Blind boy touches netizens with song of hope盲童用希望之歌感动网民


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1. emerge v.出现;露出

2. enormous adj.极大的;巨大的;庞大的

A video of a 10-year-old boy named Chen Shibo singing a well-known pop song, You Are My Eyes, went viral on the Internet when viewers realised the boy was blind and felt deeply touched by his story.

The boy comes from Chenyao village in the central province of Henan, and now studies in a special school.

Chen's eye problems first emerged when he was almost one year old. When he heard a sound, he could not look in the direction where it came from.

In the following years, his parents took him to hospitals in the province for treatment. When Chen was around four years old, he was brought to Beijing hospitals. It was from then that Chen would never see colours or sunlight.

His parents sent him to a special school but were turned down. Finally, a school in Luoyang accepted Chen in 2015 when he was seven.

Chen has not let his parents down. He remains optimistic and works hard in school. His teacher said that Chen is positive and thoughtful, and has been honoured many times by the school for his good academic performance.

The boy likes music and singing, so his mother helped him sign up for training in a music school. Every Saturday, Chen goes to learn guitar and singing.

“It is more difficult for Chen to learn to play the guitar since he cannot really see it. But he has perseverance and puts in a lot of effort,” said Zang Yong, Chen's guitar teacher.

In singing class, Chen has also encountered problems. His mouth often has the wrong shape while he was singing, influencing pronunciation. Under the teacher's instruction, he has learnt several difficult songs.“I was deeply moved by the kid when I first met him. I even cried, both for his clear and pure voice and the suffering,” said Ren Chunsheng, Chen's singing teacher.

The video has touched the hearts of an enormous number of viewers, including Guo Zhixiong, a movie producer.

Guo hopes Chen can realise his dream and he is also calling for more attention, care and developmental space for children with disabilities.

-From The Telegraph

Reading Check

What should we learn from Chen Shibo according to the text?


Language Study

Complete the following phrases according to the text.

1. 像病毒般擴散;流行起来                 go ________________

2. 拒绝                                                    turn  ________________

3. 保持樂观                                               ________________ optimistic

4. 使失望                                                 let   ________________

5. 因……而受到尊敬;因为……被授予           be honored   ________________

6. 遇到问题                                 ________________  problems

7. 在某人的指导下                                     under sb's   ________________

8. 触动人心                                                ________________  the hearts of


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