Based on the core competitiveness of enterprise innovation culture research


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Abstract:In the spring tide of market economy at present, the enterprise is a must to survive in order to achieve innovation, promote enterprise's core competitiveness. Enterprise innovation culture, the promotion enterprise's core competitiveness plays an important role in promoting, therefore must complete enterprise innovation culture. Therefore, put forward by enterprise innovation culture, promote enterprise's core competitiveness.

Key words:enterprise core competitiveness; Enterprise innovation culture; Relationship; Influence; way

In the current intense innovation environment, promotion enterprise's core competitiveness need to rely on the implementation of the innovation culture. Enterprise innovation culture on enterprise's technology innovation, human resources, management ability, marketing ability and has a promoting effect.Refers to the enterprise's core competitive ability can let enterprise in the fierce market competition to achieve development and survival, make the enterprise impregnable. Enterprise innovation culture is an important part of enterprise core competitiveness, enterprise innovation culture supports, enterprise core competitiveness is not strong. Enterprise innovation culture is the core of the enterprise survival, operation and management, are the important of enterprise core competitiveness, through innovative culture, the enterprise successful walking in the forefront of The Times, make the enterprise is in an impregnable position.

1. enterprise core competitiveness and the relationship between enterprise innovation culture

Enterprise innovation culture is an important part of enterprise core competitiveness, innovation culture has an important influence on the formation of enterprise core competitiveness. Innovative culture to do good or bad directly affect the enterprise core competitive strength. Refers to the enterprise's core competitive ability can make enterprises win in the competition of the key factors of enterprise's core competitiveness will change with the changes of enterprise survival environment, so in a timely manner according to the enterprise core competitive power of enterprise innovation culture adjustment, in order to better promote the promotion enterprise's core competitiveness.

2. enterprise innovation culture's influence on the enterprise core competitiveness

2.1 innovative culture to promote enterprise core technology progress

Innovative culture has far-reaching influence to the enterprise core competitiveness. The value of the enterprise innovation culture as a target, only the development of innovative culture, enterprises can seize the opportunities, enterprises inject new vitality into, so that enterprises grasp more advanced technology, to bring into full play the function of advanced technology in the enterprise development, make enterprise, always in the invincible position in the industry.

2.2 innovation culture to promote enterprise management system innovation

Enterprise innovation culture makes enterprise management innovation, enterprise through innovation management system, make the internal resources to achieve the optimal allocation, to better adapt to the challenges of the external market environment change.

2.3 the spirit of innovation is the precondition of enterprise constantly open up new markets

Innovation is one of the constituent elements of innovation culture, enterprises in the process of development is bound to be faced to develop market opportunities, so they will meet all kinds of potential risks. Innovative spirit can give a person a kind of mettle and pioneering spirit of active power, for enterprises in modern market environment has an important influence.

3. through the enterprise innovation culture promote enterprise's core competitiveness

3.1 create a loose open innovative culture atmosphere

Enterprise innovation culture construction needs to have the certain innovation environment atmosphere, atmosphere of innovation environment includes two aspects: hardware and software construction innovation hardware environment construction including tools, equipment, instruments, materials and other test conditions, ways and means and information communication and management, workplace and living environment, etc.; Innovative software environment is within the enterprise innovation atmosphere, is a kind of invisible push and excitation force.

3.2 the incentive system of innovation behavior

Enterprise can through the floating salary welfare plan, skills, wages, employee involvement, attaches great importance to the spirit of incentive measures, such as to inspire the staff's innovation behavior. Spirit of enterprise for top creative talents is also need to give reward. At the same time, also for the promotion and development of talents to provide more opportunity to help them achieve professional development goals, indirect improve enterprise core competitiveness.

Conclusion: the promotion enterprise's core competitiveness depends on the enterprise innovation culture. To enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises, can through the cultural atmosphere in the enterprise culture and incentive system, strengthen the enterprise staff's sense of belonging, realize the double development of employees and enterprises.


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