do things on time. People usuallymake plansfor their livesor work, and punctuality is the basic requirement to carry out the plan. In our daily lives, we often make appointments with others, and time is one of the most important matters of appointment. If you are late, you would make others disappointed or even angry, so that it would do harm to your relationship with others. On the contrast, if you are punctual, you must wish others punctual too. Punctuality shows your respect to others, because you cherish his or her time. And it will make you respected, too.


My Elder Brother

I have a brother who is four years older than me. His name is Brain and he is eighteen years old. Now he is a college student. He does very well in his major courses, but he is poor in English. He is outgoing and helpful, his friends and classmates like playing with him. Basketball is his favorite. He always makes new friends while he plays basketball. He cares much about me. Although he goes to another city for college, he calls me frequently and asks my life and study and tells me to care more about our parents. When he gets holidays, he often comes home to see us, and that makes my parents happy. Every time he comes back, my mother cooks delicious dishes for him. My brother is a good guy and I am sure he will have a bright future after graduation.