时代英语·高一 2019年1期


On a hill 600 feet above the surrounding land, we watch the lines of rain move across the scene, the moon rise over the hills, and the stars appear in the sky. The views invite a long look from a comfortable chair in front of the wooden house.

Every window in our wooden house has a view, and the forest and lakes seldom look the same as the hour before. Each look reminds us where we are.

There is space for our three boys to play outside, to shoot arrows, collect tree seeds, build earth houses and climb trees.

Our kids have learned the names of the trees, and with the names have come familiarity and appreciation. As they tell all who show even a passing interest, maple (枫树) makes the best fighting sticks and white pines are the best climbing trees.

The air is clean and fresh. The water from the well has a pleasant taste, and it is perhaps the healthiest water our kids will ever drink. Though they have one glass of juice a day and the rest is water, they never say anything against that.

The seasons change just outside the door. We watch the maples turn every shade of yellow and red in the fall and note the poplars (杨树) putting out the first green leaves of spring. The rainbow smelt fills the local steam as the ice gradually disappears, and the wood frogs start to sing in pools after being frozen for the winter. A family of birds rules our skies and flies over the lake.

1. What can be learned from Paragraph 2?

A. The scenes are colorful and changeable.

B. There are many windows in the wooden house.

C. The views remind us that we are in a wooden house.

D. The lakes outside the windows are quite different in color.

2. By mentioning the names of the trees, the author aims to show

that the kids ______ .

A. like playing in trees

B. are very familiar with trees

C. find trees useful learning tools

D. have learned much knowledge about trees

3. What does the underlined sentence in the last paragraph mean?

A. The change of seasons is easily felt.

B. The seasons make the scenes change.

C. The weather often changes in the forest.

D. The door is a good position to enjoy changing seasons.

4. What is the main purpose of the author writing the text?

A. To describe the beauty of the scene around the house.

B. To introduce her childrens happy life in the forest.

C. To show that living in the forest is healthful.

D. To share the joy of living in nature.


Kids Health: Four Steps for Fighting Stress

Everybody gets stressed from time to time. 1 Some ways of dealing with stress—like screaming or hitting someone—dont solve much. But other ways, like talking to someone you trust, can lead you to solving your problem or at least feeling better.

Try taking these four steps the next time you are stressed.

Get support. Talk to a trusted adult, such as a parent or other relatives. 2 They might have had similar problems, such as dealing with a test, or the death of a beloved pet.

Dont take it out on yourself. Remember that there are always people to help you. 3

Try to solve the problem. After youre calm and you have support from adults and friends, its time to get down to business. 4

Be positive. Most stress is temporary. If you can stay positive as you make your way through a difficult time, youll help yourself feel better. 5

A. Then, find a way to calm down.

B. And dont forget about your friends.

C. You need to find out what the problem is.

D. Ah, it feels so good when the stress has gone.

E. Different people feel stress in different ways.

F. Notice your friends feelings and find a way to help them.

G. Ask for a helping hand to get you through the difficult situation.

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