时代英语·高三 2018年5期


1—5 ACDAB 6—10 DBCCB 11—15 ACDAB


1—5 ABDBB 6—10 BACAD 11—15 BDDAA


1—5 CBBDB 6—10 CDACC 11—15 CDCDA


1—5 BADAD 6—10 ADABB 11—15 BADBC


1—5 ACCDC 6—10 CDBCC 11—15 BBADD


1—5 DCDBA 6—10 DCBBC 11—15 ABBAD


1—5 DBCAC 6—10 DDBAC 11—15 DCCAB


1—5 BCDAA 6—10 BDABC 11—15 BDCAD

1. 1—5 BFDCG 2. 1—5 CEDFA 3. 1—5 GEDAF

4. 1—5 BCAFD 5. 1—5 GCAEF 6. 1—5 GBEFD

7. 1—5 ECGFA 8. 1—5 DFGAC


1—5 BACDB 6—10 BACDC

11—15 ABCDA 16—20 CBDBC


1—5 ACDBD 6—10 ACDCD

11—15 BBADC 16—20 DCABD


1—5 BDBAA 6—10 CDBBA

11—15 DCBAD 16—20 CBCDA


1—5 BDCAA 6—10 CCDBA

11—15 CBBAD 16—20 CADDB


1—5 CBDAB 6—10 ADBCA

11—15 BCCDA 16—20 BBDDA


1—5 CDDCA 6—10 BDDCD

11—15 ABABB 16—20 ABCAC


1—5 BACDB 6—10 BACDC

11—15 ABCDA 16—20 CBDBC


1—5 BDCCB 6—10 CAACA

11—15 BBDBB 16—20 DCCCB


1. badly 2. to escape 3. checked 4. allowing 5. separation 6. until 7. on 8. where 9. has been shaped 10. characters


1. when 2. correctly 3. hesitation 4. to memorize 5. learning 6. by 7. satisfied 8. have understood 9. who 10. writing


1. difficulty 2. convenient 3. to help 4. waiting 5. possibly 6. where 7. is considered 8. However 9. it 10. angrier


1. advanced 2. printed 3. was 4. To overcome 5. which

6. were set 7. sheets 8. than 9. on 10. explanation


1. passing 2. but 3. negotiations 4. which 5. to appreciate

6. its 7. definitely 8. as 9. is said 10. started


1. joyfully 2. benefits 3. harmful 4. as 5. fewer 6. for 7. eating 8. to save 9. who 10. will be punished


1. feelings 2. But 3. have found 4. to calm 5. named

6. on 7. slower 8. an 9. astonishment 10. Playing


1. to ignore 2. prevention 3. has inspired 4. Thanks 5. to 6. surrounding 7. is being developed 8. simply 9. which 10. until/till


Dear Li Hua,

Your problem is∧common one among middle school students.


Maybe the following advices can help you. First in all, believe in yourself.

advice of

Your greatest problem is that you lack self-confidence. The first thing you must do it is to smile at your classmates. One smile speaks loud than


words. Your smile will show that you are friendly to him. Next, trying

them try

talking with a student who is as shy as you or who share the same


interest with you. Unless anyone is in trouble, you should be ready to


help him or her. Once you have confidence, you can make as many friends as possibly.





Last Friday our school invited a foreign teacher in our city∧


give a class to the students of Senior Grade Two. We found his class interested. I learned a lot of from him. The teachers had a free talk to us

interesting teacher

with easy English. He spoke slow so that we could understand him

in slowly

well. Sometimes he repeated that we didnt understand. My classmates


are all active. To his joy, I understood everything that the teacher

were my

said, and I was able to ask questions in English. This class encouraged

me very much. Im sure that if we keep practise, it will be easy for


us to learn spoken English well.


Corn, which was a useful plant that can be cooked in different way,

is ways

is found all over the world today. In the West it is often boiled and

eaten by salt and butter. In many places which is made into powder. The

with it

powder is then mixed with water and the other things, and make into


different kinds of food. Corn not the only∧was taken to Europe. Tomato


was the first that has been taken to Europe. This plant is so useful as corn,

had as

and it can be grown in places where it is very cold to grow rice.



Two boys sat on a beach talking happy while eating a watermelon.


When they went away they leave the melons skins on the beach, making


it very dirt. They didnt want to take trouble to throw it into the dustbin

dirty them

though it was very near that they were sitting. They said that there would


be anyone who should clean the rubbish. If everyone behave this way, the

someone behaves

world will be the big rubbish dump with flies flying round and people


will live in a world of diseases. Besides, it will be more too difficult for

dustmen ∧ clean the world where we live.



In recent years many flower shops have been appeared in our small

town. It is common for people to buy flowers when they go to a gathering, visiting a sick friend, or attend a wedding or birthday party. I still remember


clear one day last year when Tom, a disable student, presented some

clearly disabled

flowers to his mother to express his gratitude to her. He owes his entire


life to his mothers kind and care. Without her he would not have had the


confidence and the courage to fight her disability. As a result∧the great

or his of

effort he has made, he was finally admitted to a key university.



A sports festival was held in our school and it was the most successful one. It∧organized not by teachers but by us students. You


cant imagine how exciting we were during the festival. We set various


interesting event by ourselves, which attract a lot of students. Everyone

events attracted

was eagerly to take part. It not only relaxed us but also improved their ability

eager our

of creation because we had a brainstorm to come up to many new ideas


about the sports. We acquired many knowledge that we cant get from


textbooks. In an addition, we learn the important of cooperation from the




Different students hold different view on whether we should start


a blog on the Internet. Some believe it can provide with a stage for

students to show their talents. Also, its a nice way to help them relieving pressure. Besides, others have an opposite opinion about it.

relieve However

They thought managing a blog will take much time and energy. Nowadays,


the Internet is playing ∧ important part in our life. As for our school

an us

students, its necessary to learn and make the most of it. In fact, if its


good or bad depends on how we employ it. If we can take fully advantage


of it and avoid its negative effects, we can surely benefit a lot from it.



To deal with rubbish is great important in cities. Rubbish must be


treated properly. Otherwise it may cause a lot of problems. Our city had


begun to pay an attention to the problem. As far as I know some rubbish

is sorted and sent to different factory. Rubbish, such as old newspapers


and glass, are recycled. Some harmful rubbish is sent to a certain place and


buried. Waste air is cleaned after it goes into the air. Waste water is treated


before it is pouring into rivers. To protect the environment, the government


has passed laws to prevent people throw rubbish everywhere. We should


do ours best and do what we can ∧ take good care of the environment and

our to

fight against pollution.


One possible version:

Recently, Ive found many of my classmates always have some symptoms of anxiety before exams. They feel nervous whenever they are taking an exam. Some will feel dizzy, some will suffer from lack of sleep, and some will lose their appetite. All these symptoms have terrible effects on their exams.

In my opinion, exams are only a means of checking how we are getting along with our studies, so there is no need to worry too much about the results. We should just study hard every day and make careful plans for every exam.

Besides, enough sleep can help make us energetic so we should not stay up too late before every exam.

In a word, we should have a right attitude towards exams.


One possible version:

How to be happy? This is a very realistic and deep question. Recently we have learned about the sense of happiness among some middle school students. Most students think that owning good health and a harmonious family can make them happy. Some believe that being happy means being able to get along well with people around them. Some more students think that the sense of achievement in study will largely affect their happiness level, while the frustration in their exams might account for the loss of happiness.

As for me, I always feel happy because I get the precious chance to study for my future, enrich my knowledge and broaden my horizons.


One possible version:

Hello, everyone! Today, I would like to make a speech on perseverance.

If you ask me what contributes to ones success, I would say every bit of effort matters. Constant dripping wears away the stone, as the saying goes. Ones talent is indeed a great advantage, but it cant take the place of perseverance. If a person always looks for excuses for not making effort, he will always be some distant away from success.

Tu Youyou, the Nobel Prize winner, has made all her efforts to find a cure for malaria. Never did she stop doing her research until she succeeded in extracting artemisinin. This medicine has saved many peoples lives who suffered from malaria. Her experience proves that perseverance plays an important role in achieving success.

Thanks for listening.


One possible version:

Dear Jack,

Im very glad to learn that youre coming to Beijing as an exchange student and want to stay in a local home with a middle school student who can speak excellent English. I sincerely hope that you can come and stay in my home.

Im a high school student, and its my sincere hope that you can stay with my family. I am good at English and can communicate with foreigners fluently. Besides, I like reading and traveling in my spare time, so if you are with me, I can take you around Beijing and let you know more about our brilliant Chinese culture.

Both my parents and I are friendly and enthusiastic in personality. So I believe we can be good friends. Im sure I will do what I can to help you with your Chinese. Im looking forward to your coming.

Best wishes!


Li Hua


One possible version:

Dear Christ,

Im glad to hear from you and I feel proud to know your interest in Chinese history and culture. Now Id like to recommend my favorite book A Dream of Red Mansions to you.

The book was written by Cao Xueqin in the middle of the 18th century, which mainly describes the rise and decline of a famous royal family and reflects the complicated relationship between people from different classes of life in ancient China. It is regarded as one of the Four Great Classical Novels of Chinese literature.

By the way, why dont you come to China and experience its culture in person? Looking forward to your arrival!

Yours truly,

Li Hua


One possible version:

Dear Zhang Hua,

Im sorry to hear that you have trouble in getting along well with the new class. So I hope I can give you a hand.

I think the biggest obstacle you meet with is yourself. You maybe regard yourself as a newcomer and look down upon yourself. Besides, there may be some difficulty in language since you are not a native student.

In terms of these, Id like to offer you some suggestions. First, you should try to get rid of the feelings of being frustrated and lonely. Second, you should learn to talk with others actively and take an active part in various activities.

As for me, Ill encourage more students to play with you. Also, Ill help you with your study and daily life. Im ready to help you whenever you turn to me for help.

Im firmly convinced that you will soon become part of our class and you will enjoy it.

Yours sincerely,

Li Ming


One possible version:

Hi, everyone! May I have your attention, please?

We are arranging for all the American exchange students to visit the National Art Museum of China this Saturday. All participants are expected to gather at the school gate at 8:30 this Saturday morning. The school bus will pick you up and take you there.

As one of the most popular museums in China, it has collected and is displaying many famous paintings. We will first admire a serial of paintings on the theme of “Beautiful China” together. Then you will enjoy the freedom to choose the sections that appeal to you the most.

We sincerely invite everyone to join us. We believe this is a good chance for you to get close to Chinese works of art.

Hope you will enjoy the visit. Thats all. Thank you!


One possible version:

Dear editor,

Im sorry to occupy your precious time. I really want to tell you something about the problem of some people keeping too many pets nowadays.

I consider the problem more and more serious for the following reasons. First, pets make too much noise that troubles residents a lot. Whats more, animal wastes pollute the environment which makes people quite uncomfortable. Third, many owners like taking their pets to public places where they may frighten children or even sometimes bite people. The most important thing is that pets can spread some diseases.

Taking all these factors into consideration, I sincerely hope that I can get help from you and expect the media to do something for this.

Yours truly,

Wang Lin