时代英语·高一 2019年1期


It happened on February 27, 2010. We 1 up in the middle of the night at the alarm in our apartment. My husband got out of bed to see what was happening. I sat up trying to keep our little son Nemer 2 . All of a sudden, I felt that the bed was slightly 3 .

My husband entered the room puzzled, trying to 4 out what was happening. Then we knew for sure it was a(n) 5 . I quickly took Nemer out of his stroller (嬰儿车) and held him 6 . The shaking kept going harder. I tried three times to close and open my 7 to wake up from this terrible nightmare (噩梦), but I realized it was real. We decided to 8 the apartment as we knew it was dangerous to stay inside.

When we 9 out of the building, I heard banging on doors and crying. We went in fear with other neighbors down the stairs. It was completely 10 , so we couldnt see where we were stepping.

11 , we managed to get out of the building in the end.

Lots of people were standing outside, looking up at the high building. Some of them were 12 , others were holding their family members or friends, and some were just too 13 to do anything. I 14 God that my son was alive in my hands. I was shaking and my husbands face expression was full of 15 . The disaster made us feel that our lives were 16 .

Luckily, the damage in our city wasnt very serious. And only a few people 17 in our city. But many people in the city nearby lost their lives in this earthquake. After this 18 , I learnt that we might die easily. And I learnt to value 19 much more. Now I try to live every day to the 20 and spend as much time with my family as possible.

1. A. showed B. stayed C. got D. woke

2. A. alive B. warm C. active D. asleep

3. A. moving B. pushing C. shaking D. pulling

4. A. give B. cut C. find D. clear

5. A. earthquake B. hurricane C. fire D. flood

6. A. slightly B. hardly C. rightly D. closely

7. A. mouth B. eyes C. door D. windows

8. A. enter B. watch C. leave D. check

9. A. made B. looked C. took D. hurried

10. A. dark B. crazy C. wrong D. ruined

11. A. Terribly B. Sadly C. Luckily D. Hopefully

12. A. arguing B. crying C. thinking D. waiting

13. A. cold B. frightened C. old D. disappointed

14. A. thanked B. told C. praised D. comforted

15. A. anger B. cruelty C. fear D. happiness

16. A. helpless B. painful C. terrifying D. unsafe

17. A. suffered B. died C. worried D. cared

18. A. experience B. story C. accident D. lesson

19. A. love B. nature C. time D. life

20. A. fullest B. longest C. slowest D. funniest


I was sitting on a train, waiting for it to start. Across from me 1 (sit) a little boy, asking his mother, “When will the train start?”

I answered the question 2 his mother did, “The train will start when we start pushing.” The boy asked in surprise, “ 3


“Of course,” I said, “Not all the passengers are on. Ill tell you when 4 (push).”

I watched the signal light at the station and heard the trains whistle (汽笛) as a 5 (warn) of the starting. Then I said to the boy, “Now! Push as hard 6 you can.”

We pushed against the back of the seat very hard. The train was moving very slowly at first, but then 7 moved faster and faster. The boy couldnt help 8 (shout), “We did it! We did it!” He looked very 9 (please). He was traveling in a train which he helped to start.

That day, I didnt tell him about the engine pulling the train. Someday he would find the fact by 10 (he).

1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

6. 7. 8. 9. 10.