疯狂英语·爱英语 2024年3期


Task 1

The term “the imaginary audience” was invented by American child psychologistDavid Elkind in 1967. It is defined as an adolescents psychological state1by thebelief that people around are eagerly watching or listening to him or her. This is because 2are aware of the physical changes occurring in their bodies. And they are3 concerned with how everyone is4these changes.

The5of the imaginary audience are common. Teens would repeatedly changetheir clothes to look6to others. Or they would follow different ongoing7that mayhelp them fit into society. If wearing checkered shirts and jeans is the current fashion,teens would dress like that just to give a good8on their imaginary audiences. Teensalso worry about the9mistakes they make in social settings. A blackhead could makean adolescent girl10all day as she feels that she is being watched and judged. However,in reality, there are only a small percentage of people who are actually interested inhow somebody else11 .

Though“ the imaginary audience” is considered to be a12 , it is a natural processin which an adolescent tries to better understand his or her association with the world. Asan individuals perception of the world13 , he or she will gain more14viewpointson his or her roles among people, rather than imaginary ones. Thus, the effects of imaginaryaudiences will gradually15 .

1. A. misled B. held C. driven D. characterized

2. A. adults B. teenagers C. elders D. professors

3. A. suddenly B. gradually C. strongly D. randomly

4. A. viewing B. facing C. accepting D. making

5. A. causes B. requirements C. examples D. results

6. A. strange B. plain C. sweet D. smart

7. A. events B. trends C. tips D. principles

8. A. comment B. assessment C. impression D. impact

9. A. severest B. biggest C. fastest D. slightest

10. A. sleep B. relax C. sweat D. laugh

11. A. sounds B. feels C. smells D. looks

12. A. disorder B. relief C. pity D. blessing

13. A. increases B. shows C. works D. matures

14. A. narrow B. permanent C. realistic D. personal

15. A. run out B. fade away C. set in D. come back

Task 2

The habit of reading is one of the greatest resources of mankind: we enjoy readingbooks that belong to us much more than borrowed ones. Some people regard a borrowedbook as a1in the house. It must be treated with care and considerate2 . Casualattitudes are forbidden. Because the book borrowed tolerates no damage which means itmust not suffer while3 . While reading the book, you are not allowed to make any markor underline the important4when a flash of a creative idea emerges. This is huge 5to one's imagination.

6 , your own books belong to you and you can treat them with so much closenessthat you are not afraid to mark them up or to place them in a dirty place. Your own booksare there for use, not for7 . You don't need to display them in front of others. Privateownership also encourages8marking. A good reason for marking instructive passagesin books is that this practice enables you to remember more easily the significant sayings,to9them quickly and then review them more frequently in the future.

Given the importance of owned books to a person, everyone should begin collecting aprivate library, making up his own10property. One should have his own bookshelves,which should not be having doors, glass windows, or keys. They should be free and11 to the hand as well as the eyes. The best moral12to a person is books. They are morevaried in colours and appearances than any wallpaper. Their variety indicates13out of brains of different book writers. The knowledge that books are in plain view is also stimulating.Your body and mind are both14 . With books at hand, your mind is free to landany15or even strange possibility, which eventually gives birth to new discoveries orinventions.

1. A. teacher B. guest C. relative D. servant

2. A. maintenance B. resolution C. formality D. structure

3. A. under your roof B. on your behalf

C. beyond your reach D. within your grasp

4. A. trends B. goals C. definitions D. points

5. A. discipline B. discouragement C. relief D. boost

6. A. On the other hand B. In fact C. Meanwhile D. Furthermore

7. A. benefit B. profit C. show D. amusement

8. A. meaningful B. secondary C. sufficient D. tough

9. A. stick to B. refer to C. devote to D. adapt to

10. A. imaginative B. economic C. intellectual D. public

11. A. familiar B. effective C. flexible D. accessible

12. A. decoration B. truth C. training D. expense

13. A. simplicity B. creativity C. experiment D. life

14. A. conscious B. calm C. wild D. excited

15. A. purposeful B. resourceful C. fresh D. memorable

Task 3

Millions of pets go missing each year in the US, leaving pet owners with slim chancesof reunion. A Kansas woman Carol Holmes experienced this1when she last saw hercat, Bob, ten years ago.

However, an email2in Holmes' inbox last month from a vet (獸医) in NorthCarolina, saying that Bob had been3 . Before reaching the vet's office, Bob had4 1200 miles to a couple's front yard. They brought him to a local animal hospital where hismicrochip (微芯片)5Holmes' information.

The news was very6to Holmes, as it came on the birthday of her late father, after whom the cat Bob was named. She believed it was a message from7 .

The couple8agreed to take care of the cat until it could return to Kansas. However,for Holmes who was in a9economy, transporting a cat over 1200 miles was 10 . She turned to her community for11 . Cat lovers across the country enthusiasticallycame to her aid. In just a matter of days, a12for Bob's returning home was made.

Holmes was13for all of these.“ It's14that they would do so much for me,”she said“. The15will be like a dream. We're so blessed.”

1. A. heartache B. mistake C. illness D. failure

2. A. filled B. appeared C. remained D. existed

3. A. found B. accepted C. sold D. raised

4. A. measured B. raced C. escaped D. traveled

5. A. revealed B. predicted C. recognized D. received

6. A. specific B. significant C. reliable D. strange

7. A. nowhere B. heaven C. society D. nature

8. A. hesitantly B. immediately C. carefully D. generously

9. A. healthy B. dynamic C. false D. tough

10. A. appealing B. rewarding C. challenging D. surprising

11. A. adaptation B. approval C. assistance D. arrangement

12. A. deal B. gift C. request D. plan

13. A. anxious B. desperate C. grateful D. responsible

14. A. beyond all expectations B. to my satisfaction

C. out of thankfulness D. without any doubt

15. A. program B. reunion C. adventure D. situation

Task 4

The polar bear was a tiny point in a frozen white world. A film crew began to follow ata distance, gradually getting1 , hoping to get a good picture. However, the bear cameto a rest at a hole in the ice and started to2 . So did the crew.

For 12 hours the bear lay half asleep, half3without a move. It was too long; thecrew had been working for 22 hours4on the sea ice. Cold and exhausted, they5 defeat.

Hours of waiting for little reward is not6 .“ It's the price we pay to get uniqueimages,” says award?winning photographer Florian Ledoux.“ It is a7for us to get eachshot in the Arctic—we push our limits.” The battle is intense especially during winter: 8darkness affects your mood, the lack of routine9your body clock, you are foreverfighting the bitter cold, and everything you touch with10hands sticks to yourskin. However11your clothes are, the cold bites through.

As an Arctic photographer for years, Ledoux has witnessed the significant12 there. It is heating up, causing ice to melt and13the whole ecosystem.“ Am I justphotographing? No,” he says.“ I try to catch some unique beauty of14 , to give a voicefor the one that cannot15 .”

1. A. easier B. larger C. closer D. darker

2. A. dig B. dive C. jump D. wait

3. A. awake B. alive C. aware D. alone

4. A. forward B. straight C. more D. later

5. A. overcame B. forgot C. imagined D. admitted

6. A. unnecessary B. uncertain C. uncommon D. unfortunate

7. A. bonus B. battle C. chance D. lesson

8. A. Endless B. Aimless C. Windless D. Countless

9. A. wakes up B. follows up C. messes up D. winds up

10. A. bare B. empty C. rough D. cold

11. A. dear B. stylish C. thick D. heavy

12. A. change B. landscape C. accident D. advance

13. A. developing B. reforming C. monitoring D. threatening

14. A. art B. nature C. ice D. space

15. A. run B. see C. hear D. speak

Task 5

Traditional pet stores are somewhere you buy an animal to be your friend at home. Butthere's a(n)1kind of pet store where you spend some quality time with the animalsand just2 , without taking anything. What really matters is the3 .

I visited one of these stores in the Sanlitun area in Beijing. I was4call ducks,which are famous for their cute looks and, of course, their sky?high prices—each of themcan5cost a few thousand yuan.6I was not planning to spend so much on aduck, visiting them in one of these— 7I'd call“ mini?zoos”—seemed to be the perfectoption.

There were a8of five call ducks at the store—among other animals—and we spent a good three hours with them. We9to learn much about them.

Call ducks are not as obedient as10to get along with, so playing with themwould include a lot of11from our side and quacking (嘎嘎叫) from theirs.12 ,don't expect them to be house?trained. One of the ducks actually pooped (排便) whilesitting on my leg. But13of these little incidents reduced the pleasure of holding themin my hands and touching their full chests. It was like the whole world's joy was in myhands, for those call ducks are fun and comforting—something I would hardly ever expectfrom work.

That's the14of animals: You don't own them. Simply spending time with them is 15enough.

1. A. odd B. new C. important D. famous

2. A. get away B. walk away C. sail away D. slip away

3. A. experience B. lesson C. moment D. thought

4. A. buying B. watching C. targeting D. selecting

5. A. slightly B. easily C. highly D. carefully

6. A. Until B. Unless C. Whether D. Since

7. A. what B. why C. how D. where

8. A. quantity B. portion C. number D. total

9. A. decided B. used C. promised D. got

10. A. ducks B. animals C. cats D. parrots

11. A. running B. sitting C. touching D. comforting

12. A. Somehow B. Altogether C. Also D. Otherwise

13. A. none B. nothing C. anything D. something

14. A. envy B. pity C. duty D. magic

15. A. exciting B. relaxing C. moving D. thriving

Task 6

I drove 12 miles to the county newspaper office one day. I had to sit outside and wait.Beside me lay a one?page short novel I had written, and I hoped to get it1 .“ What ifthe publisher didn't2it?” I thought to myself. I was3 , and every now and then, Istood up and walked back and forth.

Eventually, I was led to the publisher's office by his secretary. I still felt tense, but thekind smile the publisher shared with me soon made me4 . I didn't even own a5 at the time, so he had to read my handwritten6 . Then he said,“ I couldn't like itenough, and I would include it in the next week's7 .” I jumped with joy and said,“Thanks, sir.” But I expected even more.

I asked him if I could keep8for him each week. He thought for a moment andthen9 . He even said he would pay me five dollars for each new thing I wrote. I was so 10that I skipped and danced on the sidewalk when I went outside. Little did I knowthat moment would11my life.

That was almost 40 years ago. Now, I have my own studio and lead a better life. I 12to write something new for my publisher—my friend each week. As I write, I 13 . I've become a determined and patient person. Each time I learn something new, I 14write it to get my friend to publish it. Without my friend, I would never be the 15I am today.

1. A. come out B. put away C. set aside D. cut down

2. A. explain B. want C. suspect D. lose

3. A. out of practice B. around the clock

C. through thick and thin D. on pins and needles

4. A. panicked B. confused C. eased D. surprised

5. A. follower B. typewriter C. clue D. schoolroom

6. A. invitation B. chart C. story D. application

7. A. bill B. ban C. exhibition D. edition

8. A. writing B. waiting C. copying D. fighting

9. A. admitted B. agreed C. shook D. left

10. A. capable B. reliable C. grateful D. cheerful

11. A. remind B. change C. share D. end

12. A. continue B. learn C. hesitate D. regret

13. A. approve B. stretch C. bend D. grow

14. A. rarely B. casually C. routinely D. previously

15. A. author B. officer C. secretary D. publisher

Task 7

I had just turned sixty?five and was thirsty for a new purpose in life. One Sunday, ourpriest at church1me,“ Hey, did you ever think about volunteering? Id love to have 2volunteers who can mentor( 指导) the teens. Think about it. ”

I went home to3my husband. Then we started to meet with the youth class andjoin in their events. While mentoring the teenagers, I found a sense of belonging in my life.However, I never expected I'd learn something from them.

Several weeks later, when our priest asked if I'd like to be a leader at the annualsummer?camp trip, I4the chance. As I started to make preparations to cope with allthe possible issues, I laughed out loud and questioned whether I'd lost my5to take aweek?long trip to the mountains with fifty teens.

The next day, we arrived at our destination. I had6myself for the drama that almostalways troubled teen girls at camp. I prayed for and with girls in terms of their hopesand dreams, fears and choices. I became their cheerleader when they needed it.

The next morning after our arrival, the teens had free time and7riding the zipline (索道) over a deep canyon (峡谷). I didnt share with them how8I am ofheights. One boy invited me to have a try. I9refused. Another leader encouraged me,saying he could zip across the canyon together with me. Eventually, I10myself gearedup, and we started the ascent to the zip line tower.11with encouragement, I needed tostop many times to12my breath.

Once I13my feet on the platform and the clip (索道夹) was fixed onto the zipline, suddenly I flew through the air. The leader yelled to me in cheers. I opened my eyesand suddenly sensed a touch of14settling over me. I waved to the leader and began tocheer back.

I volunteered to be a light in the lives of a group of teens, but the truth is, the15 brought a new meaning to this old woman. I walked away seven years later with the bestdeal from the relationship.

1. A. accused B. approached C. appreciated D. acknowledged

2. A. former B. experienced C. specialized D. mature

3. A. convince B. inform C. remind D. suspect

4. A. put forward B. jumped at C. took over D. figured out

5. A. temper B. purpose C. insight D. mind

6. A. praised B. pressed C. presented D. prepared

7. A. owned up to B. put up with C. signed up for D. kept up with

8. A. terrified B. dismissive C. aware D. ignorant

9. A. hardly B. violently C. instinctively D. progressively

10. A. expected B. imagined C. enjoyed D. found

11. A. Yet B. Even C. Then D. Also

12. A. catch B. hold C. lose D. cease

13. A. planted B. stamped C. wiped D. stuck

14. A. darkness B. warmth C. peace D. faith

15. A. inspiration B. dilemma C. episode D. thought

Task 8

As a foreign English teacher at my school, I have a weekly English broadcast where Iair different English1 . This program simply gets the students to recommend their favoritesand I announce who recommends it and then play it for everyone to hear duringlunch time. The kids are2to hear their names announced and their music played.

I give everyone a chance to share themselves through their music, including one3 student of mine. This student constantly gets into fights with the other students, doesn'tstudy, and4the energy of the class. Most of the other teachers and students tend to5themselves from him. I know that he just needs a friend, or at least someone hecan6with.

I could tell he was7me over the last year. He told me about an English song heliked. I actually really liked the song so I put it on the broadcast and made sure to announcehis name, so everyone knew that he8such a great song. Needless to say, theboy was9 , and hes thrown himself into the books and become10in Englishclass ever since.

While everyone else misunderstood him and11him away, I came right throughand knew that he just needed someone who12him and gave him a chance. There wasstill a language13between us, but words weren't needed because we can always sensewhere we're with someone. He recently walked by me and extended to me the most14 gesture that I've ever seen—a toothy smile. My coworker turned to me,“ I've never seenhim like that before.How did you15to him?” Flashing a smile, I replied,“ Throughjust one song.”

1. A. texts B. news C. songs D. videos

2. A. familiar B. hesitant C. relaxed D. overjoyed

3. A. strange B. tough C. bold D. shy

4. A. sets up B. raises up C. brings down D. puts down

5. A. distance B. release C. save D. free

6. A. connect B. deal C. fight D. agree

7. A. living up to B. relating to

C. coming up against D. warming to

8. A. created B. contributed C. distributed D. involved

9. A. uneasy B. shocked C. amused D. thrilled

10. A. focused B. guilty C. stressed D. satisfied

11. A. gave B. took C. pushed D. removed

12. A. identified B. missed C. employed D. acknowledged

13. A. sense B. barrier

C. expert D. misunderstanding

14. A. incredible B. generous C. genuine D. appropriate

15. A. get through B. talk hack C. face up D. look up