Mountain climbing adventure登山历险记


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1 36yearoldwoman slipped and fellseveral hundred feet from Oregon's highestmountain right before the eyes of a group ofvolunteer rescue workers who rushed to heraid and helped save her life.

2 The woman was coming down a popularpath on Mt. Hood, about 70 miles east of Portland, on Saturday morning, according tothe Clackamas County Sheriffs Office. Mt. Hood is the highest peak in Oregon, standing atroughly 11,240 feet.“ The climber slid and tumbled down the mountain for approximately300-400 feet,” Brian McCall, a spokesperson with the sheriff's office said.

3“ The fall was witnessed by members of Portland Mountain Rescue, a nonprofit volunteerorganization focused on helping people in mountainous areas. The group called 911and rushed to the woman, helping stabilize her and provide initial medical care,” thesheriff 's office said. Additional groups of rescuers arrived and helped keep the womanwarm for seven hours as officials worked to get her off the mountain safely, authorities said.

4 The climber, Leah Brown, said she didn't know what caused her fall.“ This is thepart I don't remember,” Brown said.“ I can only guess it was either an ice tool or a crampon(冰爪) that didn't land and stick like it should have and I became detached (分离的)from the mountain.”

5 Portland Mountain Rescue wrote the woman's injuries prevented selfrescue,addingtheir members worked with the Crag Rats group, also an allvolunteer,nonprofit organization.Authorities created complex rope systems and transported the climber with a litter toevacuate victims in difficult situations. The woman was eventually evacuated to a parkinglot at 9:30 pm and taken to a hospital, according to the sheriff's office, which also took partin the rescue.

6 Brown said she was diagnosed with a concussion (脑震荡) and had multiple bruiseson her arms and legs but said,“ Otherwise, Im okay.” Brown said she did not break anybones.“ The thing I'd like to most stress is my appreciation for the folks from PortlandMountain Rescue and Hood River Crag Rats who evacuated me and took incredible care ofme the whole time,” Brown said.



1. Where did the incident involving Leah Brown occur?

A. In Portland, Oregon.

B. On a mountain in Clackamas County.

C. On Mt. Hood, Oregon's highest mountain.

D. Approximately 70 miles west of Portland.

2. How did Portland Mountain Rescue first respond after witnessing Leah Brown's fall?

A. They called for helicopter assistance.

B. They immediately moved her from the mountain.

C. They called 911 and provided initial medical aid.

D. They watched and waited for additional rescuers.

3. What likely caused Leah Brown to fall from the mountain?

A. She was hit by falling rocks.

B. She lost consciousness before the fall.

C. A piece of her equipment might have failed.

D. The conditions were too challenging for her skill level.

4. What can we know about Leah Brown according to the text?

A. She had a broken arm and leg.

B. She was rescued by volunteers.

C. She suffered lifethreatening injuries.

D. She escaped the fall without any injuries.



Ⅰ. Difficult sentence in the text

The climber, Leah Brown, said she didn't know what caused her fall. 登山者利亞·布朗说,她不知道是什么原因导致她摔倒的。

【点石成金】本句中,Leah Brown是The climber的同位语;said后面是一个省略了that的宾语从句;what引导宾语从句,在从句中作主语。

Ⅱ. Fill in the blanks.

1.________(focus) on their goal, the team of climbers started their ascent early in themorning, filled with energy and determination. The path was steep, but their spirits werehigh as they envisioned the view from the top. 2.________, with every step, the mountaintested their limits, 3.________(push) them to the edge of their endurance.

Halfway up, they were challenged by an 4.________(expect) snowstorm. Thevisibility 5.________(drop), and the cold bit through their layers. 6.________(eventual),the storm cleared, and they were greeted with an 7.________(incredibly) scenery of snowcappedpeaks under a brilliant blue sky. Their appreciation of the mountain's beautyswelled in their chests.

On the descent, one climber's foot 8.________(take) a wrong step, and a sharp painshot up her leg. She went down with the help from the team of climbers. Back at the base,she 9.________(diagnose) with a minor fracture. Despite this setback, the team'sexperience left them with a deep 10.________(appreciate) of the mountain's challenginggeography.


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