Saving a 7?year?old choking student拯救七岁窒息男孩


疯狂英语·读写版 2024年4期


主题语境:人与社会篇幅:357 词关键词:save

1 On Sept. 29, bus driver Raquel RadfordBakerbeganher shift just like any other people. She was filling in for anotherbus driver that day. But as it turned out, she was in theright place at the right time.

2 Radford?Baker was about to drop off students atSeagoville North Elementary School when somethingwent wrong and all of it was caught on surveillance video(监控录像). Video from inside the bus showed 7yearoldPreston Bell put something in his mouth. Moments later, hedropped down between the seats before heading toward his bus driver.

3“ He mentioned something about a penny and I immediately said,‘ Penny? I justgrabbed him, and ran down the bus with him. On my way to the sidewalk, I was actuallyperforming the Heimlich maneuver,” RadfordBakerexplained.“ The whole entire time Imsaying,‘ Baby, breathe. I got you. Breathe,” she continued. He was limp and blue in theface. That is when RadfordBakerspotted a parent and asked her to call 911.

4 RadfordBakersaid she had never performed the Heimlich maneuver before, but inthat moment—her training kicked in.“ I was nervous at the time. But I just couldn't panic,”she said.“ All I said to myself was,‘ Help me. Help me save this baby.” She didn't evenrealize when a quarter flew out of Preston's mouth.

5 The lady said,“ Ma'am, there's a quarter there, and I'm still in shock because I'mstill trying to work with him and he stepped to the side and said,‘ Miss RadfordBaker,I'm OK. I can breathe,” RadfordBakerrecalled.“ It was a powerful relief for me because Ijust couldn't believe that I just reversed (徹底改变) this whole thing that could have re?ally gone wrong.”

6“ I'm still in shock. I really can't believe that this actually happened,” said RadfordBaker.“I didn't really realize what a big impact I had.” She doesn't know how she got thecourage to do what she did that day, but she knows,“ I feel like some powerful force placedme there for a reason... I mean, if I wasn't there, I didn't know what the other driver mayhave done.”



1. What can we learn about Preston Bell?

A. He asked RadfordBaker for help.

B. He choked on a coin.

C. He tripped over the seats.

D. He suddenly fell unconscious.

2. What did RadfordBaker

do while performing the Heimlich maneuver?

A. She comforted the student.

B. She tried to spot the student's parent.

C. She called 911 for immediate assistance.

D. She gave the student mouthtomouth breathing.

3. What does the underlined phrase“ kicked in” in paragraph 4 most probably mean?

A. Took effect. B. Caught hold of.

C. Passed down. D. Came into being.

4. How did RadfordBaker feel during the incident?

A. Calm and relaxed. B. Panicked and afraid.

C. Frustrated and helpless. D. Nervous but determined.




Ⅰ. 语料荟萃

Ⅱ. 语句分析

1. RadfordBakerwas about to drop off students at Seagoville North ElementarySchool when something went wrong and all of it was caught on surveillance video. 雷德福贝克正要把学生送到北西格威尔小学下车,突然出现了问题,并且事件的全过程都被监控录像拍了下来。

【点石成金】本句是一個并列句。第一个分句中使用了be about to do sth when...句式,意为“正要做某事,突然……”,其中的when是并列连词,相当于just at that time。

2. It was a powerful relief for me because I just could't believe that I just reversed thiswhole thing that could have really gone wrong. 这对我来说是一个巨大的安慰,因为我简直不敢相信我刚刚扭转了这整件事情,不然可能真的会出现问题。

【点石成金】本句是一个主从复合句。It was a powerful relief是主句,because引导原因状语从句,第一个that引导宾语从句,第二个that引导限制性定语从句。


Ⅰ. 例句仿写

1. 我正要做心肺复苏术时,溺水者突然咳出水来,开始自主呼吸。

_____________________the drowning man suddenly coughed up water and started breathing on his own.

2. 当医护人员赶到并接管复苏工作时,我松了一口气。

_________________when the doctors arrived and took over the resuscitation efforts.

Ⅱ. 写作实践


1. 事件发生的时间和地点;

2. 事件的过程;

3. 事件的意义及校车司机的感受。


1. 词数80左右;

2. 可以适当增加细节,以使行文连贯。


锲而不舍 点石成金