NED leads you to bright future


校园英语·下旬 2017年2期


【Abstract】NED(Never give up, Encourage others, Do your best.) is an idea put into practice on Yo-yo tricks in Canada. It is not only an advanced idea of education also the unexhausted power leading you to bright future.

【Key words】NED; Bright future

Several days ago during Spring Festival Holidays, I surfed on the internet watching one video live program called Kuaishou by chance. I was attracted by a discussion held by a lady named Alice who once was a teacher in China and immigrated to Canada six years ago. The discussion focused on different education ideas between different countries. During the live show, she shared an idea named NED from her little sons class about Yo-yo tricks, which was accepted by most audience including me.

NED can be explained in three sentences as below: Never give up; Encourage others; Do your best. As a Chinese student, I benefit from Chinese traditional education and develop good behaviors suitable for Chinese traditional culture. But to a certain extent, I think it necessary for us to learn some advanced ideas such as NED from other countries to make an overall improvement in education. Also, I have been aware that NED should play an important role in ones whole life.

Firstly, never give up. During ones whole life, everybody may face masses of challenges which would make you a winner or a failure. Without making continuous efforts, no one can approach the success as he always expected. It is the lack of self-confidence and firm beliefs that cause all efforts ended in failure. Looking backwards, we can draw a conclusion that continuous efforts could lead to a better result. This is so-called: where there is a will, there is way. So never give up trying.

Secondly, encourage others. Dont be mean with your encouraging words to others. Dont doubt whether your inspiring words could boost ones ego. You should believe that your encouraging words even may bring a desperate person back to life. Achievement gained by more people seems much more meaningful than that owned by individuals. Encouragement makes your team higher, swifter and stronger. Maybe you just heal the world by encouraging others.

Thirdly, do your best. You never know what the future holds. The future is uncertain and you never know whether you will succeed at last or not. The only thing you can do is to do your best. Everybody knows that the road ahead must be full of frustrations. Frankly speaking, gain is not always equal to the pain and trying may not cause a successful ending .But if you do your best, you will not worry about failure and you can face anything with no regrets.

In my opinion, NED is not only an idea in education, but also a concept of our life. As social beings, we really need to always keep the NED SPIRITS in mind. Never give up, encourage others and do our best to make ourselves better. NED will lead you to bright future.