The Impact of Dignity on Design Behavior


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Absrtact: Dignity,as an inherent attribute of human beings,is irreplaceable,and human dignity consciousness influences the development of behavior.Starting from the importance of dignity to human beings,this paper explains the importance of Designers'sense of dignity to design behavior and to meet the dignity needs of design users.

Key;words: dignity;design;behavior

Dignity,as a term of social ethics,comes from the Latin word dignus,meaning valuable.In ancient Greece,philosophers realized that human beings existed with dignity and that human beings should pursue a dignified life.The philosopher Protagola put forward the idea that"man is the yardstick of all things",emphasizing that nothing in the world is higher than human existence,and nothing has more dignity than human existence.Kant believes that"human nature is a kind of dignity in itself;because human beings can not be used as a means by anyone,but must be used as an end at all times,and that is where his dignity(personality)lies."From this point of view,dignity is a special attribute of human beings.The reason why human beings are different from other creatures in nature is that they have dignity.Dignity is the commonness of all human beings,and they have profound egalitarian ideas.

Designers,as the beginning of design activities,have their own sense of consciousness which will permeate all aspects of design behavior.Therefore,the sense of dignity of designers themselves has a profound and lasting impact on design behavior.On the one hand,as individuals with dignity,designers are eager to have the greatest degree of autonomy in their own design,so that they can design products.On the other hand,designers can improve people's life style by designing and inventing or transforming the drawbacks of products,so that design can help people live with more dignity.

Designers,as the main body of dignity,have certain autonomy in their leading design activities.In today's commercial design,in order to cater to the market and customers,more and more designers gradually become"cartographers".When customers only focus on"sales curve",the dignity of designers as human beings is buried.Designers constantly modify their own designs in order to satisfy customers'requirements and earn"design fees".The final design results are often far from their original expectations.A good design should have infinite imagination.Designers should give full play to their imagination to make their works more unique in consideration of the basic functions of the design.However,when the designer's creativity succumbs to the market demands of customers time and time again,long-term denial also makes their inspiration formatted,mechanized and simplified.Simplification is one of the important reasons for the uneven quality of design works in today's design market.In this case,the dignity of the designer is reflected in the degree of autonomy in the design behavior.Gaudi insisted on his own design style,which made him famous for the World Mila Apartment.Wright denied the owner Kaufman's request,which made him the Running Water Villa of Fangshan House.

Designers,on the one hand,should be respected by the outside world.On the other hand,they should maintain self-esteem and respect for their own personality.In recent years,some designers will unconsciously refer to some Western designs in order to cater to the needs of the design community,and even directly transfer Western designs to their own designs.Frequent plagiarism makes the design atmosphere worrying.In this environment,designers should adhere to self-moral constraints,dare to express themselves and refuse to be followers of other people's ideas.Just like Miyazaki's insistence on"a piece of cloth"all his life,only now has the pleated clothing;Yamamoto Yaoshi insisted on his unique design concept of going against the trend after the Y-3brand went bankrupt,and only now has the"beggar clothing".

Designers have a tremendous impact on the design behavior,and design behavior can also be said to be the materialization of the designer's consciousness.The sense of dignity is reflected in all aspects of the designer's design activities.Designers integrate dignity into design and express dignity with design.It is under the influence of this consciousness that designers devote themselves to designing to make people live a healthier life,embodying their responsibilities and obligations in the design,helping people live a more dignified life and embodying their own dignity in the process.


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