The unchanging melody in life


疯狂英语·新悦读 2024年4期

陕西 郑玉峰


主题语境:音乐 篇幅:326词 建议用时:6分钟

1Music is like a friend I can always count on, showing me the way and making me feel good.When I was a little girl, it would help me fall asleep with calm songs.As I grew up,the tunes my mom and dad loved filled our house, getting me to like old hits and learn about new ones.

2In my teen years, music understood me better than anyone else.It matched my feelings, and singers sang songs like they were speaking right to me.Going to live shows was the best—it was as if I was in a whole new world.Music didn't just sound nice; it was a part of me, helping me and cheering me up.

3When I got to college, music was my study buddy.It taught me people and places far away.It showed me that no matter where we're from, we're all pretty similar.Songs can say things that are hard to explain with just words.

4Making playlists became my way of keeping track of my life.Every tune was like a memory or a feeling saved in a list.I learned how different beats could make me energetic and happy or calm and comforted.

5Now that I'm older, music is my escape after hard days.It gets my ideas going, lifts my mood, and sets the vibe for date nights.It makes my daily travels exciting and parties even more fun.

6Sharing songs with my friends makes them even more special.Whether we're guessing song names, trading our favorite tracks, or just playing music while we eat, it always makes things better.

7Music stays with me, like a background song for every up and down in life.It's more than just sounds and words—it gives me life.In a noisy world, music is a place of peace and the way I say things that are hard to put into words.For me, music feels like home.

Reading Check

1.What role did music play in the author's life when she was a little kid?

A.It was a source of entertainment.

B.It was something she disliked.

C.It helped her fall asleep.

D.It was a tool for studying.

2.What did music teach the author during college?

A.Historical events.

B.That people from different places are very different.

C.How to manage her study time effectively.

D.Different people and places and the similarities that people share.

3.What does the author compare playlists to?

A.A source of stress.

B.An academic record.

C.A way to show off her music taste.

D.A memory or a feeling saved in a list.

4.What does music provide for the author in her current stage of life?

A.A sense of responsibility.

B.An escape after hard days.

C.Confusion and distraction.

D.A reason to stay alone.

Language Study




fall asleep 入睡

old hit 老歌

live show 现场演出

study buddy 学习伙伴

people and places far away 遥远的人和地方

lift one's mood 提升某人的情绪

set the vibe 营造氛围

background song 背景音乐

noisy world 喧闹的世界


Music has always been my companion.As 1.________ child, lullabies helped me sleep.As I grew up, my home echoed with my parents' beloved 2.________(tune).In my teens, songs resonated with my feelings, and 3.________(attend) concerts was an escape into a magical realm.Music wasn't just sound; it 4.________(be) a deep emotional experience.At college, it became my study aid and exposed me 5.________ different cultures,teaching me 6.________(similar) among them.Playlists became diaries of my life, with each rhythm affecting my mood.Now, music helps me unwind, stimulates my thoughts, and 7.________(set) the mood for dates and parties.It makes commutes and gatherings with friends more 8.________(enjoy).For me, music is more 9.________ audio; it's comfort,creativity, and a way to communicate the unspeakable.In a chaotic world, it's my peace, my way of expression and 10.________(essential), my home.



classical 古典的;经典的

hip-hop 嘻哈音乐;嘻哈文化

energy 能源;能量;精力

soul 灵魂;心灵

stringed instrument 弦乐器

virtual 很接近的;事实上的

composition 成分;(音乐、艺术、诗歌的)作品

opportunity 机会;时机

perform 表演;履行;执行

performance 表演;演技;表现

performer 表演者;演员

studio 演播室;(音乐的)录音室;工作室

award 授予

composer 作曲者;作曲家

conductor (乐队、合唱团等的)指挥

original 原来的;独创的;原作的

phenomenon 现象(pl.phenomena)

stage 时期;阶段;舞台

band 乐队

capable 有能力的;有才能的

previous 先前的;以往的

romantic 浪漫的

album 相册;集邮簿;音乐专辑

impact 巨大影响;强大作用;冲击力

equipment 设备;装备

talent 天才;天资;天赋

satisfaction 满足;满意;欣慰

various 各种不同的;各种各样的

reaction 反应;回应


remind sb of 使某人记起

come up with 提出

together with 和……一起

upload...onto the Internet 把……上传到网上

become part of 成为……的一部分

have a positive influence on 对……有积极影响

fall in love with 爱上

graduate from 毕业于

make videos 制作视频

on stage 在舞台上

be absorbed in 被……吸引住;专心致志于

set...up 安装好(设备或机器)

try out for参加……选拔(或试演)

in addition to 除……之外(还)

have an impact on 对……有影响

from then on 从那时起

get through (设法)处理;完成

concentrate on 专心于

turn out 结果是

pay off 成功;奏效


1.Music expresses that which cannot be put into words and that which cannot remain silent.音乐表达了那些无法用言语表达和无法保持沉默的东西。

2.Without music, life would miss a form of expression.没有音乐,生活将缺少一种表达方式。

3.Music can change the world because it can change people.音乐可以改变世界,因为它能改变人。

4.Music is the shorthand of emotion.音乐是情感的速记。

5.Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music in my life.当我的生活充满音乐时,日子似乎毫不费力地继续进行着。

6.Music is the universal language that transcends cultural and linguistic barriers.音乐是超越文化和语言障碍的通用语言。

7.Playing an instrument can be a gratifying and therapeutic experience.弹奏乐器可以是一种令人满足和具有治疗效果的体验。

8.Live concerts provide a kind of energy and atmosphere that recorded music cannot replicate.现场音乐会提供了一种录制音乐无法复制的能量和氛围。

9.Music education enhances cognitive development and improves academic performance.音乐教育增强了认知发展并提高了学术成绩。

10.Good lyrics can turn a song into a powerful message that resonates with listeners.优美的歌词可以将歌曲变成与听众共鸣的有力信息。

11.Jazz music is known for its improvisational nature and complex chord progressions.爵士音乐以其即兴创作的特性和复杂的和弦进行而闻名。

12.Classical compositions often evoke deep emotions and stand the test of time.古典音乐作品经常唤起深深的情感并经得起时间的考验。

13.A catchy melody can make a song memorable and have it stuck in your head for days.一段朗朗上口的旋律可以使歌曲易记,并让它在你脑海里徘徊数日。

14.Music streaming services have revolutionized the way we access and enjoy music.音乐流媒体服务彻底改变了我们获取和享受音乐的方式。

15.The rhythm of a song can influence your mood and even your heart rate.歌曲的节奏可以影响你的情绪甚至心率。

16.It has been proven that music therapy is beneficial to mental health,aiding in stress relief and emotional regulation.音乐疗法在精神健康方面已被证实有益,有助于缓解压力和调节情绪。



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Music is the medicine of the mind