Carry-on Bags


阅读与作文(英语初中版) 2020年10期

Today, when you are about to board an American airliner, you have to prepare for two possibilities: one, the overhead bin above your seat is full and you have to stow[裝载] your carry-on bag elsewhere. Two, the overhead bin is too small to fit your presumably[大概] regular-sized carry-on luggage. Even though you have tried many ways—horizontally, vertically, on the side, upside down, punching and squishing[压扁]—and a flight attendant may come to assist you, your bag simply wont budge[移动].

On my recent international trip, I experienced the same quandaries[窘境] on a United flight. Since I am not disabled or a mother with babies, I could not board the plane with priority. In fact, I boarded way behind for my coach-class seat.

Compared to Asian airliners, the overhead bins on the American planes are higher. Perhaps the North Americans are really taller. I can barely reach the latch on the overhead bin, let alone lifting up my 30-pound backpack. So I had to excuse myself for taking off my shoes and standing on the aisle seat. I then awkwardly lifted my backpack and pushed it into the overhead bin. In the past I did not stow my bag so smoothly. One time, with the help of a tall man who sat across from me, we two people managed to tuck[塞] my backpack in a compartment several rows down.

After I was seated, I saw a few more passengers having trouble stowing their carryon bags. Sometimes it was not because a passenger had an oversized carry-on bag, but it was because an early-bird passenger had stashed[存放] all his belongings in the overhead bin. The compartment was far from fully used. You couldnt do much about it other than keep looking for empty space for your carry-on luggage.

All in all, I think the frustration of traveling by air in America appears greater than that in China. I can check at least two pieces of luggage free on a Chinese airline. But the U.S. airlines charge for checked bags. Before I might become a victim if a piece of oversized carry-on luggage fell on my head, and before I waste too much time and energy to figure out how to economically pack my suitcase in order to avoid the extra baggage charges, I may just be better-off choosing a non-American airline to travel next time.


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