时代英语·高一 2019年1期


One night, when I was eight, my mother gently asked me a question I would never forget. “Sweetie, my company wants to promote (提升) me; 1 , it needs me to work in Brazil. This is like your teacher saying that youve done 2 and allowing you to skip a grade, but youll have to 3 your friends. Would you say yes to your teacher?” She gave me a hug and asked me to think about it. I was puzzled. The question kept me 4 for the rest of the night. I had said “yes” but for the first time, I realized it was a

5 decision adults had to make.

For almost four years, my mother would call us from Brazil every day. Every evening Id 6 wait for the phone to ring and then tell her every detail of my day. A phone call, however, could never 7 her love and it was difficult not to feel 8 at times.

During my fourth-grade Christmas break, we flew to Rio to visit her. Looking at her large 9 apartment, I realized how lonely my mother must have been in Brazil herself. It was then that I started to 10 the tough choices she had to make on 11 family and work. Faced with difficult decisions, she used to tell me, you wouldnt know whether you make the right 12 or not, but you could always 13 the best out of the situation, with passion and a positive attitude.

Back home, I 14 myself that what my mother could do, I could, too. If she 15 to live in Rio all by herself, I, too, could learn to be 16 . I learn how to take care of myself and set high but achievable 17 .

My mother is now back with us. But I will never forget what the 18 has really taught me. Sacrifices (犧牲) 19 in the end. The separation between us has proved to be a 20 for me.

1. A. besides B. however C. instead D. anyway

2. A. little B. much C. well D. wrong

3. A. leave B. refuse C. contact D. forgive

4. A. studying B. sleeping C. wondering D. regretting

5. A. poor B. stupid C. wise D. difficult

6. A. anxiously B. politely C. seriously D. curiously

7. A. provide B. replace C. spread D. show

8. A. hopeful B. lonely C. silly D. sorry

9. A. comfortable B. private C. empty D. modern

10. A. appreciate B. receive C. recall D. forget

11. A. loving B. balancing C. comparing D. mixing

12. A. change B. thing C. choice D. reaction

13. A. make B. take C. put D. use

14. A. required B. doubted C. warned D. reminded

15. A. managed B. offered C. attempted D. expected

16. A. grateful B. free C. independent D. successful

17. A. examples B. limits C. rules D. goals

18. A. journey B. experience C. history D. teacher

19. A. paid off B. came back C. went up D. turned up

20. A. treasure B. gathering C. failure D. pleasure


This afternoon a poorly-dressed gentleman came into (I) restaurant. After sitting down, he ordered a lot of food. He (eat) like a wolf. We were very (surprise) that he finished two orders of food in a very short time. We doubted whether the man was able to pay for food. When he was asked to pay bill, the gentleman asked if we would mind (wait) just a few minutes. Then we were shocked (see) that he took out a letter with a million pound banknote.

I asked Mr Clemens whether it was genuine (真的). Mr Clemens said it was true that two notes of this amount had been issued (發行) by the Bank of England this year. I thought the gentleman showed us couldnt be fake (伪造的). Why a gentleman

a million pound note was poorly-dressed (be) a big puzzle to all the people there. I (real) couldnt describe how excited I was.

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