To win every second for life急救,为生命赢得每一秒


疯狂英语·读写版 2024年4期


主题语境:急救 篇幅:347词 建议用时:7分钟

1 We have no way of predicting when aneveryday activity will turn into a life or deathsituation. That's why Nate Howard insistsit's always better to be prepared.

2 The tattoo artist from Maine firmly believesthat everyone should get firstaidtraining, particularly when it comes to performingCardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) (心肺復苏). After all, that's what allowed him tosave a stranger's life last June.

3 Nate and his wife were picking up dinner from the store when they noticed a manlying on the street.“ Another guy was next to him checking his pulse and said he couldn'tfind it,” Nate said. Springing into action, they worked together to move the stranger out ofharm's way. Then they began chest compression, continuing for five long minutes until doctorsarrived. They had to use a defibrillator (除颤器) on the unconscious man several timesbefore he stabilized, after which they rushed him to the hospital.

4 One of the doctors found Nate and told him the man had suffered a massive heart attack.Nate said,“ He then shook my hand and congratulated us for saving this completestranger, and said had we not been there and acted as fast as we had, that he would have absolutelynot made it.”

5 The next day, Nate visited Stephen, the stranger whose life he helped save, in thehospital after Stephen's family contacted him. When he arrived, he learned that Stephen isa super awesome and incredibly funny person who gives New Year gifts to a lot of kids inPoland each year.

6 He also discovered that Stephen had a lifethreateningcondition called ventricular fibrillation(心室颤动). As a result, his heart stopped beating three times in the hospital. If ithadn't been for Nate's help, the doctors said Stephen probably would have died.

7 Since then, Nate has shared his story online to inspire others to take a CPR class.“You never know what kind of situation might unfold at any moment,” he said.“ Simplyknowing what to do might be the difference between someone going home to their family ornot.”



1. What profession is Nate Howard?

A. A teacher.

B. A police officer.

C. A tattoo artist.

D. A doctor.

2. What did Nate and his wife do to save a stranger's life?

A. Perform CPR.

B. Call the emergency services.

C. Provide shelter for the stranger.

D. Transport the stranger to the hospital.

3. Why does Nate advocate for people to learn CPR?

A. It is the duty of all citizens.

B. He intends to become a CPR instructor.

C. He wants recognition for his good deed.

D. It means the difference in unexpected situations.

4. How can we describe Nate according to the text?

A. Wise and warmhearted.

B. Optimistic and brave.

C. Humorous and caring.

D. Capable and diligent.



Ⅰ. Difficult sentence in the text

That's why Nate Howard insists it's always better to be prepared. 這就是为什么内特·霍华德坚持认为要未雨绸缪。

【点石成金】本句中,why引导表语从句;insists后面是一个省略了that的宾语从句,it是形式主语,真正的主语是后面的动词不定式to be prepared。

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks.

The day began with a common 1.__________(active): a neighborhood basketball game.Energy was high, and laughter 2.__________(fill) the air as we shot while playing basketball.No one 3.__________(expect) the fun to turn into an emergency.

Midway through the game, John, our friend, collapsed. The happiness vanished4.__________(complete) as panic set in. But training kicked in; I'd recently taken a firstaidcourse. 5.__________(rush) to his side, I checked for responsiveness and then for breathing.Then, I started chest compression, counting out loud, trying to push away the fear.

After all, this was not drill. John's life depended on my actions right then. Others hadcalled for an ambulance, and I kept 6.__________(continue) CPR, sweat mixing with determination.It felt like hours, 7.__________help arrived within minutes. Doctors took over,and I watched them shock John's heart. Once, twice, finally, a weak pulse returned. Reliefwas 8.__________(notice) among the onlookers as the ambulance sped away.

Later, we'd learn that John 9.__________(suffer) a heart attack, a rare event for someoneso young. Thanks to prompt first aid, he made a full 10.__________(recover).


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