疯狂英语·爱英语 2024年3期



walk v. 步行

run v. 奔跑

jump v. 跳跃

skip v. 跳跃

hop v. 单脚跳

leap v. 跳跃

jog v. 慢跑

stroll v. 散步

kick v. 踢

stretch v. 伸展

crawl v. 爬行

step v. 迈步

pace v. 踱步

slide v. 滑行

sway v. 摇摆

waddle v. 摇摇晃晃地走

shuffle v. 拖着脚走

tiptoe v. 踮起脚尖走

hurdle v. 跨栏

waver v. 摇摆

crouch v. 蹲伏

tread v. 踩踏

gallop v. 飞奔

take a walk 散步

go for a run 去跑步

jump up and down 上下跳

hop on one leg 单腿跳

dance to the music 随着音乐跳舞

stretch ones legs 伸展腿部

crawl like a baby 像婴儿一样爬行

squat down 蹲下

pace back and forth 来回踱步

waddle like a penguin 像企鹅一样摇摇晃晃地走

gallop like a horse 像马一样飞奔

tiptoe quietly 踮起腳尖静悄悄地走

squirm uncomfortably 不舒服地扭动

tread carefully 小心行走

balance on one leg 单腿平衡

leap with joy 欣喜若狂地跳起来

crossover step 交叉迈步

gallop across the field 在田地上飞奔

stride with confidence 自信地大步行走

bound like a kangaroo 像袋鼠一样跳跃

cross one's legs 交叉双腿

ascend a steep slope 登上陡峭的斜坡

shuffle your feet to the music 随着音乐拖曳双脚

skip and jump 蹦蹦跳跳


She skipped through the park with a big smile on her face. 她带着灿烂的微笑,跳跃着穿过公园。

The children hopped on one leg in a playful competition. 孩子们在玩耍的比赛中用一只脚跳跃。

She tiptoed out of the room to avoid waking the sleeping baby. 她踮着脚尖走出房间,以免惊醒睡着的宝宝。

He enjoyed taking a walk every morning to clear his mind. 他喜欢每天早晨散步以清醒自己的头脑。

The couple danced to the music, lost in the peace of nature. 夫妻俩跟着音乐起舞,沉醉在大自然的宁静中。

After sitting for hours at work, she needed to stretch her legs. 长时间坐着工作后,她需要伸展双腿。

The baby crawled like a little animal to explore the new environment. 婴儿像一只小动物一样爬行以探索新环境。

He paced back and forth nervously, waiting for the results of the exam. 他紧张地来回踱步,等待着考试结果。

She demonstrated her skill by balancing on one leg for more than a minute. 她展示起她的技巧,单腿平衡了一分钟以上。

The kangaroo bounded effortlessly across the grassland. 袋鼠轻松地跳跃着穿过草原。


As the music started playing, I couldn't resist the urge to dance. I leaped with joy,crossing over steps, and bounding like a kangaroo across the field. With each beat, I tiptoedquietly, trying to maintain balance on one leg. I could feel the tension building up withinme as I squirmed uncomfortably and paced back and forth. Determined to conquer my fear,I crouched, took a moment to stretch my legs and crawled like a baby. With renewed confidence,I hopped on one leg, crossing my legs and squatting down. I shuffled my feet, attemptingto mimic the graceful waddle of a penguin. Taking a deep breath, I calmed downand balanced on one leg, clearing my mind. And then, with a surge of energy, I began tojump up and down, feeling the excitement rushing through my veins. With each leap, Icould feel the happiness surge within me. Gradually, I found my rhythm, and I danced tothe music, striding with confidence and grace. At that moment, nothing else mattered, and Iwas lost in the joy of movement, skipping and jumping. 随着音乐开始播放,我无法抑制跳舞的冲动。我欣喜若狂地跳了起来,跨步前进,像袋鼠一样跳跃越过田野。随着每一个节拍,我轻轻踮起脚尖,努力用单腿保持平衡。我能感到内心的紧张在逐渐增加,我不舒服地扭动着身体,来回踱步。下定决心要克服恐惧,我蹲下来,用片刻时间伸展了一下双腿,像婴儿一样匍匐前进。我重新恢复了信心,单腿跳跃,交叉腿,蹲下来。我慢慢地拖着脚步,试图模仿企鹅优雅摇摆的姿态。我深呼吸,冷静下来,保持单腿平衡,让思绪清空。接下来,一股能量涌来,我开始上下跳跃,感受着兴奋在血液中涌动。每一次跳跃,我都能感受到内心的喜悦。渐渐地,我找到了自己的节奏,跟着音乐起舞,让信心与优雅并存。在那一刻,其他一切都不重要了,我沉浸在运动的快乐之中,快速地踏着节奏,蹦蹦跳跳。



1. 听到好消息后,孩子们高兴得上跳下跳。

The children____________when they heard the good news.

2. 小明在操場上单腿跳得非常高。

Xiao Ming____________on the playground.

3. 音乐响起后,大家都随着音乐跳舞。

Everyone____________when it started playing.

4. 上课坐太久了,我需要站起来伸展一下腿部。

After sitting in class for too long, I need to get up and____________.

5. 他累了一整天,只想找个地方蹲下休息一下。

After working hard for a long day, he just wanted to find a place______________.

6. 他来回踱着步,无法平静下来。

He______________, unable to calm down.

7. 他像企鹅一样摇摇晃晃地走上舞台。


8. 穿着大棉鞋,他拖着脚走在雪地里。

Wearing big cotton boots, he______________.

9. 她用一条腿保持平衡,展示了出色的身体控制能力。

She______________, displaying excellent body control.

10. 获得第一名后,他高兴地跳了起来。

He______________when he won first place.


As I stepped out of my house, I 1.__________(伸展腿部) and felt the winter chill crawlup my spine. I started to head towards the park, wondering what my morning walk had instore for me today. As I walked, I noticed a group of children 2.__________(单腿上下跳),chasing each other around in circles. The music from someones speaker filled the air, andpeople around me started to 3.__________(跟着节奏舞蹈). The path I took led me up asteep slope, which required me 4.__________(小心翼翼地行走). At the top, I felt a sense ofadventure and freedom, so I decided to 5.__________(像袋鼠一样跳跃), feeling the windrush past my ears. Later on, I came across a mother and her baby, who was 6.__________(像企鹅蹒跚而行) and 7.__________(努力保持单腿平衡). I continued walking, admiringthe snow?covered landscape around me. I passed by a group of soldiers who 8. __________(正蜷缩在掩体后), looking serious and alert. As I completed my walk and started to headback to my house, I couldnt help but feel joyful. I 9.__________(高兴地跳起来), performinga crossover step as I 10.__________(一路跳跃着回到家).


单腿站够20秒 中风几率小