Music belongs to everyone at The Record Co.


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The Record Co.创始人马特·麦克阿瑟致力于将音乐带给所有人,特别是那些从未考虑过自己会进入音乐领域的人。

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1Sanyé Mylo's eyes twinkle with excitement when he stands in the sound booth of The Record Boston, eager to bring his creation to life.With the press of a button, his latest rap track fills the room.“I didn't know spaces like this existed,” says Mylo, who grew up in the low-income neighborhood of Dorchester.He is one of the young musicians who,thanks to The Record Co., has turned his music into a full-time occupation.

2Founded in 2010 by Matt McArthur,The Record Co.aims to give musicians more affordable access to the creative workspace and introduce the world of music to those who may have never considered their place in it.

3McArthur understands this challenge first-hand.As a music technology student at Berklee College of Music, he was frustrated by the high costs of renting time in production studios.On average, a recording studio in Boston costs more than $100 per hour to rent.

4He saw a recording studio not as a private office for a man of means but as a community center available to all.So he took out loans, collected donations and opened a studio in a tiny basement in Cambridge, Massachusetts.Slowly but steadily, McArthur expanded it and eventually rented a new property to include spaces for practice and production.

5Today, The Record Co., with a full-time staff of more than 20 people, is a state-of-theart, 12,000-square-foot facility that can be rented for as little as $10 per hour.Each month,it receives about 1000 reservations, and around 3500 musicians pass through its doors.At The Record Co., the principle is clear: Music should be affordable for everyone, and so should the space for creating it.The building has been shaped not only with an ear to acoustics but also with an eye to ensuring it is as welcoming to a musician in a wheelchair as to one who walks in with a guitar over the shoulder.

Reading Check

1.What is the primary goal of The Record Co.?

A.To make musicians well-known.

B.To make a fortune through music.

C.To persuade people to pursue music.

D.To make music production affordable.

2.What does the author aim to do in paragraph 3?

A.Provide some advice for musicians.

B.Add some background information.

C.Summarize the previous paragraphs.

D.Launch an appeal for musical creation.

3.What challenge did Matt McArthur face as a music technology student?

A.Inability to play musical instruments proficiently.

B.Lack of interest in modern music production techniques.

C.Difficulty in finding a recording studio in the Boston area.

D.Difficulty in affording the rental cost of production studios for practice.

4.What does the underlined word “means” mean in paragraph 4?



Language Study








twinkle with excitement 兴奋地闪烁

sound booth 录音间

rap track 说唱曲目

low-income neighborhood 低收入社区

full-time occupation 全职工作

community center 社区中心


In Boston's The Record Co., Sanyé Mylo, a Dorchester native, realizes his dream of producing music.This studio, 1.________(found) in 2010 by Matt McArthur, allows musicians like Mylo 2.________(pursue) full-time music careers by offering low-cost studio space.McArthur established The Record make music production 3.________(access) to all.He started in a small Cambridge basement funded by 4.________(loan) and donations and it has since grown to a 12,000-square-foot facility with affordable rates as low as $10 an hour.This studio, now with a full-time staff of over 20, processes 1000 monthly reservations and serves 5.________(approximate) 3500 musicians.It's an inclusive space, 6.________(welcome) everyone keen on making music, regardless of background or ability, promoting the belief 7.________ music-making should be within everyone's reach.