中学生英语·阅读与写作 2014年11期


- Passage 1 -

We are proud of Yao Ming 1 he plays basketball very well. He is tall and strong.

Yao was born 2 September 12th 1980. When he was five years old, he liked playing basketball very much. His father was a basketball trainer. He found that his sons favorite sport is basketball. Yao made his basketball dream 3 in America.

He 4 basketball for Rockets in NBA for ten years. He didnt play basketball any longer 5 July, 2011.

( )1. A. because B. so C. because of

( )2. A. in B. on C. at

( )3. A. coming true B. came true C. come true

( )4. A. played B. is playing C. had been playing

( )5. A. when B. until C. after

- Passage 2 -

Mikes father, Mr. Button, likes 1 basketball. His son, little Mike, likes playing basketball, too.

From Monday 2 Friday, Mike plays basketball at school. On weekends, he plays basketball with his father at the Sunny Park near his home.

It was rainy last Saturday. “ 3 should we go and play basketball?” Mike asked his father. “The City Stadium is a good place to play basketball, isnt it?”

The stadium was a bit far from their house. They went there by bike 4 driving a car. Because there were 5 many people in the streets. How happy was Mike!

( )1. A. to play B. playing C. play

( )2. A. for B. on C. to

( )3. A. What B. Where C. When

( )4. A. instead B. in name of C. instead of

( )5. A. too B. also C. all

- Passage 1 -

Today, the popularity of basketball has risen around the world, with many young people dreaming of 1 famous players. In China, you can 2 see people playing basketball in parks, schools 3 even factories. Basketball has not only become a popular sport to play, 4 it has become a popular to watch. 5 Americas NBA games are the most famous, the CBA games are becoming more popular in China. The number of foreign players, including Chinese

6 , in the NBA has increased. 7 also more and more foreign players in the CBA. Many young people 8 these basketball heroes and want to become 9 them. These stars encourage young people to work hard to achieve their 10 .

( )1. A. coming B. become C. becoming D. come

( )2. A. some times B. sometimes C. some time D. sometime

( )3. A. but B. or C. yet D. and

( )4. A. and also B. and then C. but also D. but then

( )5. A. While B. Although C. When D. However

( )6. A. runners B. listeners C. trainers D. players

( )7. A. They are B. There are C. There were D. They were

( )8. A. look up to B. look down to C. look forward to D. look back to

( )9. A. for B. to C. like D. as

( )10. A. works B. dreams C. jobs D. marks

- Passage 2 -

All over the world people enjoy sports. Sports are 1 peoples health. Many people like to watch 2 play sport games. They buy tickets 3 turn on their TV sets to sit 4 them. Sports 5 with the seasons. People play 6 games in different seasons. Sometimes they play inside the room. Sometimes they play outside. We 7 sports here and there. Some sports are rather interesting 8 people everywhere like them. Football, for example, is very popular in the world. People 9 different countries cannot understand each other, but after a game they often become very 10 to each other.

( )1. A. good for B. good at C. poor in D. bad for

( )2. A. other B. others C. the other D. the others

( )3. A. and B. but C. or D. so

( )4. A. in front B. in the front of C. in the front D. in front of

( )5. A. change B. play C. start D. begin

( )6. A. same B. different C. similar D. important

( )7. A. look for B. take care of C. find D. look after

( )8. A. because B. but C. or D. and

( )9. A. from B. to C. inside D. outside

( )10. A. angry B. friendly C. hungry D. lovely

- Passage 3 -

People say, “He who has never been to the Great Wall is not a true man.” US President Barack Obama is a true man.

Obama had a 1 visit to China last week. He had a very busy schedule. But he still spent 2 visiting the Forbidden City and the Great Wall. When a leader visits another 3 , he or she sometimes goes to the countrys 4 places. It is to show respect to the local culture. For the leaders, its 5 a good time to relax during a tiring foreign trip.

Obama 6 fifty minutes in the Forbidden City on Tuesday. He 7 the Forbidden City was a magnificent place to visit.“I will come back with my girls and my wife next time,” he said. 8 Wednesday afternoon, he took a 9 tour of the Great Wall at Badaling. There, he enjoyed a 10 of peace.

( )1. A. four-days B. four days C. four-day D. four day

( )2. A. some time B. sometime C. some times D. sometimes

( )3. A. town B. city C. county D. country

( )4. A. more famous B. less famous C. much famous D. most famous

( )5. A. as well B. too C. also D. either

( )6. A. took B. cost C. paid D. spent

( )7. A. guessed B. thought C. hoped D. wished

( )8. A. On B. In C. At D. Of

( )9. A. slow B. soon C. quick D. boring

( )10. A. time B. moment C. minute D. quarter

- Passage 1 -

There once a farmer who lost his watch in his barn. The watch was cheap but it was very

1 to him because it was a gift from his father.

After 2 the barn for a long time, he gave up and asked for 3 from a group of children playing nearby.

He 4 them that the person who found the watch would be rewarded.

Hearing this, the children hurried inside the barn 5 . They searched everywhere but still could not find the 6 . Just when the farmer was going to give up, a little boy went up to him and asked to be given another 7 .

The farmer looked at him and thought. “Why not? After all, this kid looks honest.”

So the farmer 8 the little boy back into the barn. After a while, the little boy came out with the watch in his hand! The surprised farmer asked the boy how he 9 while the rest had failed.

The boy replied, “I did nothing but sit quietly and listen for the sound of the watch.”

This shows us that sometimes a 10 mind can think better than an excited one.

( )1. A. important B. expensive C. useless D. interesting

( )2. A. finding B. searching C. watching D. studying

( )3. A. money B. danger C. work D. help

( )4. A. promised B. taught C. worried D. believed

( )5. A. angrily B. slowly C. immediately D. hardly

( )6. A. rule B. book C. child D. watch

( )7. A. way B. chance C. lesson D. smile

( )8. A. threw B. sent C. gave D. caught

( )9. A. came B. knew C. succeeded D. suggested

( )10. A. beautiful B. smart C. peaceful D. quick

- Passage 2 -

Sheila bought a new lunch bag for school. On the way to school, she looked inside. She hoped that a new lunch bag meant something new for lunch, 1 she found the same lunch as always—a sandwich. When the lunch bell rang, Sheila found her bag and carried it to the dinning hall. She opened it and 2 two pieces of fried chicken, several strawberries, and an egg.

“Wow!” Sheila said, “Thats what I call 3 !”

The next morning, Sheila opened her lunch bag and looked inside. Sure enough, she found another 4 . But when she opened the bag at lunchtime in the dinning hall, she discovered a piece of pizza, an orange, and a cake.

“My lunch bag 5 be magic, ” Sheila said.

“Theres no such thing as magic,” her friend Douglas 6 .

“There is,” Sheila said. “My mother 7 packs a sandwich. But ever since I got this new lunch bag, the sandwich has changed into something I like.”

“Maybe your mothers packing 8 things for a change.”

“No,” Sheila said. “I checked in the morning. The sandwich changes 9 .”

“You are not the 10 one with a magic lunch bag,” Beatrice sad, turning around from the table behind her. “I have one, too. See? This is my magic bag.”

“Hey,” Sheila said. “My lunch bag really looks like yours.”

“Mine is magic,” said Beatrice. “Every day my dad 11 leftovers(剩饭), but at lunchtime I find a sandwich—my favorite! ”

Sheila started 12 .

“Whats so funny?” Beatrice asked.

“Thats the sandwich my mother packs,” Sheila said. “Weve been getting our lunch bags

13 up.”

Sheila and 14 shared their lunches every day after that. Sheila loved making new discoveries each time she opened her lunch bag. But her best discovery was magically finding a new 15 .

( )1. A. and B. so C. but D. or

( )2. A. showed B. discovered C. wanted D. offered

( )3. A. lunch bag B. dinning hall C. breakfast D. lunch

( )4. A. sandwich B. chicken C. egg D. orange

( )5. A. can B. must C. may D. need

( )6. A. disturbed B. discovered C. disappeared D. disagreed

( )7. A. never B. seldom C. often D. ever

( )8. A. different B. same C. easy D. delicious

( )9. A. at home B. during school C. on the way D. after lunchtime

( )10. A. last B. next C. extra D. only

( )11. A. packs B. cooks C. leaves D. checks

( )12. A. shouting B. nodding C. laughing D. finding

( )13. A. fixed B. used C. broken D. mixed

( )14. A. Douglas B. Beatrice C. Sheilas mother D. Beatrices father

( )15. A. friend B. classroom C. classmate D. school

- Passage 3 -

A little boy named Harry became very ill. He had to lie in bed all day, unable to move. He spent his days feeling 1 and blue.

There wasnt much he could do except look out of the 2 . Time passed, and his illness frustrated him. Until one day he saw a strange 3 in the window. It was a penguin eating a sausage sandwich. The penguin got in 4 the open window, and said “good afternoon” to Harry, turned around and 5 quickly.

Of course, Harry was very 6 . He was still trying to work out what had happened. Outside his window he saw a monkey busy blowing up a balloon. At first Harry asked himself 7 that could possibly be, but after a while, as more and more crazy-looking 8 appeared outside the window he couldnt help 9 and found it hard to stop.

An elephant jumped on a stone, or a dog wore a pair of glasses and acted in a 10 way. The little boy didnt tell anyone about this. Those strange characters ended up putting joy back in his heart, and in his body. Before long, his health had 11 so much that he was able to go back to school again.

There he told his classmates all that he had 12 . While he was talking to his best friend, he saw 13 coming out of his friends schoolbag. Harry asked his friend what it was, and he was so insistent that 14 his friend had to show him what was in the bag.

There, inside, were all the things that his best friend had been using to try to 15 the little boy. And from that way on, Harry always did his best to make sure that no one felt sad and alone.

( )1. A. happy B. sad C. excited D. cool

( )2. A. roof B. hole C. window D. wall

( )3. A. photo B. painting C. sign D. shape

( )4. A. above B. below C. over D. through

( )5. A. left B. slept C. flew D. drove

( )6. A. annoyed B. surprised C. bored D. tired

( )7. A. what B. which C. when D. why

( )8. A. people B. students C. children D. characters

( )9. A. crying B. laughing C. running D. coughing

( )10. A. funny B. rude C. dull D. strict

( )11. A. downed B. improved C. increased D. developed

( )12. A. acted B. heard C. experienced D. dreamed

( )13. A. something B. anything C. nothing D. everything

( )14. A. quickly B. suddenly C. immediately D. finally

( )15. A. cheer up B. give up C. make up D. put up